Esoteric Tradition – Synistry

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Esoteric Tradition – Synistry

Dark Gods:

These are ‘living’ entities which exist in an acausal space-time. They may be likened to “anti-matter” as against the “matter” which exists in our causal space-time – thus, their intrusion into the causal, disrupts. This disruption is primarily psychic because the psyche of an individual by its nature intrudes or is a part of the acausal. The entities can assume physical forms, but only briefly ~ and then only when a nexion is fully opened. And where the causal and acausal intersect on Earth.*


The Dark Gods do not have ‘forms’ as understood causally ~ because a physical form is a causal thing, and they are beyond the causal. Neither do they possess ‘feelings’ etc. as we understand the terms. They are on the edge of even an Adept’s comprehension [in terms of understanding them].


They can act [i.e. have effects in the causal] via individuals who can access them – or ‘Presence’ them.


It should be understood that the Dark Gods are not ‘the acausal’ itself. They exist in a part [or one realm] of the acausal – that is, they exist, have life or being according to the nature of the acausal. The acausal is ‘beyond causal time’ and does not have a spatial 3D geometry. Other beings probably exist in other acausal dimensions – but of them there is no knowledge.


When an Initiate accesses the acausal – increases the acausal aspect of their consciousness – they are extending the range of their being: i.e. evolving , creating new aspects of consciousness. This is one of the aims of the seven-fold Way – and of all real magick. A part of this, may involve confrontation with some of the ‘Dark Gods’.


In conventional terms, the Dark Gods are evil, sinister.

*Such as ‘magickal centres’ associated with an Aeon – or the finding of such places. It is possible to create such a place – and this is one meaning of such rituals as the Ceremony of Recalling with Sacrificial Conclusion.
The Western Aeon:

As far as Adepts of the sinister tradition are concerned, there are only two realistic options: the creation of Imperium [the fulfilment of Western wyrd via a practical form], or disruption of existing forms with the aim of undermining and destroying Nazarene/ Magian influence, leading to chaos from which a New Aeon will emerge, this Aeon being Satanic. The latter involves the ‘pruning’ of unnecessary elements on a large scale – the creation of an elite capable of making the Aeon a reality. The first involves the creation/aiding of a practical form – and presencing magickal energy into it. It also involves creating the right psychic conditions – within and external to individuals. Some of this is directly magickal, involving magickal energy accessed via rituals etc.; some of it is providing/creating/making available the information and forms of the sinister. The practical form is either directly political, or ‘religious’.

 Both involve a more widespread dissemination of the sinister tradition and creation of new forms for its energies.

Traditions and New Forms:

As mentioned elsewhere, maintaining the tradition (as explicated in such works as The Black Book of Satan, Naos, The Deofel Quartet and Hostia) and making it more widely available, is important – and indeed essential. This is because the use of the tradition, in whole or in part [e.g. rituals from the Black Book] by others outside of it being drawn into the tradition, makes those others ‘channels’ for the sinister energy the tradition represents. That is, they ‘presence’ sinister energies in a precise and particular way and thus fulfil sinister strategy. The tradition has been given its present form [as explicated in the various books and MSS to achieve just this (as well as other things).


However, the creation of new forms is important and indeed vital – there must be a continuing evolution. These forms will further access the sinister, and presence it-The tradition itself serves as a Way – both for individuals, and aeonically: it enables the achievement of individual Adeptship, as well as the fulfilment of the sinister dialectic of history. This will be so for the next few centuries – until the New Aeon becomes a reality. That is, its methods and techniques should not be changed (at least not intentionally by those of the tradition for the next few decades) or ‘superseded’ – as a way of creating Adepts etc. This is not a question of ‘dogma’ but rather strategy, as mentioned above. It is vital that this and the reasons for and beyond it are understood by those of the tradition. The external forms [such as arise prior to and during the Aeon] will only arise from an initial coherence of magickal energies and intent – and it is and will be the unchanging form of the ‘Way’ [techniques, rituals etc.] which will enable this. The new forms created/evolved will add to rather than undermine what already is. Anything else is simply individuals playing at magick (and particularly playing at Aeonics) without achieving anything and indeed without understanding what they are doing.

