The ABC Rite of 352




The aim of this Initiatory rite is twofold: 1) It is a means of drawing Dark Forces to the Disciple, and binding them to the Sinister Path; 2) And is a means to “activate” the Disciple; meaning to extricate the Disciple out of his own head so he/she can become used to being productively active in the outside world. The Sinister Way, as we understand it is a Way of Living, Doing, and Being. This rite Initiates the Disciple onto that Sinister Path.

The ABC Rite is undertaken soon after the Disciple’s Initiation into WSA; or before as a test of loyalty if the Nexus he desires to join demands. The rite is usually preformed by the Disciple with 3 other WSA Disciples; as his helpers and witnesses; who have practiced this rite before. The more often the rite is preformed, the more dark Forces is drawn into the Sinister Predator. The rite may be preformed by a solitary Disciple who honestly desires to become a genuine Sinister Predator. Or it may be practiced by an entire nexion of Sinister Predators.

ABC stands for: Assault; Business; and Criminal organization.

The Voiding (Preliminary Ritual):

The Disciple first researches abandoned and derelict buildings in a suitably urban area.

Then on a night of the full Moon, they break into this building and aim to conduct the ritual on the top floor, or most inaccessible part of the building (researched beforehand during a practice run). They are not allowed any means of light to guide them through the building.

Once in the chosen space, the Disciple lights incense of Mars. They must also have a crystal with them suitable for ritual use. No candles are permitted.

They then walk a circle anti-clockwise three times, saying “Ad Satanas qui laetificat juventutem meam”.

They then stand in the centre of the circle, holding the crystal, and vibrate, with force, “Agios o Shugara” seven times whilst visualizing the sigil of Shugara.

Then the Diabolus is sung three times.

The Disciple then places the crystal on the floor, and sits near to it, within the circle. They visualize the crystal becoming black, which spreads out to engulf them.

Once visualization is over, the Disciple departs the building, and prepares themselves for the performance of the ABC’s the following day.

The ABC’s:

1) Assault

The Disciple must first perform the act of Assault. Three witnesses are involved to aid the Disciple and to observe all is done correctly.

Two acts of assault are most commonly recommended: lynching, and sexual assault.

Usually if a lynching is chosen, Disciples in the past have found it easier to do a drive by lynch in a quiet street and beat the shit out of an unsuspecting bystander. The bystander must bleed from the lynching. This is called a “Blood Opfering”.

If the option is to be a sexual assault, previous Disciples have found it easier and less risky to wait for a ‘wiccan’ holiday, and then find a suitable victim in their places of gathering – usually held at night in places favorable to the assault. This is called a “Sex Opfering”.

If a female Disciple is performing the Sex Opfering, she must use whatever means available to sexually opfer her victim, while her 3 witnesses holds the Opfer down. Safety and stealth here is of utmost importance. We do not want our brothers and sisters’ liberty and safety jeopardized or compromised in any way. Intelligence, planning, concealment of identity, and use of “mottos” is standard protocol. Each Disciple is given a motto or nickname by the group, which they will be then known by.

2) Business

Once again, the Disciple is accompanied by three witnesses. ‘Business’ in the WSA is defined as “the art and science of transferring other people’s money into your pocket or bank account”. The WSA breaks Business down into the three B’s (BBB): “Beggery;” “Burglary;” and “Bluffery”, which we affectionately refer to as the “Better Business Bureau”.

The Disciple first begins their Beggery by being taken to a highly populated area. They are then required to beg for money all day until they have raised $100 dollars. The Disciple must share what they make equally with their 3 witnesses. “Beggery” also includes: Extortion, Racketeering, and Tax Collecting, which are all different forms of Begging. The Disciple may choose which form of begging they will use to collect the required amount.

Next the Disciple must pass the Burglary test. The Disciple must steal something which can be sold or pawned for money. The Disciple must raise $100 to past the test. Again, whatever money is made must be divided equally.

Next the Disciple must demonstrate their skills in “Bluffery”. By Bluffery we mean “the art of conning stupid people out of their money”. The Disciple must use devise a suitable means – eg. selling trinkets like pens, or magazines, or pamphlets; or create a business commodity of their own, and selling it for profit. The Disciple again must raise at least $100 to pass the test, and the money must be shared equally.

By going through the Better Business Bureau the Disciple learns to hustle for money, and discovers that they are not so dependent on jobs to make a decent living. They will learn to see that every person is an opportunity, and that which looks like a street of busy cars is a river of money and opportunity waiting to be networked with and exploited for personal gain. Thus the Disciple gains a sense of liberation, and begins to realize that financial independence is possible. The Disciple also learns to work and co-operate in a collective group.

3) Criminal Organization

This is where the Disciple displays their intelligence, creativity, and organizational skills. The Disciple must organize a small group, and plan out a very organized and stealth criminal act, which in some way will benefit the small group. In the past, Disciples have organized small groups of new Disciples and put them though the A and B stage – themselves acting as a witness and leader of the group.


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