Kayla and Chloe in Wonderland…The ‘Net

Mercie & Jade in Disney Land
I think that I’m the Mad Hatter but I’d rather be the rabbit…

In early 2008, I was a member of the 600 Club. I considered myself a Theistic Satanist back then because I was at that point in my life where I was just questioning Christianity as a whole. Needless to say, I didn’t receive great feedback from the 600 Club because of my Inverse Christian beliefs. Kayla was posting under the pseudonym ‘Luciferific’ and was kicking ass in the post counts with profound fresh views on Satanism as a way of life rather than just another name for over-indulgence. I even butted heads with her for picking on some emo kid. Not that I’m emo, nor do I like their music very much, but I felt sorry for the kid. Who wouldn’t trust a guy named Sinistar666?

Needless to say, I was looking to carve a niche on the ‘net when I accidentally ran across the White Star Acception site (Shameless plug www.wsanexus.darkbb.com) and read mostly ONA manuscripts along with a fresh perspective of Satanism that they liked to brand as Primal Naturalism. I had no inclination that this was Kayla’s site. Still searching for a Theistic site, I registered and just kept it moving because I didn’t feel that the ONA way resonated with me yet.

One day, I got an e-mail alert that someone responded to me on the WSA site. I looked and it was Chloe welcoming everyone and was interested to know who Sinistar666 was. I said to myself, “Uh oh. They’re ONA and I stumbled across their shit. They’re going to cull my stupid ass for reading their shit.” I usually keep my weapon in a lock box because face it, off duty is off duty. After reading how much interest that this ‘JADE’ (Chloe) had in me, I started carrying it. It was February and I could conceal it easily since I’m not a high tech buff who has a pancake holster. Since completing a combat tour in Iraq, I was (Or am) really paranoid. Especially since some more impressionable people who wanted to get a rep and be initiated into the Acception could use some high tech shit to try to track me down. I would’ve made it the grand opening of someone’s chest, fuck that.

I responded to Chloe’s greeting and said hi, trying not to give away too much of myself. Then Kayla PM’d me and said, “Is that you, Sinistar from the 600 Club? It’s me, Luciferific!” I was thinking, “Oh great, the super genius sacrificer of the weak is probing. It’s about to get real.” I simply said, “Hey, how have you been?”

One thing led to another and Kayla and me started to develop a friendship. Sometimes we talked all night and I found myself resonating more with Progressive Satanism after doing more research and participating in classified operations to Presence the latent Darkness. I recently opened the Synistry Nexus(Formerly known as  Hell’s Henchmen) and my numbers seem to fluctuate as always is the case with living Progressive Satanism.180px-truth

Chloe was the more serious, all business type. I would talk to her more during the day as my schedule was rearranged. I would joke with her and she would just ignore my comment. Maybe she was wary of me at first because of my affiliations in the Profane but we also  became close after she had no choice but to talk to me ;). She says I’m emo but I let that slide only because it’s her.

The founders of 352 (Prometheus, Pan’s Girl and Seti) have all come and gone in the year and a half and are unfortunately not around to see the Acception grow into a living, breathing Nexus of the O9A.

It looks like we’re the last ones standing from the OG’s with Frata352. (Who I don’t really hear from that much nowadys either) We’re on our own teetering toward the Acausal Darkness.

5 Responses to “Kayla and Chloe in Wonderland…The ‘Net”

  1. Memory… turn your face to the moonlight… let your memory lead you…

    Kayla covering Memory, Cats, the musical.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Good times we had. If only all our Originals could see what we have become. How far we have spread across America. How our many enemies failed time, and time again to stop us. How the right people were brought to us at the right time. Is it Providence? Was it meant to be? Is Satan guiding us? Nah… we prolly just talk a lot 🙂 and we do talk/write (Re: Gossip) a lot… important stuff, you know, White Snake… Hasselhoff… Britney Spears… I honestly ask myself – “How the hell did all this happen” when I think about our WSA, as I look about and read thru our forums.

    Maybe it’s because we don’t take our WSA so seriously, and can joke about it? Maybe because the WSA’s secret is the bond and those intimate things left unwritten between us? Whatever it is, we’ve given birth to something that is now out of our hands to stop. I tried… I did.

    I tried and contemplated destroying the WSA before it got out of hand and became to serious… ending up like so many of those other stale satanic organizations. How can I let something special to a private few of us be taken out of our hands?

    It’s too late now. This WSA has become its own living entity. It replicates itself without us even trying. It’s calling out random people who resonate with it one by one across the country. It’s no longer ours to hold onto. Our love child has learned to walk on its own and is growing 🙂

    All we can do now is just continue to built it a strong and firm foundation to stand on, so it can continue to takes it’s baby steps forward… and with it will go the ONA – its teddy bear.

    Anyways, I don’t wanna get to mushy… it’s just so special *weep*

    We saw that picture and totally saw us! I’m Alice, Chloe is the other girl… after muffled snickering and a few giggles we said you were the MadHatter… We guess the Chesher Cat is Frata because in the bigining he was relentlessly hitting on me… and by god there is even “Twettle-Dee” and “Twettle-Dumb” in the background (lets not mantion any names).

    Ok, you can be the rabbit if that makes you feel better. The mad hatter is wayyy you thoe… because he is a journalist… he writes… see. LOL… good times. xoxo



    • Conquer…Destroy…Create…Destroy Again…I’m the same way. Chloe yelled at me a few times when I would casually say, “I really hate Synistry! Your blog and Pointy’s, Camlad’s and Cosmion’s are so much better. I’m going to delete it.” She would say, “No! Leave the shit! I’ll kill you! Your perspective counts! I’ll fuckin’ kill you! Just work on your writing bitch…I mean Rich! Stop being a fuckin’ emo and put the razor down. Don’t worry, you’ll make the cut! (heheh again)” Okay, maybe she didn’t say that she’d kill me, but she was annoyed. Eh, not the first time I annoyed her, if anything. And stuff…or something.

      I read what you wrote in your blog about The Hoff and believe me, if you ever had the chance, the honor would be all yours! Everyone thought that he was washed up after ‘Knight Rider,’ but he then came in with tidal force in ‘Baywatch!’ (heheh…washed up, tides, Nicole Eggert…) What was I thinking about again? Oh yeah….hella blasphemer!

      Yeah, those were the days. I read through some of the old posts and got misty eyed. Damn, we did talk a lot and I laughed my ass off. Like the OG’s say, there’s nothing wrong with a good jape every now and then. Just finished eating, sure could go for a fag right now…

      I’m also free for interviews back at the spot. (Shameless Plug: http://www.wsanexus.darkbb.com) If you dare! You and Chloe could do a question one day and I’ll answer it the next. It’s a good way to kill those days where business is slow. What’ya say?

      I miss you too…

  2. My god, how lame are we, we’re interviewing ourselves… ok, your next Rich. There’s no point in interviewing Chloe, she blogs too much as it is. Give us a day to think of a mix of some fun and serious questions. Monday…

    Your sister from another mister


  3. Oh, and, If it we’re from Pamela Anderson, the Hoff would be an 80’s washup forreals… like Dion Worwick… or whatever her name is… the 80’s popstar turned psychic… with the nostrils that look like jet exhausts.


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