Initiation and Beyond:

The quest of an individual can only and ever be individual; that is, unique. The quest, made possible and aided by the tradition, develops the individual, enabling individual wyrd to be understood, and lived. It is also makes possible Immortality (qv. Acausal Existence – The Secret Revealed).


Beyond a certain level, Initiates guide themselves – learning from their own real-life experiences. That is, they have acquired sufficient self insight and honesty to enable them to do this. When this stage is reached [toward the end of External Adept for some; during and beyond Internal Adept for others] there should be still a following of the ultimate goal – a striving for the Abyss and beyond, although this ’striving’ will be more balanced than hitherto. This does not mean the individuals become or develop their own ways of achieving that goal ~ that is, not undergoing the Grade Rituals of Internal Adept and beyond according to tradition because they believe they are not necessary or that they have/can create (d) other means. Should they do this, they will not achieve the specific goal of the sinister way – but rather something else entirely, or else nothing. The reasons should be obvious from the above (Traditions …).

 The Aim:

Wisdom. And its living, enabling the last stage (into the acausal…). This means self-understanding and supra-personal understanding. An apprehension of the world and its forms as they are ~ a rational knowing: and what is necessary for change, aeonic and otherwise. This knowledge is sometimes sad, and often born from ordeals and having lived the Abyss. It never confers wealth nor privilege, and seldom imbues one with ‘happiness’. It is beyond words, but can sometimes be transmuted into a form enabling some others to apprehend if only in part its essence. This aim takes causal time – usually c. 20 years from Initiation (if the Way is followed) – and lies beyond the Abyss. It is balance, beyond opposites; a new way of being.

 Order of Nine Angles

Progressive Satanism

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352 sigil by Prometheus

The White Star Acception is an Esoteric Order practicing Progressive Satanism within the context of what it terms the Sinister Way or Hardcore Satanism. True to its Nietzschean roots, Progressive Satanism is beyond the relative definitions of good and evil, embracing neither a “Left Hand” nor “Right Hand” Path.

Satanism is but a means, the end is the Initiate’s personal Self-Progression and Evolution. Every Initiate’s Satanic perspective and/or path will differ from another’s because Satanists comprise of unique individuals with different levels of education, understanding and the capacity to comprehend abstract and Esoteric thoughts.

“Synergic” is the combined effort of individual Satanists focusing towards a common or collective cause. The combined force of the Whole, being greater than an individual unit, therefore accomplishing more.


O9A sigil by Saturnyan

To many in the Acception and in the Order of Nine Angles, Satan is not bound by everyday spatial and temporal dimensions but exists in the Acausal. Satan is not regarded as a conventional “God” or “Goddess,” for the term is utilized to describe a particular Acausal species.

The mythos of the Order of Nine Angles is genuinely Esoteric in its details consisting of the Seven-Fold Sinister Way: The Way utilized to attain Adeptship and beyond, the Ubermensch. The Seven-Fold Sinister Way is comprised of Esoteric techniques to enable greater Insight.

The Sinister Way is Satanic practice expressing Satanism in action in its beauty and brutality. Individual Satanic character, Esoteric skills and self-insight is developed as well as the fulfillment of the potential latent within the individual to achieve his/her unique Destiny. The Sinister Way is also termed the Dark Tradition.


Homo Galactica by Saturnyan

Satanism combines Insight and ruthlessness, two elements that may be perceived as contradictory, yet Satanic practice is virtually impossible to achieve without the implementation of both elements. The ultimate goal is to further Evolution and to enhance the vitality of the individual.

We are thus a Nexion to the Acausal through our following of the Way and the undertaking of the rites as explicated in O9A MSS, the work of Evolution and the making of our lives as instruments for Acausal change.

The Path is one that comprises of inner strength, of joining, being, opposites, and of course, going beyond opposites. It is the Way of the Dark Warrior who believes in their very being that the only genuine law and justice is that of personal honor, of fair retribution and of being responsible for oneself. The Satanist is one who is forever on a quest to Progress, and if necessary, to die questing.



