Chapter 12

eureka forest

Special Agent Helt and Agent Tegan were back in Eureka City at sunset, in the house in the woods where the case originated from clad in navy blue windbreakers with “FBI” emblazoned on the backs and rubber gloves on.

“The forensics team is pretty top notch for a small department. They didn’t mess shit up.”

“What are you trying to say, Rikk? I’m from a small town. You think that we all sit around and spit tobacco into spitoons, marry our cousins and end up on ‘Jerry Springer?’”

“No, I, uh…”

“Gotcha, you stuttering prick.”

They both laughed. “You know, you’re all right for a rookie.” Rikk said.

“Thanks man.” Tegan replied.

“I talked to one of the deputies that was on duty the night of the murders and of the disappearances.”

“Disappearances? They said that there was only a Sergeant James Seti missing.”

“They counted Special Agent Molder also.”

Tegan laughed at the mention of Molder’s name. “Did you read his report, Helt?”

Helt smiled. “Yeah. It was amazing. Not in a good way either.”

“Chloe told him to stop smoking crack.”

“Chloe? Director Skinner is now Chloe? Oh behave! On second thought, don’t!”

“No, it’s not what you think, you nasty pervert. Director Skinner is the consumate professional. She’s more of a mentor than anything.”

“I’ll bet! Mentoring…Boom chicka wah wah! Chloe Skinner. Angie Stone. Starring in ‘Debriefing’…another in the No Man’s Land Series….these agents will…get…their…information…at…all…costs!”

Tegan snickered. “Angie Stone?”

“Yeah, that’s your porn name. You lived on Stone Blvd, right?”

“Wait, how does that work out?”

“You take your middle name, in your case you don’t have one, then you take the street that you live on or the cross streets and wallah! You’ve got your porn name! In Director Skinner’s case, she already has a porn name. I don’t know her middle name anyway or the street she lives on.”

“Wow. And you were a cop?”

“How do you think I got this way. The Bureau’s where the money and the fame is, but they’re a little tight assed. Except for you, of course.”

“Yeah, my ass isn’t tight at all.”


“I’m Angie Stone, remember?”

“Right, right. Damn, we’d better start looking around or something.”

“Shh! Get down!” whispered Tegan.

Outside, the sound of dead leaves rustling and twigs breaking was heard and then the sound began to grow faint, as if someone was walking away.

“Let’s follow.” Rikk said as he drew hi gun.

Tegan ran after Rikk into the woods and could feel her heart in her throat.

Chapter 13


Skully and Molder stepped into Seti’s room.

“Hey, Sleeping Ugly. Wake up!” shouted Kayla.

Seti smiled. “I am awake.”

“I know. I just felt like saying it.” Kayla kissed him on the cheek.

“Dude, you look okay.” Rich smiled as he grabbed Seti’s shoulder.

“Yeah. I’m okay.” Seti then told them what he had told Colonel Frata.

“Hmm. That’s strange.” said Kayla. “And why did you end up here?”

“It has to do with that Stonehenge-lite looking place that I ended up in.”

“Hello agents.” Col Frata said as he walked in. After a brief introduction, Col Frata gave a package wrapped in black plastic to Seti. “You’ll need this, Sergeant.”

Frata, Skully and Molder left so Seti could get dressed. “We need to look around if that’s okay with you, Colonel.”

“I don’t have a problem with it, personally. But I understand that you’re out of your jurisdiction. If you want to look around and find out what went on with your friend, we never had this conversation. We’re still all basically law enforcement agents and investigators. If any of your superiors catch wind of this, I will have to deny ever meeting you. You understand, of course.”

“Fully, Colonel.” Molder smiled.

“It was a pleasure meeting all three of you. Please apologize to Seti that I could not see him off at this time. I must attend to other matters.”

“Of course.” The three shook hands and Col Frata left.

“Okay, I’m decent.” Seti smiled as he opened his room door and walked out.

The three walked out of the hospital making sure they were out of the earshot of passersby.

“Mnajdra, guys?” Kayla said.

