352’s Dark Side.


The White Star Acception is a Nexion of the Order of Nine Angles. There is a popular misconception that the rank and file of the Acception is comprised only of beautiful, vital young women. The glamorous faces of Progressive Satanism that inspires hatred and jealousy among the dregs of humanity.

The Acception has a less glamorous side as well. The Acception is also comprised of those who lurk in the Darkness and seek only to witness Acausal  Change that resulted from their gumption “to do.” The Initiates and Adepts who hate this Profane media that is known as cyberspace. Individuals who live Satanically, who perform real world actions with dangerous precision and don’t  seek the solace of a keyboard to make them feel whole.


 The average person would find these the Dark individuals as strange, disturbing, and rightfully so, dangerous. These Dark individuals are obviously strong people, yet the depth of that strength as a result of the acceptance and overcoming of ordeals and challenges, is hidden.

For the past few months, mindless bantering has been found on the internet about Chloe Ortega. Banterings made by people who couldn’t hold a candle to her intelligence, beauty and vitality. Low self-esteem and insecurity resonate through these mindless fabrications. Fabrications made by individuals and organizations that don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with true Satanic Excellence known as the Order of the Nine Angles nor the upstart Progressive Satanism of WSA 352. Laughable diatribes at best.

The Acception perceives these so-called Satanic organizations looking to engage us as bovine and petty, therefore irrevelant, for their representation of one person’s ego. The pseudo leader who hands down an “Infernal Mandate” who offers religious solutions to herd the congregation.


Again,  Progressive Satanism is the means in which individuals develop, or Progress. Words will never describe the essence of the final product, most of the time words serve only to obscure that very essence.

“I , and others like me, are the darkness which is necessary and without which evolution and knowledge are impossible. I am my own opposite, and yet beyond both. This is not a riddle, but a statement of Mastery, and one which, alas, so few have the ability to understand.” 

Anton Long

Morning Rising of Sirius 116yf

ona92“ The ONA was meant to be amorphous, with many faces and tentacles; kabuki1just like its maker was a man of many faces, whose influential tentacles stretched far and wide into many different organizations, institutions, Ways, ideologies, and even religions. Somewhere beneath the beard, the many names, and the many characters he becomes, he knows his true self. I personally see a beauty in the amorphous nature of Whatever his name is. The mystery of not knowing for sure what or who or why he is who he is. If we can admire 2241rfa-thumbwhatever his name is for this quality – his personal amorphous quest for personal enlightenment – then can we not see the same beauty and admiration in the variation of the ONA and it’s amorphous quality – its amorphous quest – the quest to bring us to our full potential? What does it matter what it looks like or is called, if in the end we end up fulfilling the same destiny set into motion long ago? “

April 2009 CE

Satan is the dark, hidden force which brings about harmony by causing progression. Satanism is multi-faceted, beautiful and brutal whereas Nature takes its course in human affairs. It is consequence. It creates…It destroys.

Satanists ascend to positions of influence, to seize power and to implement policies leading to their own stratification. True Satanists are covertly placed within the government and within places of influence such as universities and the media where Satanic paradigms and natural law can be injected into mainstream political and social thinking.

Pride, independence, individuality, knowledge, achievement, thinking for oneself, and exploring unknown and forbidden realms. To adapt and overcome in any Labyrinth.


4 Responses to “352’s Dark Side.”

  1. “Words will never describe the essence of the final product, most of the time words serve only to obscure that very essence.” – Sinistar666

    Profound words to remember. Especially when we are dealing with written words on this world wide web. It’s easy to lose yourself in the letters and neglect to feel the essence and those things set in motion. It’s easy to write down a thought, but when one attempts to write down an action or a process of becoming, something is lost.


  2. all i see is a bunch of sad, misgiuded little_girl bitches that like to attack alot of satanic groups and be opinoinated little assholes. yes if you want to call it a war, i guess thats what it is a war of words, and a battle of intellects.as far as you thinking the insults even bother me, you have the wrong one. also i believe you should pull your head up out of your ass and think about how childish you are behaving, for if what my blog says bothers you that much well then, it must be true, or or else you wouldnt be gracing my page with your sad, pathetic dictums.

    • All I see is an illiterate cunt keyboard warrior. Remember that you cut and paste my comments straight out of “In Praise of Satan” but you had no substance to your claim that we’re poseurs. If you ever come back to my blog, please use correct spelling as I did when I went to yours. You proved that your abilities don’t go beyond Ctrl + V, just as I thought.