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 atuXI - desire

Christos Beest, 1998 eh

For several years, in keeping with Sinister Strategy, the Order of Nine Angles has gradually increased its public role, and made itself accessible to anyone who seriously desired Initiation. The accessibility of the Order has been achieved through the publication of teachings which were, up until the 1980’s, genuinely secret. Gradually, via publications such as Fenrir, the real nature of Satanism has been revealed, countering successfully the insipid, tame and established versions, as well as creating a much broader influence within the ‘Occult scene’ in general. This ‘role’ of Occult Order played a necessary part in what is a much greater strategy involving many aspects, some of which are conventionally understood as esoteric; some of which, ‘exoteric.’ The establishment of various websites featuring ONA teachings has fulfilled the strategy regarding conventional Occultism. There is little – the developing Sinister Tarot and the various musickal forms excerpted – that needs to be added to what is now easily accessible to those interested in Traditional Satanism.

To continue to develop the present availability of the Order and its teachings would be counterproductive: the Order would start to become something it is not – a conventional occult organization a la Church of Satan, and would rank alongside all the rest of the ‘esoteric’ Orders that abound today, with their commercial literature and merchandise. In fact, the aura of the ONA is even now gradually becoming diluted – the real Darkness and terror is becoming something of the past. Thus it is time for the Order to finally withdraw from public attention and return to its natural state: that of a genuine secret, esoteric organization. Thus can its various activities (as outlined in the Order MS, A Gift for the Prince, and others) continue to be carried out effectively, and thus can the next stages – the creation of two practical esoteric forms – begin to be implemented.

The ONA will no longer involve itself in any aspect of the Occult ‘scene,’ and its members will no longer openly recruit interested individuals according to the policy that has been adopted over the past few years. ‘Rigel Press’ will cease to publish Order teachings and those MSS and items that exist are yet to be created will be circulated amongst Order members only. However, the other individuals/Sinister orders are free to publish and use the teachings as they deem fit. For the next year only one contct point for the Order will remain – the present UK box address.

Thus the real darkness and danger return, as it has as it shall be, for Aeons to come.


The Reality of Magick

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atuVII - Azoth

Although it has been mentioned before, this bears repeating: magick, properly used, develops the potential of an individual in a realistic, practical way –  that is, it produces, from the experiences undergone, a genuine insight and thus an understanding of self, others and the “world”.

 This is in complete contrast to what happens outside of genuine esoteric traditions where there is adherence by the individual to abstract doctrines, ideas and beliefs – that is, there is little or no understanding based on experience, on the reality apprehended through trials, hardship, explorations, and discovery.  Magick returns the individual to their inner core – destroying illusion, affectation and abstraction of the arid intellectual type.

 Of course, one should really say – real magick, properly used, does this.  There is an awful lot of pretentious “magic” and “magick” about.  What differentiates real magick is first the practical nature of its methods (which are both “internal” – i.e. psychic – and “external” – i.e. involving practical work and experiences in the “real world”, not just “in the head”) and second its structure or system: a working toward a definite goal.  This goal is Adeptship (part of which may be said to be the Jungian “individualization”) and what lies beyond even this: wisdom.  The striving for this goal (and the striving is necessary: it is not a “gift” from someone) changes the individual in significant ways – the is a re-orientation of consciousness, insights and achievement.

  The way of magick (as explicated by the seven-fold way) enables each individual Initiate to develop their won unique understanding or “view of life” or “world-view” – that is, it creates character, it uplifts the individual, separating them from the anonymous majority who mostly merely exist rather than live and who never evolve and understand.  Today, individuals are “mass produced” – and conform to the accepted ideas and norms, even in the “rebellion” that occurs, where the “herd” or some fashionable “trend” or “idea” is followed with any understanding.

 Everything is categorized, made into moral opposites – and there is developing in society an almost religious zeal about certain attitudes, a zeal which restricts individual freedom and expression and which destroys genuine individuality.  All this, however, goes mostly unnoticed, so low is the level of general insight – a situation brought about, in part, by the comfortable lives most people in the West today live; insulated as they are by technology, by material possessions, by the complexity of modern life and by ideal from life in its realness, rawness and danger.

