“The Leader will be preceded by five female prophets of the Abomination. He will precipitate a final battle on and above the Earth, advised by a female priest of a blasphemous ‘religion’. She will open the Watchtowers. But he is only Their vessel, and will be devoured when They return”

Chapter I. – Mordred


Earth 2500 ev.

Mordred walked the deserted, war-torn streets of New York City and surveyed the damage of the latest battle. A “dog fight” between fleets of Vindex 352 and The New World Order. The Priestess, Kindra, who has been his advisor for the last eighty years, was at his side along with his heavily armed four-man security team. The Leader spied a child’s doll on the floor and knelt to inspect it. Since the Galactic Aeon has since been upon them for 400 years, Mordred found himself constantly thinking of the past. He felt the pain of  every fallen one who has fought the cause of Vindex 352. Mordred is the child of Sinistar, the elected leader of the Vindex movement of New York and Mercie, the leader of the Vindex movement of the California Republic. The two leaders married years after Mercie’s lover, Jade had died in the now infamous battle for Washington D.C. back in 2352 ev. Legend had it that the Movement included the year of the battle in which Vindex 352 had taken control of America. Yet, Mordred knew aurally from his mother where the seemingly mystic number originated from.  

“Sir, we must leave this place. The People await your orders.” Kindra said almost indifferently.”kindra

“I will stay, Priestess. My team must search for survivors and salvage any equipment. You go in my stead and address the People. They know of my ways.”

Kindra parted her hood revealing a beautiful, yet dark woman with piercing, almost intruding eyes. She set those same eyes lovingly upon  Mordred many times but in recent times, she knew that there would soon be no one to set her green eyes upon. For she knew that in the year 2500, the year of the Final Battle, Mordred’s time was not for long in the causal universe. Yet he was not ignorant.  He knew of the fate that awaited him. Kindra  grieved for him prematurely. 

“It is not my place, sir.” said Kindra with more feeling. “They need inspiration. Not my banterings against the Magian yet again.”

“Very well, then.” Mordred said. The Leader strode off to board his ship, throwing the doll to the ground. He surveyed the carnage once more. “The Leader?!? The Leader of what?!?” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

Kindra gently admonished him. “Do not come undone in the presence of those who put their lives on the line for the cause. They will lose heart, Mordred. I suggest that you conduct yourself in a way befitting of the son of Sinistar and Mercie. Do not disgrace their memory.”

Mordred openly wept at the mention of his parents. “I must not fail them, then. The Final Battle will be upon us.”


Chapter II – Rememberance


From Mordred’s informative years until adulthood, Mordred dreamt a vision of his mother, attempting to bring stability to a dystopia. This strife had been captured in Mordred’s vision, the vision of the beautiful, fair-haired Mercie standing upon a pyramid of corpses, with her bloody sword, yet naked. It was duality at its surreal form, rendering her strength and her vulnerability. After Mordred’s address to the People, in which he spoke of his failed negotiations with Chancellor Katia Blair of Great Britain, Leader of the New World Order to end the war. Mordred spoke with great reverence for Blair, likening her to his mother and a most worthy foe yet the People will not be denied of their Destiny.

Sinistar was a rendering contradictory to Mercie’s. The labled Insane Leader of the Vindex Movement of the Eastern Front. (New York) He was a military genius, his valor and courage on the battlefield were beyond reproach, yet was lacking in politics and the lost art of Manipulation. He “wore his heart on his sleeve” and occasionally, much was lost on the Dark Warrior. Although it was rumored that the union between Sinistar and Mercie was one of convenience and Sinister Strategy.1880 

Though handsome and known for his sexual prowess and being generously endowed, he was known in New York as a firm but fair Leader yet quite mad.

Politics was known to be the corrupt and Mercie wisely proposed to Sinistar that there should only be one Leader. He challenged her to a duel, but Mercie hinted that they marry and merge the Vindex movement between the Temple Territory and the Califa Territory. Their progeny would then be the sole Leader at age 16.

Unlike many Leaders before them, Mercie and Sinistar believed in a hands-on approach and participated in many battles against the New World Order’s military forces, often against the wyrd of their respective advisors, who were usually Priests, Priestesses, or Cantors. 

Once Mordred turned 16, Sinistar and Mercie announced to the People that he would be the Leader and that they would still be in the foreground advising him on everything from military strategy to Esoteric principles and assigned the Priestess Kindra as the Advisor to Mordred.

In that same year 2420 ev., the military forces of the New World Order had launched a naval attack on New York via the Atlantic Ocean and even managed to sever the head of the Statue of Liberty during the attack. Both Mercie and Sinistar commanded their respective forces courageously, but were defeated. Mercie died heroically in battle and the NWO’s military declared martial law whilst slaughtering any violators. One week later, Sinistar’s forces recaptured New York from the NWO through sheer cunning, having Vindex naval forces from Shropshire also attack New York via the Atlantic Ocean. Sinistar was killed when his airship was shot out of the sky by an NWO sea to air missile.

At present, the NWO, led by Chancellor Katia Blair controls Great Britain and the rest of Europe, the Middle East and the African Union  while Vindex 352 controls the American Union (Formerly North, Central, and South) and Southeast Asia. The Victor in the Final Battle annexes all. Regardless of the victor, the arrival of the five female prophets and Falcifer will not be denied. The victory of Vindex 352 would only Presence the Dark Gods sooner.


Chapter III – The Final Battle


The Final Battle had taken its toll on Vindex 352 and the New World Order. The lengthy conflict of the Great War had lasted for a month straight of assaults land, sea, and air. In the end, the raising of white flags could be observed in Europe, the Middle East and the African Union. Chancellor Blair signed the Great Treaty, calling for the surrendering of all territories annexed by the NWO to Vindex 352.  [An unwritten agreement also stated that Chancellor Blair and Mordred would engage in sexual union at an undisclosed location, an agreement that she hesitantly complied with]  Darkness was enthroned triumphant.

In the days following the Treaty, A Purple Haze was visible in various places in the Earth. At the High Temple, Mordred and the Priestess Kindra waited in anticipation for the moment that would define their very existence. Kindra began to weep. kindra-widow2

“Do not shed tears for me, Priestess. This was a long time coming.” Mordred whispered.

“I love you. I always have.” Kindra said.

As she spoke the Haze was present in the Temple. The female Prophets in white gowns could be seen directly inside the Haze. The thick cloud enveloped Mordred. The Haze and the Prophets were soon gone, leaving Mordred’s lifeless corpse on the floor of the High Temple. 

In the Clearing, Mordred smelled oranges. He glanced in the distance and saw the one, Jade.





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