“Hell yeah. I had a feeling about that place when I found myself over there.” said Seti.

“Listen, let’s plan this out and head out first thing in the morning. Make sure that we’re all on the same page.” Kayla briefed them about what she had found out about SK9.

“Satanists, I knew it!” Seti said.

“Doesn’t sound like the garden variety Satanists though. Most Satanists that I’ve read about see Satanism as a reactionary belief to Christianity and really don’t believe in Satan as a god at all, but Satan as themselves. SK9 is more of a hands-on, practical type of Satanism. Human sacrifices, or culling. What we saw back in the cabin was a rite that SK9 calls ‘Hohes Opfer.’ The old man took his family with him as he knew that he was dying. SK9 believes that culling, whether by sacrifice or any other rite cleanses the human stock.” Kayla explained.

“So what was that bigfoot thing?” Rich asked.

“That wasn’t bigfoot in the traditional sense. If all this SK9 shit is true, that thing was just one of those ‘things’ that presenced themselves through the nexion because of SK9 and their real world shit.” Kayla shuddered.

“You don’t sound like yourself at all Kayla.” Molder said with concern. “Why didn’t you tell me all this?”

“I knew you’d believe me. I have this feeling. A bad one. And you know that I don’t believe in anything paranormal.”

“When we get back home, we’re going to talk to this Mr A.”

“He won’t talk to you, Rich.”

“You need to take him in then. We’ll be covert and I’ll back you up.”

“Okay. If Skinner puts us back on the case.”

“Wait, you guys are off the case?” Seti asked.

“Yeah. We came to get you. Now that we’re here, we want to know what happened to you. And to me.” said Molder.

Seti felt himself choke up. “You guys only knew me for less than an hour.”

“You’re a cop. I know that the FBI and municipal police departments don’t usually have the best realtionships, but we all have to look out for each other, regardless of the bullshit. Besides, we all seemed to click right away. You don’t find that with everybody.”

“Okay. Let’s find a local watering hole and talk.” James suggested.

The three found a local bar which was empty. They sat at a table and drank moderately discussing whatever else they knew about SK9, 352 and general knowledge on Satanism.

“Hmmm. This is heavy shit. 352 or SK9 are involved in rapes, burglaries, and murders. Do we have an estimated membership number? Prior arrests? Convictions?” Seti inquired.

“No. In the Satanic Community, it is believed that SK9 is fake. Unfortunately, we’re finding out that that’s far from the truth.” Kayla said.

“Damn. This is some serious shit that we’ve fuckin’ stepped in. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting drunk as hell.” Molder announced.

“I second that.” Kayla said.

“Goddamn peer pressure.” Seti added with a smile.

Kayla ordered a double Long Island iced tea while Rich and James downed the very non-Maltese Dos Equis beers and argued about baseball. Rich is a Mets fan and James likes the Giants.

“Bonds is a fuckin’ juicer and Randy Johnson is not, I repeat not going to get his 300th career win.” Rich argued.

“And the Phillies are going to take over first place again. And the Mets are going to choke. Again.” Seti retorted.

Kayla drank her tea deeply and felt a buzz. She ordered another double and went over to the cd jukebox. Ah! Mostly American music, she thought to herself.

James excused himself and told Rich that he was going to check them all in at the hotel down the street and leave their keys with the clerk in the main lobby. Seti needed to call the Eureka Sheriff’s Department and come up with a story as to his disappearance.

“Hey You” by Pink Floyd blared into the bar. Kayla moved her body alluringly in time to the music. Rich ordered two more beers and a shot.

“Wow.” Rich said, looking at Kayla. She was swaying her hips and seemed to be in her own world. Then she turned and looked at Rich over her right shoulder and didn’t drop her stare. Molder sat frozen in his seat and then walked to Kayla. She turned around and they were locked in an embrace. So many things were understood without saying a word. Kayla had put “Hey You” on repeat.

Chapter 14

Helt and Tegan stopped to listen to which direction the footsteps were heading. “Through the bluff!” said Tegan in a hoarse whisper. They didn’t have to stop very much to listen for the footsteps because they were nonstop. Whoever it was wasn’t aware that they were being followed. Or worse yet, didn’t care.