 That is is necessary to give an example to illustrate the categorization and zeal, which is increasingly occurring, is a sad reflection on the general level of understanding.  The example to consider is the disease of “ism-itus”: the creation of an abstract idea, described by a word ending is “ism”.  Examples of the “ism” are then sought –  in society, individuals and so on, and then that society and those individuals must be “re-educated” is the “ism” is found since the “ism” is regarded as morally reprehensible, the abstract idea being formulated in an abstract moral way.  The procedure is not new –  it is essentially a religious fundamentalism, extrapolated into politics and social concerns, and may be said to derive from Nazarene belief and ideas.

  The “ism” itself becomes a “totem-word” – almost a “magical incantation” –  and is surrounded by an aura of guilt.  To be associated with an “ism” – even worse to be an “ism” or be called the “ism” – is reprehensible, almost a “sin”, and in certain countries definitely a crime, punishable by due process of law (and usually, if convicted, by imprisonment).  What this amounts to – when taken with the other abstractions foisted upon individuals (the “ism”, remember is only one example of this) – is the production of essentially characterless people who seldom if ever have any real experience of life, who conform to a certain set of attitudes, and who are psychically unhealthy in that they are infected with notions of “sin” and moral absolutes.  There is little real understanding –  only acceptance of the abstract forms which have been and are being projected onto and into “history”, “society” and individuals and which give the comforting illusion of “understanding” and knowledge (and also, in most cases, a smug moral feeling of superiority such as one sees in certain religious types).

  Magick, however, is a means to destroy all this – and thus it really is subversive and dangerous since it can free the individual, returning them to that inner Being where insight  is born and from which understanding, and ultimately wisdom, can be cultivated.

 The is the reality of magick – it produces the only “freedom” that is real and which has meaning: that inner one, which allows further steps to be taken, which allows evolution to be continued.  For Magickal Initiation is a personal liberation –when an individual takes responsibility for his or her own evolution.

  Further, this way of freedom, this means of liberation, should not be used only by a few –  it should be used by everyone, creating a whole new society (or societies) of Adepts: a whole new era or Aeon in which all have attained to self-insight.  


 Of course – but still possible, even if unlikely for at least the next few centuries.  But herein lies that almost sacred duty of each Initiate – to keep this possibility alive by maintaining the reality and effectiveness of genuine magick.


 1990 ev, Order of Nine Angles

Songs of Recalling

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Christos Beest, 1998 eh

atu XVIII - the moonSinister Chant is one of the oldest survivng aspects of the Dark Tradition. The ‘Agios Lucifer’ (qv. Naos) is known to originate c. 18th century, and the two ‘Nythra’ chants (Black Book III) are possibly from an earlier period. The ‘Diabolus’ came into use after the 13th century.

It is maintained by some that the correct use of these Chants, in conjunction with a quartz crystal, is one of the most potent – and dangerous – techniques for increasing the Cosmic Tides. One notable example of such a technique in a ritualized setting is a version of the Ceremony of Recalling, combined with the Chthonic Form of the Nine Angles Rite, where the Sacrificial Ending is replaced by a continuation, in a particularl way, of the Chant contained in that Rite. This version can replace the Opfer Tradition during the 17 year cycle, but requires immense preparation and perfect performance during the Rite proper.

The teaching of these Chants has always been on an oral basis, from Master/Mistress to Initiate. Some of these chants were written down, and the form of this early notation (mostly ‘Gregorian’) served primarily as a reminder of the Chant, rather than as way of teaching new Initiates.

However, the original notation is an expression of the nature of the Chant itself, and is thus  an important aspect in the overall learning of the Art. This is to say that transcribing the Chants into modern ‘blob’ notation (as discussed in another MS), whilst an interesting exercise in itself, should not replace learning the (far easier) system of the early notation. Transcribing a Chant into modern notation produces something other than the original Chant – an interesting form, but not one that can communicate to the Cantor (or audience), the entire ethos of Esoteric Chant. This is not however to discount such a musickal fusion, since it has its own place and purpose (qv. “Homesteads”).

