File SK9

Chapter 1

California, 14 miles outside Eureka City

“Skully,” Said Agent Molder, “Come here, look at this!”

Rich Molder was squatting with a dumb grin on his face staring at a big footprint.

“Molder, I can’t cross this swampy ground in my heels.” Said Skully.

“Who the hell fights crime in heels anyways.” He said, “It’s big foot, it was here Kayla!”

She rolled her eyes. Special Agent Kayla Skully was an FBI agent in a classy black and white pin-stripe suit, wavy dirty blond hair, and loopy earrings. She had been assigned to her partner Rich Molder a year an a half ago by the FBI Director Ms. Chloe Skinner.

“Molder, there is a cabin of half eaten bodies over there and you’re looking for big foot.” She said, walking back to the isolated wooden cabin.

Rich runs across the muddy dirt to catch up to his partner.

“I think big foot ate them Kayla, for reals.”

“Molder, I think it ate your brain.” She said, “Is that what you’re going to write in your report for Dir. Chloe Skinner?”

They were walked up to the crime scene which was yellow-taped off and surrounded by local sheriffs.

They walked up to the handsome sheriff with the cowboy hat.

“Agent Rich Molder.” Rich introduced himself to the sergeant, with his hand out.

“Sergeant Seti.”  He said, shaking Rich’s hand. Seti passed his right hand to Kayla and took off his hat.

“Seti, ma’am.”

She was impressed with his manners.

“Kayla Skully, thank you.”

“They just found a 5th body about 60 yards from the cabin in the woods,” The Sergeant said to Molder and Kayla, as he started walking. “Head eaten clean off and blood sucked dry, this one.”

They were following Seti, to the fifth body.

“Oh my god,” Kayla said horrified. “Who do you think is doing this Seti?”

“Some local Satanic cult probably.” He said.

“Number 5’s genitalia missing?” Asked Rich.

“Missing like the cow’s.” Seti said to Molder.

“So what, you guys think devil worshipers are mutilating people now?” Kayla said, half laughing, and half disgusted as she sees body number 5. She covers her nose and mouth.

“Or aliens.” Said Molder to his new friend Seti.

“Zeta Reliculi!” Returned Seti.

“Reptilians.” Added Rich.

Seti pointed at Rich and raised his eyebrow: “David Icke.”

Kayla rolled her eyes and turned around: “Are you guys serious! Big foot and space aliens stealing people’s penises and eating brains? Molder there’s maggots on the body.”

“It’s a dead body Skully?” Rich said not getting it. Seti nods.

“Guys, his soft tissue is missing – his tongue and genetalia – the maggots ate it, not Satanists, big foot, or aliens.” She said annoyed.

“Wow, Skully, you’re starting to sound like Dir. Chloe. Something I should know about?” He said laughing.

“Ooh kinky, Director Chloe; do tell.” Added Seti, buddy slapping Rich.

Both the perverts laugh.

“Sergeant Seti,” she said kneeling beside the body, “Why is there a patch of skin missing from his right arm?”

The body had sleeves of tattoo work done on both arms.

“I failed to notice. Looks like he got a tattoo removed?” Rich said looking at Seti.

Seti nodded: “Standard procedure for motorcycle gangs and some skinhead gangs. When you leave the gang or are kicked out, they often remove your tattoo, skin and all.”

“Looks like he’s missing a patch on his shoulder, give me a hand Seti.” Rich said.

Rich and Seti both turned the body over. It wasn’t just a shoulder. The skin on his whole back was missing. Kayla made a look of disgust as the hundreds of maggots were pouring out of the back.

“Haha! Hot damn,” Exclaimed Seti, “Looks like he had a mural on his back done!”

Chapter 2

the cabin

5:09 PM

Evening came. Agents Kayla and Rich were inside the cabin with Sergeant Seti collecting finger prints of the victims and going through the cabin for any clues that would shed light on the strange case.

The case itself began as a case of what looked like a homicide-suicide case. It had looked like the elderly victim had stabbed his wife and two thirty something year old sons to death with a home made knife made out of dear antler and an obsidian blade, which Seti had already put into a bag and had set on the coffee table along with a copy of the “The Turner Diaries.”

Kayla had her latex gloves on and was going down what looked like a cellar. She carefully steps down the wooden stairs. As she steps on the ninth stair, she hears a hollow and stops. Lifting up a plank of wood she sees an old book inside a hollow.

“Molder!” She yells out.