A purple shroud of light seemed to engulf the wooded area and the footsteps were gone. Then the purple haze was gone as well. Tegan looked around bewildered. “What the fuck?!?”

“Exactly” Helt reiterated. “Maybe Molder wasn’t high on crack.”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m about to mosey back to the cabin and shit-can this purple light thing.”

“What? But Rich was right and we’re going to pretend like he wasn’t? I don’t know about that.”

“Well, let’s think about it. In the meantime, we still have an investigation to conduct.”

“You’re learning too quickly for your own good, kid.”

The figure in black watched Tegan and Helt walk back towards the direction of the cabin. Mr A smiled to himself and walked in the other direction.

Chapter 16

“Look, it’s the Order of Nine Angles sigil.” Seti said as he pointed to a rock in the Mnajdra site carved with the infamous sigil.

“So, that means that human sacrifice did occur here.” Skully said grimly. “And no one knew what the fuck that meant.”

“Or they did and just covered it up. Here on Malta the O9A Nexus is Still Ta Demm. ‘Blood of Stars.’ The membership numbers are of course, unknown. Anywhere from twenty to two hundred.” said Molder.

“That still doesn’t give us shit. Anyway, how do you know about all this shit?” James asked.

“The internet.” Rich smiled. “The Order has various Nexuses worldwide. I don’t know if the ones who post O9A manuscripts on the ‘net are the real deal or providing the free press for the actual doers. There’s no crime in posting somebody else’s material with consent. Besides, the O9A welcome that sharing of information. What we’re concentrating on is SK9/352, a Nexion of O9A. Stilla Ta Demm is purportedly another 352 Nexion. Scary shit, if you ask me.”

“So, the animal sacrifices were just lies. James! You went through a Nexion.” Kayla exclaimed.

For a moment, Rich was scared. In the year and a half that he was assigned to be Kayla’s partner, she was always the skeptical and over-logical one while he tended to believe that things outside of the norm actually existed. Kayla was starting to cross over, but it was a sign of the sinister things to come.

Chapter 17

Director Skinner left the office at 7pm as usual. She passed by Brenda. “What are you still doing here, Brenda?”

“Just catching up on some work, Madam Director.”

Chloe looked at her as Brenda looked at her computer. She looked at the “Believe” tattoo on her right hand. Brenda also had a sleeve of tattoos on her left arm. Dragons, fairies, kids’ names, hearts, even a pentagram. Chloe looked at Brenda’s long platinum blonde hair and didn’t see any roots. “Only one way to find out if she’s a real blonde.” Skinner smirked. Brenda only worked for the FBI as an administrative assistant for only three months so the fascination phase was still there. Chloe wondered if Brenda had anymore tattoos that were covert in nature. It was against FBI policy to have visible tattoos, but Chloe hired Brenda on the promise that Brenda would only roll up her sleeves before 9 am or after 5 pm or if weekend work was necessary.

“Want to go for a drink, Brenda?” Chloe asked.

“Ma’am?” Brenda looked up with amazement.

Chloe made a cup symbol with her right hand, raised her hand to her lips and mouthed “Drink” and pointed at Brenda and back at herself.

Brenda laughed. “Um, sure ma’am. Why not?”

“Call me Chloe off duty, Brenda.” Skinner looked at Brenda’s almost six foot frame and legs that seemed to go on forever. Those would look good wrapped around my my head, thought Chloe. This is what power is.

“Yes, ma’am. I mean, Chloe.”

The bar in downtown DC was trendy and full of yuppie types hoping to hook up. All eyes, male and female, turned to Chloe and Brenda as they entered the dimly lit bar. Pop music blared in the background.

“Not your type of crowd?” Chloe asked Brenda.

“It’s okay. I’m not picky at all.”

“If you want, we could go to the heavy metal bar two blocks down. I’m easy.” Chloe smiled.

“Oh no! I wouldn’t dream of it. I just want to unwind. It’s my kind of music but I don’t feel like getting amped up. Oh, there I go just going on and on.”