An Initiate must immerse themselves in all aspects of the Art, mastering vibration, resonance, breath control and projection. Only after practicing for a minimum of one year, both ‘informally’ and in a magickal setting, will a chant start to live and interact with the Causal. It is not enough just to sing the notes, a Cantor must become familiar with what is signified by the Chant, since ultimately, through the combination of Chant, Crystal and Cantor, a unity is created that is a Nexion. This is because a Chant symbolizes, or rather is, a particular Force, and the performance of the chant is an Invokation.

The majority of Sinister Chants came into being as an expression of the male and female voice conjoined. However, if, as has been mentioned in another MS, it is decided to use the musickal form of an existing, conventional, Chant but replace the text with one of a suitably Sinister content, it must be borne in mind that almost all examples of ‘Gregorian Chant’ were devised solely because of, and for, the male voice. It did not occur to the monastic orders that a separate body or ‘office’ should be created for the women of the convents, because the important difference between the male and female voice was not acknowledged. Women were expected to sing something which could not for them, produce the ‘divine fire’ necessary for their worship. However , a glimpse of what is possible can be discerned in the unique compositions (symphoniae harmoniae celestium revelationum’) of the 12th century Abbess Hildegard von Bingen. Through the work of this individual the startling, different, nature of the female voice is apparent.

Perhaps now a corpus of work can be created for a future Beatarum Regimine Feminarum…



The Deceitful Occult Ego

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It is indicative of the sorry state of most occult paths – and the people who follow them – that there is an abundance of dis-information, deceit, mystification and cultivation of egos.

Consider a typical case: a young man develops an interest in occult arts, and eagerly seeks information and contacts. Books and articles are read, contacts made, perhaps a group or three joined. Soon the young man is part of the ‘occult scene’ and one of three things usually happens: (1) he accepts some system or person, for awhile and tries to follow what is expected – then, after some ‘practical’ work, decides it is not right for him and moves on to another system or person; (2) after a little while he comes to believe he has attained his goal (and thus is an ‘adept’ or ‘Master’ or whatever) – usually after engaging in a few rituals and a lot of conversations and meetings with others; (3) after e short or intermediate period cultivating and fawning upon others (and thus assisting them in their endless campaigns to ’safeguard’ their own reputations by attempting to discredit others via rumours and so on) he establishes an identity for himself – exaggerating his own achievements, knowledge and contacts. In short, there is the perpetuation of old Aeon traits and values – contra what the occult in general is supposed to be achieving.

Two things are involved in this process: the desire (mostly unconscious and natural) for self-importance and self-delusion. Part of this self-delusion occurs because of the ‘intellectualisation of the occult’ – there is too much talk, too much acceptance of what others say (particularly about others) without first-hand knowledge, too much theory and too much ego-domination where ‘cleverness’ (particularly in words) is rated above practical experience. Too much concern for someone’s ‘past’.

The result is almost inevitable (and a waste of the potential of occultism) – the young man achieves no real progress, no real insight no real occult abilities. He has become infected with the ‘occult disease’. Instead of going within, into the wilderness, to lose all illusions and delusions and begin the hard and solitary path to Adeptship by practical work, there is the camaraderie of being ‘in the know’, of ‘being accepted’ or working (mostly in intellectual or pseudo-intellectual ways) in a certain ‘niche’ and thus becoming self-satisfied in a comfortable way. The occult thus becomes a ‘habit’ or an interest- a source of self-congratulation (perhaps even of material income) and a place where a ‘role’ is obtained and lived out. Some ‘practical’ work may be done – but the end result is the disposal occultists so familiar from the recent past and the present: the attender of meetings (or the more modern ’symposia’ or ‘conferences’), the seeker after and spreader of gossip and rumour, the pseudo-intellectual dilettante writing articles and books (and perhaps even editing a magazine) not from direct, personal experience but rather from hearsay, from self-opinion and from intellectual aridity and cleverness. Or, perhaps, the plagiarist enjoying a cliquey success and amateur adulation – or t he self-appointed ‘master/adept’ who may need the mystique of an organisation to mask his lack of character or charisma or who may be so self-deluded that he actually believes he has attained his goal. Then again, our young man may turn out to be one of those many failures who hang around the ‘occult scene’ – flitting from one group to another, one ‘master’ to another, and talking, worshipping (both ‘gods’ and ‘masters’) and talking again and accumulating a mass of useless information, ‘lore’ and ‘grades/degrees’.