      We can go back and forth all day, I could care less. Yet, don’t ever show your ignorance by calling this exchange a “war.” I’m a combat veteran who served in Iraq, so you wouldn’t know what a war is.

      Get our names out of your plaque-infested mouth. You are hereby irrevelant.


  3. LMAO! I think you’re right brother Sin. The WSA is an illiterate loser magnet. First Blackwood (who is now our friend); then Legivoden; now the piece of Skat from Hell.

    It’s so hard sometime to be beautiful AND popular at the same time, oh AND intelligent too. We get hated on by those fat ugly bitches who lack the proper social skills to rise to the top of the social food chain. Take your dumb “Luciferian” group and your illiterate ass back to the bottom of the totem pole where you came from, and where you will be staying. Learn to read and write, then come back and battle with us. Nerd girl.

    God, I feel like writing a lecture, and I will:

    Your average person who considers itself “mature” like to talk a whole lot of shit about how lame high school and the high school social order that comes with it as if they emotionally and psychologically “graduated” high school.

    Whe we look at a high school and ask ourselves: What is the fundamental composition of a high school? The answer is – People.

    If we look at other institutions like Political Parties, Corporations, Religious organizations, armies, states, the internet and ask ourselves: What is the fundamental composition of all these institutions? The answer would be – People.

    Where there is people, there is social order. Where there is social order those with refined social skills ends up at the top of the social order: the Executives of companies, the movers and shakers of political parties; the charismatic religious leader; the popular Hollywood stars; the popular kids at school; the people on the internet whose name/image is widely known.

    It’s in high school that we learn to fine tune these social skills that will help us succeed in live.

    The key to becoming popular, as any advertizing and marketing firm will agree with – is getting others to talk about you.

    It doesn’t matter if the talk is affirmative or negative. The more people talk about you, the more people know you.

    For example a tagger crew’s main objective is Fame. You get that fame by putting yout crew’s letters and tag up. The more you hit your crew’s name up, the more people see the letters. The more people see the letters, the more brains the letters sticks in.

    It’s the same concept with advertizing a brand product. It’s the same concept as running for a political office.

    This act of getting into people’s head triggers a herd reaction called “Circular Hysteria.”

    Circular Hysteria is the second step to getting popular/famous/charismatic/influencial after getting your name/brand/face stuck in people’s minds.

    Circular Hysteria is when on a school campus everyone is talking about a girl who has successfully got her image stuck in people’s heads. The more people talk about this girl, the more others around these people talking will think that the girl in question must be wrth talking about since everyone is talking about her. Thus Circula Hysteria sets in. The low ranking members of the social pecking order (the Herd) induces hysteria in itself, and then believes what everybody is hysterically talking about is worth talking about.

    Circular Hysteria is crucial to selling a brand product by word of mouth. For example the book “Chicken Soup For The Soul” or “Harry Potter,” or “The Divinci Code.” (I thought those books hella sucked ass BTW). Some group of dorks with low standard of the quality of a written novel talks about the book. Others hear and talk too. Soon a large group is talking about the book. Then Circula Hysteria sets in because everyone thinks their must be something about the book because everyone is talking about it. And the books sells.

    We’ve (WSA) only been on line for 13 months, but most of us 352ers have refined social skills, and we brought those skills onto the internet with us.

    We never had to talk about ourselves or sell our shit to the public. Other people like you talk about us and sell us to the market. People like you, when you talk about us, you dumb bitch, tag our name WSA in other people’s minds and help spread our fame and influence.

    At the end of the day, you dumb bitch, when people’s computers are turn off, I know at least you and 4,000 other people (based on our wordpress hits) in this world know our name, and still talk and think about us.

    How many people know you? I don’t even know your group’s name or who you are – and no one does. It’s like hgh school bitch. At the end of the day when everyone goes home peple still think and talk about me. henschool is out, you don’t exist anymore.

    That’s what’s called a Loser you piece of skat from hell. I don’t have to talk about myself to be known – other people do that for me, like you. You on the other hand, need to do shit like post that comment to be noticed briefly.

    Losers like you will never amount to anything in life, because since all of people and social order is the fndamental essence of life and existence itself, nobody truly graduates from high school.

    You will never amount to anything. Nobody knows you. But its because of bovine bitches like you that can’t stop talking about WSA and me, that make us well known, and being well known, it isn’t then hard to influence people.

    If you haven’t read it alread, you dumb bitch, I recommend a book called “How to win friends and influence people.”

    Keep talking about us. Write more blogs about us. Get your friends to talk about us. Dumbass bitch.



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