Agent Molder, followed by Sergeant Seti comes down to the cellar.

“Pet dog dead too?” Rich said half jokingly.

“No,” She said with a confused look, “Kiss Of The Spider Woman, by Manuel Puig?”

“Kiss Of The Spider Woman?” Said Seti with his thumb and finger on his chin.

“Ninth stair?” Pondered Rich.

Flipping through the book for any clues, she comes to the 19th page. Giving a weird look at the two guys she reads out loud the letters and numbers she sees written on the page: “SK9?”

The three are startled by the sound of the door of the cabin being kicked opened.

“Ah!” One of the officers had screamed, followed by a thud sound. Molder and Seti had already ran into the living room where the scream had come from. Kayla was in heels, so she was climbing up the stares carefully so as not to fall.

“Holy fuck!” Seti’s scream was followed by two gun shots.

By the time Kayla had made it to the living room, Seti and Rich were gone. Near the wall on the opposite side of what used to be the door was the officer. It looked like he was thrown across the room and hit the wall. His skull was cracked open and his jaw was broken. She bent down to check for a pulse: he was dead.

“Agent Skully, are you alright?” Asked a concerned officer, who had come in.

“Yeah. He’s dead.” She said.

rich molder

She and the officer turn towards the woods as they hear four more gun shots. The officer ran out the doorway towards the woods.

Agent Kayla took off her heels to run after the officer to find Molder, she looks at the coffee table and notices the bag with the home made obsidian knife was missing. She sets the book she found down on the table and runs out into the darkening evening towards the woods barefoot with her gun drawn.

But before she made it far from the door she heard Molder’s voice behind her from the cabin.

“What the fuck!?” Rich said looking confused and turning in circles just outside the doorway. He was walking in and out of the doorway.

“Molder?! I thought you were in the woods?”

“I was!? It was fucking big foot! We shot it Skully! We ran after it into the woods and shot it. I was running behind Seti and his boys chasing it Skully! They all disappeared?!”

“What do you mean disappeared?”

“Disappeared! I don’t know? It was shadowy purple haze. We were inside it running after the thing! Everything went quite. I heard bells softly ringing. And the trees turned into the cabin. It’s a vortex of some sort Kayla!?” He was walking in and out of the doorway, as if to look for the vortex.

Chapter 3

dir. chloe skinner

Ms. Chloe’s office, D.C.

The Director was really hot. She had her hair in a sexy bun, and had cute black framed glasses on. Special Agent Rich Molder was sitting pensively in front of her desk as she was flipping through his crazy report.

“Agent Molder, were you on crack when you wrote this? This is the most ludicrous report I have ever read in FBI history or something.”

“Really? What did Agent Skully write?” He asked, shocked.

“Big foot came out a time warp to eat people’s brains and took six police officers with it, and you went through a vortex? Do you seriously expect me to believe that?”

“No, that’s the thing. It happened Ms. Director.”

“I’m taking you two off the case. You two have both lost it. Take a week off. I’m putting others on this case.” Said Director Chloe Skinner.

“Oh come on. It happened, they vanished with big foot!?”

“You’re dismissed Agent Molder.”

They were both off the case. Molder had called Skully the following day to meet him for breakfast at a local Denny’s for the “Grand Slam Thank You Ma’am” special they were having.

“She said I was on crack and that my report was the most ludicrous report in FBI history.” Rich bitched as he was digging into his sunny side up eggs, “What’d you say in your report?” He asked with his mouth full of eggs.

“That it was dark outside, the officers got lost in the woods, and the swamp gas affected you.”

“What the hell Kayla? Why are you off the case?”

“She gave me a week off?!” Said Kayla, as she takes a bite of her pancake.

“How the fuck did you pull that one off?”

“I took one for the team.” She said, giggling.

“Really,” Rich scoots closer to her, “You wanna tell me about it? Does she shave?”

“Eat your breakfast.”

“God I hate you women!” He said.

Kayla took a drink of her coffee. She still had the “SK9” on her mind.

“Listen, I’ll try and see if I can contact Mr. A tonight and get some information about that SK9 thing or any leads.” She said.

“Cool. I’d like to know. I experienced it Kayla. You believe me, right?”

She didn’t say anything.

Chapter 4


Mr. A

Mr. A was a shadowy person. Well dressed, older man. He doesn’t reveal his real name or what agency he works for, if he works for any. But he is a source of secret intelligence.