Despite the interest in recent years in the techniques or ways of the occult – despite all the many words written and spoken – there has been little or no real achievement on the personal level: no increase in the very few adepts. Instead, almost the opposite has occurred – an increase in self-delusion, in glorifying the ego at the expense of gaining insight; a turning away from effective experience to the glorification of the vapid, the intellectual and the ‘non-directive’ sensation-seeking, temporary, ‘mind-expanding’ experience. In short, there has been less real self-discipline and more ego-biased stupidity and stimulation. Adeptship, and the wisdom that lies beyond that, is obtained by a slow, hard process which requires self-discipline and the self-overcoming of hardships. There is no path to it which is not without difficulties and which is not solitary – which does not require the discarding of all those props which most require to survive: a dogma, friends, ideas, companionship, lovers, material security, ‘masters’… There is no potion to obtain which when taken will suddenly give insight or wisdom, no sudden revelations – from god or mortal – which instil wisdom, no technique to be used a few times a week, no ritual or rituals which will give personality or character or self-development.

This process requires years & involves certain ways of living – & often a certain guidance. It requires also the desire to reach the goal, to not give in when things become difficult or confused – a tenacity to follow the chosen path to its ending.

The occult knowledge and insight of an individual is shown most of all by their bearing – by the way they relate to others. But this bearing is not the assumption of some ‘role’ (such as ‘master’ or ‘guru’ or whatever) – rather, it is genuine and spontaneous, full of individual character: neither affectation nor pretension. This is so because the knowledge and insight is within, acquired from experience. Where there is lack of real knowledge end lack of insight, there is pretension, artifice, the “I must preserve my own ego by doing down all others” syndrome, and the inebriated laughter of the ill-disciplined, ill-at-ease discussion machine.

Our young man would do well to try and find some guidance from an insightful individual – and be prepared for a hard and long journey. Perhaps then, in time one new adept will arise, and the ‘New Aeon’ will be brought a little nearer.

Anton Long

Order of Nine Angles

The Dark Gods

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atu IV - lord of the earth

“They lurk at the threshold of existence preening their wings and eyes and sound which they send forth to all who have ears to hear and minds to know. And they wait and reside in the space between worlds, the space that is the corner of the meeting of dimensions. They are the destroyers…the bornless forever who wait for our call. Soon they will come to collect that blood which is required by Them. To understand Them is to pass that Abyss beyond which man ceases to be.” —The Message of the One of Thoth

Much ha sbeen uttered – ‘in shriveled hallways untidy with the Blackest Inventions’ – concerning the entities/energies known as the Dark Gods. Hitherto, all information ‘They who will have Blood’ has consisted of misrepresentations and absolute rubbish. q.v. the works of H.P. Lovecraft, who intuitively grasped vague hints of the Genuine Dark Tradition, whilst presenting it within the context of the ‘opposites’ (as with ‘The Necronomicon’ in its many hoax forms).

Thos who wish to know the Dark Gods are required to pass the Abyss – the experience of going beyond ‘opposites’ – to understand what these energies are in essence (i.e. that they just are) and to remainsane and in one piece.

From an uninitiated viewpoint, the Dark Gods are indeed the most hideous and terrifying manifestations of the Acausal on this Causal plane. Due to the Nazarene tyranny establishing evolutionary regression, very few can comprehend even the most remote hint of Chaos (or the Dark Gods) in its primal state, i.e. they do not perceive the essence hidden by appearance; they are bound by ‘moral projections.’ (‘He is the damned, the baser for a moral corrupt.’)

