Miscellaneous Bantering

It may occur occasionally. Many people mindlessly banter subconsciously but they’re serious about what they write, like the shit’s the next uber novel but it comes out making the writer look like a total dumb-ass.

Admittedly, I write whatever I feel, for better or for worse. Some of it will be exposed as purely mindless and a few will have significant revelance depending on one’s perspective of course. I am most likely not going to make wordpress’ “hawt posts” due to the controversial content. I’m not known (If I am in fact known at all) for my writing anyway, that’s Chloe and Kayla’s niche. I just do it for the Hell of it

Looking around, I see that the hot posts on wordpress involve R&B singer Cassie’s naked flicks that she insists were stolen from her computer. Um yeah, okay. Like that new haircut in the same month wasn’t a ploy for publicity. I can see right through you Cassandra Ventura and your glamour. Your sexy sensuous African-American/Filipino glamour will not use Synistry as a vehicle for your publicity. Synistry is a classy operation and you will not see any sleazy, exploitive, sexist pictures here. Yes, my morals are very much intact, thank you very much.

A nude photo of Cassie that you won't see posted here.

A nude photo of Cassie that you won't see posted here.

Um, yeah. Take that Cassie.  

Many times, I’m just having a good jape (‘Fucking around’ for those wankers not familiar with the Queen’s English), or other times, I’ll be so incoherent that you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

As long as I invoke the laughter of the Sinister…

Welcome to Synistry…


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