When Kayla needs to speak with Mr. A she emails him an encrypted letter “A” to a secret or private email thingy. Then he writes back with a meeting location. Mr. A had told her to meet him at a certain bench in a certain park at a certain time. The frustrating thing with Mr. A is that he only responds to questions, but doesn’t elaborate.

At the park feeding the ducks they sit together, Kayla and Mr. A.

“The Turner Diaries was written by a lunatic. A fictional work about a race war. During the 80’s the book turned the National Socialist movement from a theoretical organization into a revolutionary movement. Perhaps the highlight of the NS movement.”

“Kiss of the Spider Woman?” She asked him.

“It’s about a political revolutionary who is jailed with a homosexual man named Molina. Molina tells his cell mate a story of a French woman who falls in love with a noble Aryan officer.” Said Mr. A.

“A revolutionary cult?” Kayla asked confused.


“I found something written on the 19th page that just said: SK9.”

He nods: “SK9. Sangha Kona Nava. Sanskrit for Order of Nine Angles. SK9 is secretly used as an alternative name by a cell of this secretive order, sometimes known as Three Fifty-Two. This cell is heavily influenced by oriental philosophy and mysticism. Their numbers 352 is an Anglicized numerical rendition of the Sanskrit letters “OM-Ra.”


“OM Rudra. The equivalent of saying: Hail Satan. Rudra is a name of Shiva, meaning the Terrible, Wild, Feral One. They believe that by performing human sacrifice to Satan with an obsidian knife, that a vortex of some sort is opened from which comes out dark otherworldly beings and a form of energy they call Acausal energy. This acausal energy is said to basically gradually destroy the old order of the world.”

“Oh my god. Molder said he had seen a creature that looked like a big foot, which he chased into a vortex of some sort?” She said, as the pieces slowly fell together.

Chapter 5


Kayla Skully had dressed up and prowled her way to Bamboo 52 on 344 W and 52nd in New York. She was visiting Rich Molder’s home city, when Molder unexpectedly got a call from a female friend of his and “needed time” alone with her. Kayla thought she’d stop by the sushi bar to pick up someone for the night.

The Bamboo was a classy oriental flavoured spot which attracted the local Asian gay and lesbian crowd. It was karaoke night. Some Japanese guy was trying to singing Sayonara as she walked in. She had been there before with Chloe who introduced her to the place.

Her eyes first wandered to a table of cute, well dress geisha like Japanese girls, but some Asian girl over at the lesbian part of the bar eventually caught Kayla’s interest. Maybe because the girl was staring her down with that piercing-yearning stare. Here eyes fixated on Kayla, even when she drank her frozen ‘rita. Kayla walks up beside the girl and orders a Long Island on the rocks.

“I love you’re top,” Said the Asian girl to Kayla, “Prada?” She extends her right and, “Molina.”

“Molina?” Kayla grabs the girls hand who gives her a soft limp handshake, “The Devil wears Prada.” She added with a smile.

“You’re not with your girlfriend to day?” Molina said, drinking her ‘rita.

“How do you know; she’s not my girlfriend.” Kayla said, intrigued.

“I come here often. I see things.” Molina said, pulling out a pack of Camels, “Cigarette?”

It didn’t take long. Before their cigarette was finished Molina had initiated the make out move. Kayla didn’t finish her Long Island. They had left the Bamboo for Kayla’s hotel room nearby.

They both fell asleep exhausted.

She woke up in the morning to a sharp pain on her side. She noticed Molina had left. In her place was the obsidian knife that was missing from the crime scene. Kayla jumped out of bed naked and grabbed her gun. Noticing that the bitch and made a little cut on her rib cage during the night. After making sure her hotel room was empty, she calls Rich.

“Molder, come over, they were in my hotel room.” She said to Molder on her cell.

“On my way, are you okay?”

“Yeah, bring an envelop, I got something here.”

It took Rich Molder about 4 minutes to get to her room.

As soon as Molder walks in, Kayla points to the obsidian knife on the bed.

“Whose blood is that on the sheets.” Rich asked, concerned.

“Mine… she must have cut me with it last night, or something.” She said, showing him the cut.

“Director Chloe? Or something for reals.” He said with a big smile.

“No; some other girl.”

Molder has a grin on his face, he grabbed Kayla’s shoulders, and sat her on the bed.

“Start from the beginning in graphic detail… I need to know everything… don’t leave anything out.”

“Molder, I’m serious. I could have died last night. They’re in this city following us.”

“That big foot came for that knife the other night and took off running. How did your girlfriend end up with it? Where did you meet her at?”