While the Dark Gods may be perceived as ‘convenient abstractions’ or Archetypical Energy, they may also be regarded as having an actual existence (and it is up to the individual to decide which of these, or neither, is the correct for him/herself). The Dark Tradition, continued by small numbers of Adepts since the Hyperborean Aeon to the present day, contains many tales of the origins of the Dark Gods. Whether one chooses to see these as myth or mythos, is, at the end of the day, a matter of personal taste according to which viewpoint is the most magickally useful.

Previously, weakening a Star Gate (or Nexion, a physical link between the Causal and Acausal) and bringing the Dark Gods has involved hideous rites of sacrifice and suffering, and in terms of results, vile uncertainty principles. Refined magickal techniques (such as the Rite of Nine Angles) have replaced many of these bloody shamblings (the Blood remains, mostly in menstrual form) and the Return of the Dark Gods is now an easier proposition, both in terms of what can be done ceremonially, hermetically and how mass consciousness can be affected by Aeonic techniques.

However, certain cases involving those who, unprepared and otherwise, have attempted to bring the Dark Gods, have resulted in madness and/or death. Such events are always followed by the shedding of blood on a larger scale – the Darkest of negations must have sustenance. And is bloodshed necessary anymore?

Returning to the Dark Gods will fulfill the destiny (in its dying form) of this Aeon – the Western, still about 350 years left to run – by establishing the next Aeon, which has no word since it is Chaos itself. This Aeonic progression has been a gradual opening of various Acausal – or magickal – centres on this terrestial plane.

It is important to remember that there never was a ‘golden age’ way back when from which the human race toppled and has been trying to grovel back to ever since, armed with hints of ‘lostknowledge’ constituting the various mysteries’ (not in the Greek sense of the word) we have today. In one sphere of evolution, we have reached an intuitive stage – the culmination so far of the aeonic progression – where we can decide our own destiny. For this reason, it is generally agreed that the terrestrial centres are now exhausted – the new Aeon may very well be ‘Galactic’ in form (either symbolically, i.e. representing the forward looking nature of civilization, or literally, the consequence of the same.)

Establishing a forward looking civilization reveals the nature and purpose of Satanism. Those (for example) qabbalistic magicians who think they are contributing towards this progression should think again. 

The Return of the Dark Gods will bring torment, gnashing Darkness and Death to some, and bounty to others. As stated, we have reached a point in consciousness to recognize that the world is up for grabs. The strong will survive and the weak will perish – an obvious statement, though difficult for those bound by Nazarene morality to accept.

To invert the established is only a starting point, a means to an end. For most, that stage beyond may be realized in time. But for now, it is enough just to start.

As Derek Farr, bastion of the film noir , so eloquently said in his early film ‘Lethagy’:

“It seems there is no finer point

Than that which is lodged with the cranial index

of a dying priest.”



-Christos Beest, Order of Nine Angles-

Opening a Star Gate to the Dark Gods

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To open a Star Gate and return the Dark Gods, a crystal tetrahedron made of quartz should be obtained. Theis crystal should be as large as possible, and the nearer in shape to a tetrahedron, the better. The Rite of Returning exists in two versions, and both will be given.

First Version:

Should take place on the night of the New Moon with Saturn rising and involves a man and a woman assuming the role of Priest and Priestess. The rite itself should be conducted on an isolated hilltop removed from human habitation and begun in the hour following sunset. Both participants should be naked. The rite begins with the priest vibrating seven times the phrase:

“Nythra Kthunao Atazoth”

The Priestess should hold the crystal in her hands, palms outstretched before her. When this is complete ,  the Priest places his hand over the crystal and both vibrate

“Binan ath ga wath am”

As powerfully as possible. Still holding the crystal, the Priestess should lie with her head North, the Priest arousing her (Locis Muliebribus…) the sexual union then begins with both visualizing the Star Gate opening and the dreaded primal form of Atazoth coming forth from the Acausal dimensions, through the Gate, toward the Earth. Atazoth may be visualized as a dark nebulous chaos, a rend in the fabric of star-studded space – which changes into a dragon-like entity. After the climax of the union, the Priestess buries the crystal in the earth of the hill saying

“Aperiatur terra et germinet – CHAOS”

They then depart from the hill.