Chloe smiled. Was Brenda nervous because she liked her or because she was intimidated by Chloe’s authority? Only one way to find out, Chloe thought slyly to herself.

“What’re you drinking?” Chloe asked.

“Coors, please.”

A chick who drinks beer, Chloe thought. That’s a fuckin’ turn-on!

“Two Long Island Iced Teas and two Coors.” Chloe told the bartender.

“Are you trying to get me drunk, Chloe?”

“Whatever gave you that idea, Brenda?” Skinner winked at her.

Brenda shrugged and laughed.

Forty minutes later at the bar, Chloe and Brenda were drunk and talking to each other in close proximity.

Chloe got out of Brenda that she’s 34 and a single mom of 10-year-old twins. The father ran off with another woman when the twins were two months old. Skinner tried the “men suck” approach and the only one to understand a woman is another woman.

“I’ve been with another woman before.” Brenda said. “It was a girl named Adrianna and we were in a threesome with some guy named Rich back when I was eighteen.

Could it be the crackhead Special Agent? Chloe thought. Nah, it couldn’t be. Could it? Rich never saw Brenda at Central Office before. I always debriefed Rich and Kayla in the field. Hmmm, debriefing Kayla. No it can’t be him. Rich is a dork.

“How old was this guy Rich when you did it?” Chloe asked.

“He was a little older. He was 22.”

Damnit. Rich is now 38! Brenda’s 34. It can’t be him!

“Did you like your experience with Adrianna?”

“Oh yeah….she knew what I liked and I knew what she liked. But this guy Rich was an animal. He was so awesome. He handled us both like nothing. Mmmmm. I wonder what he’s doing now?”

“Enough about that crackhead!” Chloe accidentally thought aloud.


“Uh, look at that guy’s blackhead, gross!”

“It’s just so cool that you’re like the boss of the FBI and stuff and your so down to earth or something.” Brenda said drunkily.

“Do you like girls?” Chloe almost demanded.

“Well, I’m not strictly dickly if that’s what you’re asking. But that was the first and only time I was with Adrianna and Rich.”

Frustrated, Chloe grabbed Brenda and started to French kiss her. Again all eyes were on them. Brenda reciprocated the kiss and grabbed the back of Chloe’s hair.

All the hearts of the males at the bar were beating faster but not because of the alcohol.

Chapter 18


“Let’s spread out and look around.” Molder said.

“Wait, I just thought of something. How am I going to get back to the States? I don’t have my passport with me.” Seti said. “Even though I’m in uniform, they don’t give anybody a break.”

“Better learn Maltese and get a job, then.” Kayla teased.

“You should save up and look for a place too.”

“You guys are assholes. I’m totally serious about this and all you guys do is fuck around. You guys are fuckin’ FBI agents? Holy shit!” Seti could feel his face turning red.

“Relax James. We wouldn’t be kidding if we didn’t have it under control. I’ll call Colonel Frata personally.” Rich said.

Skully began to mock James. “You guys are fuckin’ FBI agents? Holy shit!”

Seti smiled sheepishly. “Okay, sorry.”

“Holy shit! You guys are assholes!” Molder chimed in.

“Wow! You guys are real pains in the ass. What would you do if I wasn’t around?” Seti asked.

“We’d actually be working.” said Skully. “We should really look around.

The afternoon turned up different 352 sigils carved in stone but no evidence of any wrongdoing. “I think that we should plan to head back to the States. Let’s go back to the hotel and make arrangements, smoke a whole pack of cigarettes.” said Skully.

“Yeah. Okay James. You have a good one. Nice knowing you. Keep it real!” said Molder.

I’ll just ignore them and they’ll stop, Seti thought to himself. He just started walking with Rich and Kayla toward the hotel.

Colonel Frata saw them off at the airport the next day. “Call me if you’re ever in Malta again.” He then looked at Seti. “Use a plane next time.”

Seti smiled and shook Col Frata’s hand. There was much work to do back home and quite possibly without being on the FBI’s payroll.


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