“The Bambo: 344th and 52nd. She said she hangs out their often.”

“Let’s go scope the place; I feel like a morning drink anyways.” He said, putting the knife into an envelop.

As they were driving to Bamboo 52 Molder gets a call on his cell.

“Agent Molder,” He answered, “Any luck?”

Rich makes a sharp you turn towards the airport: “On our way.”

“What’s going on?”

“They found Sergent Seti – in Malta.”

Chloe 352

kayla and rich

Chapter 6

On the plane ride to Malta, Skully looked over to Molder.

“I still don’t believe that vortex thing, Rich. There’s got to be a perfectly logical explanation as to why Seti ended up in Malta.”

Molder looked out the window and smiled slightly. He was amused and irritated at Agent Skully’s need for everything to have a logical explanation.

“Do you have any ideas?”

“Not right now. I’m working out something right now.”

“Like some doorway took him there?”

“No. That theory was so totally not feasible, c’mon Rich. Are you going to eat those peanuts?”

“Knock yourself out. Do you want a piece of Nicorette gum too?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve got like 3 packs of cigarettes in my carry-on and I can’t even touch them.”

“Yeah, now you know I feel.” Molder thought out loud.


“I said ‘Yeah, I know the deal.’” He said abruptly.

Skully felt the sharp bitterness of the nicotine gum in her throat and coughed. “Ugh!” She spit the gum out into her cocktail napkin. “I think that I’ll settle for some peanuts.”

“Yeah, have some penis.”

“Rich, stop fucking around and think about the case.”

“Well, we know that Seti didn’t take Air Force One over to Malta while you were at Bamboo 52. Something is amiss and you still think there’s an explanation behind it. I’m getting a headache just trying to think about it. I’m going to sleep on it.”

“Maybe you’re right. The only way we could really get some head way is to talk to Seti.”

“You should catch a catnap too. I’m going to dream about smoking a cigarette. Maybe a whole pack.”

“I’m just not going to think about it.”

“So, was she hot? You know, the chick at Bamboo 52.”

“What do you think?”

“Damn. I’m a lesbian too. I’m just in a man’s body.”

Kayla laughed. “Shut up. Good night.

“Night Kayla.” Rich closed his eyes.

Chapter 7

agent rikk and tegan

Director Skinner looked over Molder’s and Skully’s reports on the Bigfoot case. “Crack is wack, Rich. Get higher baby, and don’t ever come down!” Chloe laughed as she remembered the lyrics to the old rap song “White Lines” by the Sugar Hill Gang. The phone rang, startling Chloe.

“Yes, Brenda?”

“Hello ma’am. Special Agent Rikk Helt and Agent Angelina Tegan are here.”

“Send them in please.”

The new agents in the case walked in, rigid and eager. Helt was a young Thai-American man in his 30’s who was well-schooled in law enforcement. Like Molder, he was an ex-cop but was more into undercover work into Asian gangs who just received a Law degree unlike Molder, who spent 5 years in uniform while going to college at night to complete his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. Tegan was an attractive Mexican-american woman who was fresh-faced and fresh out of college, and ten years younger than her partner and the FBI was her first fulltime job.

“Special Agent Helt and Agent Tegan reporting for duty ma’am.” said Helt in a military fashion.

“As you were.” Skinner followed Helt’s military manner, amusing herself. “Nice to meet you.” Skinner stood from behind her desk and extended her hand. Helt took her hand, looking into the Director’s eyes and smiled. Tegan also made eye contact briefly and shyly put her head down.

“Special Agent Helt, I understand that you were on the David Long case as well as the Kennedy Abduction. Mighty fine work.”

“Thank you ma’am.” Helt beamed.

“Agent Tegan. Hmmm, it looks as if this is your first case. When did you start?”

“I graduated from the Academy last month ma’am. I started last Monday. Your speech at the graduation was awe-inspiring if I may say so Director.”

“You may.” Chloe smiled. “Flattery will get you everywhere in law enforcement. If you have any questions or need some pointers, please come by my office anytime Agent Tegan.” Skinner gave Tegan the once-over look. Tegan started to perspire but felt exhilarated at the same time.

“Yes ma’am. I definitely will.”

Helt thought to himself in disgust, “Damn, it’s that kind of party huh? There goes my brownie points.”