Second Version:

The second version involves nine individuals: a Cantor (trained in the Dark Tradition) a Priest and a Priestess and three female and male participants. They should all robed, barefoot and have about their person non-metallic objects. The best place to conduct the rite is on a hilltop of a volcanic rock containing large  quantities of quartz. The time is right when Venus sets after the sun and the Moon is near Dabih, or when Jupiter and Saturn are both near the Moon, which is becoming new, the time before dawn. The crystal should be placed on a pediment of oak on a sheet of mica. The rite begins with the Cantor vibrating in E minor.

“Nythra Kthunae Atazoth”

While the six dance accordingly to their desire Moon-wise around the Cantor, Priest and Priestess chanting Atazoth. The CAntor vibrates seven times after which the Priestess touches the crystal. The Priest and the Cantor then vibrate the “Diabolus” in forths according to the principles of esoteric chant.


The Diabolus:

Dies Irae, dies illa

Solvet saeclum in favilla

Teste Satan cum Sibylia

Quantus tremor est Futurus

Quando Vindex est venturus

Cuncta stricte discussurus

Aperiatur stella et germinet

Atazoth et Falcifer!

After this chant, the six begin an orgiastic rite according to their desires. The Priest and the Priestess then chant the phrase

“Binan ath ga wath am”

A fifth (or a fifth and an octave) apart while the Cantor vibrates the name Atazoth. The Dark Gods may then manifest – initially through sound, smell presence and temperature change. The Priest and Priestess should after their chant visualize the Gate opening while they join in sexual union.


-Order of Nine Angles-

The Sinister Predator

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Notes on The Sinister Predator


One important area of the Sinister Dialectic – of Sinister strategy – has remained rather neglected, despite the fact that it not only expresses the essence of sinister presencing, but also is important for our evolution toward higher beings. This area is that of the Sinister Predator. Basically, the Sinister Predator culls our own human species. In effect, the Sinister Predator is a natural and necessary evolutionary mechanism: a means to weed out the human dross and to keep our own human species in check, ensuring it does not reach the point of significant unbalance. 

There are two aspects to the Sinister Predator – the personal, and the Aeonic, and both of these aspects aid the Dialectic. However, the changes caused by the personal are, usually, not so great as those caused by the Aeonic for the simple reason that the personal usually involves the culling of individuals opfers, as mentioned in the various Order MSS concerning opfers.

The Aeonic aspect involves such things as war, armed conflicts, combat and “disasters”. From the viewpoint of the Sinister Initiate and Adept, this aspect involves encouraging, participating in, aiding, and creating war, combat, and those things – such as acts of “direct action” [what the unenlightened often call “terrorism”] – which can aid, or begin, or continue wars, armed conflicts, combat and “disasters”.

We Sinister Initiates and Adepts are the natural balance – the natural predators – which and who not only aid evolution, but who and which can direct that evolution toward the goals we know are necessary. We cull the dross; we create, inspire, and ensure that our species remains healthy – that it has the competition, the darkness, the opposition, the heresy, and especially the predators, necessary to ensure health. What we do to ensure and maintain the balance necessary is a true Presencing of the Dark, just as this doing itself enables our own personal evolution.

At this moment in our development, it is important that vast numbers of the human species are culled, on a regular basis, for otherwise our species will over-run this planet before we can develop sufficient means to live elsewhere in the Cosmos. This over-running will destroy many – if not all – of those things which are necessary not only for our own survival, such as the land required to produce the food we need,  but also for us to remain in balance with both ourselves and Nature, since this personal balance between the light and the dark is itself a nexion – a necessary stage – to what lies beyond the opposites implicit in all concepts and all “ethics”. It should be obvious to all Sinister Initiates and Adepts that the suffering, deaths and trauma caused by the Sinister Predator are irrelevant from the perspective of the Sinister Dialectic.


Anton Long