Beauty in Death; Kindra RavenMoon


Kindra RavenMoon is an international Dark Arts alternative model, independent horror film actress, musician and writer. Her natural Dark character magickally manifests and Presences the Dark. This Dark Daughter’s signature trademark is creating haunting images using Dark eroticka and tainted innocence, blending gothic beauty with infernal blasphemy.

Worshiped and loved by the masses, hated and envied by the few [Haters ar irrelevant, only to waste away and perish], Kindra remains a great inspiration and influence to those who love and understand her insanity and Dark beauty.

Kindra RavenMoon has over fifteen years experience within the realms of entertainment with modeling, musick, dance, film and live performances.

Images used in 352 Stories of Sinister Fiction are courtesy of Kindra RavenMoon herself, Allevik Photo, WolfAngel Photographer and Anders Lawerny.

Blasphemy and Blessings to you all for your generosity. It is truly an honor indeed to have my pages graced by the Sinister Kindra RavenMoon.





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