“Let’s get to it then, shall we?” said Chloe. “You have already been debriefed about the Bigfoot case. Don’t let the ludicrous name fool you. A local police officer was killed and I’ve taken two of my best and maybe most controversial agents off the case due to some unseen circumstances. Because of that, I ask that you report to me directly. Agent Tegan, here’s my personal cell number. Um, because I know that as a woman in law enforcement, the transition from college can be a difficult one. Please don’t hesitate to call.” Chloe smiled at her. Agent Tegan blushed.

‘Give me a fuckin’ break! Yeah, she wants to show you around all right. Wait, this is hella hot! Stop the hate…appreciate!’ Helt thought to himself.

“We’ll keep you abreast of our findings!” Helt said. Angelina winced as if in pain.

Chloe smirked. He’s a wise ass but I like him for some strange reason. He reminds me of Molder, but not smoking crack. “Yes, do that.” Chloe had to hold back to try to keep a straight face. “You’re dismissed.”

Helt and Tegan walked out.

“She likes you. I could tell.” Helt told Tegan.

“I kinda figured.” answered Tegan.

“You should really give her a call. She’s a wealth of information.” Helt smirked.

“Fuck off, Helt. You’re buying coffee.”

“Whoa, you’re the rookie. As we both know, that’s your job.”

“If you want me to call the Director, you’ll do as I say.”

Wow, this college girl’s a lot smarter than she lets on. This is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship. “You want a bagel with that?”

“Extra cream cheese.”

Chloe kicked her shoes off under her big oak desk. The phone rang again.

“Ma’am. NYPD Captain Walsh on line 3.”

“Thanks. Director Skinner.”

“Hello ma’am. That favor that you asked me? You know, to keep tabs on Skully and Molder?”

“Yes, go ahead Captain.”

“It turns out that they’ve boarded a plane about two and a half hours ago to Malta.”

“What? What the fuck is in Malta?”

No idea ma’am, I’m Irish. I do know that tobacco is its chief import and that the architecture has a distinct Baroque influence.”

“Okay, I didn’t ask for the wikipedia version. It’s so goddamn hard to find good help these days.” Chloe fumed and hung up. “Well, they don’t have any jurisdiction there. Let them just try to score some cheap smokes and come home. If they try to be all buffy off-duty, I’ll have them working as crossing guards.” she thought to herself. She then envisioned Kayla in a crossing guard uniform, although not the conventional kind.

Chapter 8


Skully and Molder landed in Rome. There was no layover and they had 20 minutes to walk to the other side of the large airport in order to catch the flight to Malta.

“Rich! Wait for me!” Kayla was at most walking semi-swiftly in her four-inch heels.

“Why do you have to wear those shoes? Come on, Skully!”

“Damnit, Rich I’m always looking good no matter what, you know that! It’s not easy, it’s hard work!” Kayla took off the pumps and started running along with Rich.

“Hey, don’t you feel like OJ Simpson in the old car rental commercial running through the airport?” said Molder.

“That’s way before my time old man. Eat my dust!” Skully ran ahead of Molder.

They made check-in panting and were barely intelligible to the ticket agent in addition to the language barrier.

“Don’t you speak Italian, Kayla?”

“No dork, I’m an Italian-American.”

“Your parents never taught it to you?”

“No. Dude, you should’ve done some research before we decided to embark on another adventure.”

“Dude, stop saying dude. Some Colonel Frata of the Armed Forces of Malta contacted a friend of a friend and here we are.”

“Um, I meant to ask you: Why is the Maltese military involved?”

“Well, the law of the land is actually the Malta Police Force. The AMF backs them up, especially in matters of drug trafficking and, um, in the case of the good Sergeant Seti, illegal immigration.”

“Well, we know that he’s all right so we can laugh about it.”

“Right, but is he really all right. Is Seti really Seti? Or is something else up? We don’t know shit until we talk to him.”

“Yeah. We really knew him for less than an hour, but I felt a connection. You know, we happened to start a great rapport, hit it off right away.” Skully pondered.

“That’s why we’re here and we’re not even on agency time.”

“Yeah, I needed a vacation anyway. Even if we’re working.”

“So, who says that we can’t take in some of the sights and stuff?”

“Rich, you’re pretty sharp for a crackhead and for being the worst report taker in FBI history.”

“Come on, Chloe didn’t say all that.”

“That’s Director Skinner to you Molder. You’re not cool like that with her.”

“She wants me. She just doesn’t know it yet.”

The two agents snickered. Passengers were watching Skully and Molder the fifteen minutes that they were bantering back and forth while boarding the plane and taking their seats. The agents weren’t very audible, but people reading body language could sense the repressed sexual tension that existed between the two seemingly crazy Americans and were wondering why they weren’t members of the mile high club already.

“Ever rode a chopper, Kayla?”

“No. Is that really what we’re doing? I thought you were pulling my leg. Where are we going?”

“Gonzo. That’s where Seti appeared, uniform, gun belt and the whole shebang. There’s not much of a population on that island, just an old temple of worship named Mnajdra. Word has it that animal sacrifice occured there around the time it was constructed in 2500 BC.”

“Wait, so you did do research.”

“No, I was actually debriefed on the phone.”

“Ooooh, kinky! Oh fuck, I’ve been hanging out with you for way too long. I’m starting to think like a man!”

“Cool, so you think about sex like all day?”

“Nevermind. What else is up with Seti?”

“I don’t know everything yet. The Police took his shield and gun because they didn’t know what the hell was going on. Then they called AMF because they deemed this an immigration situation. Frata verified Seti’s identity on the International Law Enforcement database and is going to give him back his gun and shield upon his release from the hospital. They had to keep him because he seemed disoriented. What do you expect after making it from Eureka City to Gonzo, Malta in fifteen minutes?”

Chapter 10

seti in hospital bed

Sgt. Seti opened his eyes and saw a man in heavily starched full dress military uniform seated by the door. He saw by the eagle that the man was of high rank and out of habit got a bit apprehensive in the presence of an officer. The man had a dark complexion, and a face with hard features, like someone who is very business-like and cunning. He looked to be Mediterranean or possibly Italian by ethnicity.

Seti looked around and observed that he was in a hospital bed.

“Um, hello sir.” said Sgt. Seti sheepishly.

The military officer who looked to be deep in his own thoughts looked at Seti, stood up and smiled.

“Ah, my friend! Good to see that you’re awake. We don’t see many Americans here on Gonzo Island. Especially one as American as a real life Sheriff! Do you remember how you got here, Sgt Seti?”

“Gonzo Island? Where’s that, sir?” asked Seti incredulously.

“Hmmm. Well, welcome to Malta Sergeant. I am Colonel Frata from the Armed Forces of Malta.”

“Malta?!? Holy shit!”

“I’ve made arrangements with the American Federal Bureau of Investigations to come. Would you like to wait for them before I start asking you any questions?”

“I don’t mind you asking me anything sir. I don’t know anything.”

“You don’t remember how you got here, Sergeant?”

“No sir.”

“Hmmm. Do you mind if I smoke, Sergeant?”

“You can do whatever the hell you want, sir. It looks like it’s your show. I would appreciate if you had another one for me.”

“Yes, of course. It seems as if you need it.” said Col. Frata, holding a gold cigarette case filled with unfiltered cigarettes. Seti took one and Col. Frata lit it with a matching gold lighter.

“What do you remember, Sergeant? How did you end up on Gonzo?”

“I remember I was back in Eureka City at night, on duty investigating some murders with some FBI agents in a house. Then some big hairy thing kicks the door in and kills one of the Deputies and one of the FBI agents and I chased it. Then some light seems to appear right in front of me and I’m running to fast to stop. I ran right into it. Then I find myself in the middle of what looks like Stonehenge but with less structures and smaller too and it was daytime. I tried to get up to look around and then I remember falling back down. Then I wake up here with you. Sir. Out of curiousity, why is the military investigating me and not the police or some other law enforcement outfit?”

“Well, here the Armed Forces also enforce the law and we assist the Malta Police Force in, um, immigration matters.”

Seti burst out laughing. Col. Frata also laughed.

“Well, I guess that that would make sense that they would classify this as an immigration matter.” Seti said. “I would’ve done the same exact thing.”

“How are you feeling?”

“Besides confused as hell, just fine sir. Uh, do happen to know where my gun and uniform went to?”

“You’re a fellow lawman, Sergeant. I had your equipment safeguarded until you were feeling better. I could give it to you now if you want but I’d rather that you wait for the FBI agents before leaving the hospital. I am not holding you, I believe you. Who could possbly invent a story such as yours? I just want the agents to accompany you for your own safety.”

“No problem, sir. I wasn’t in a hurry to go out sightseeing at this point. No offense to Malta nor you.”

“None taken. Can I get you anything? It’s a little past suppertime but I think that they have extra meals at the nursing station.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’ll be right back.”

As soon as Col. Frata left, Seti snickered. My old Marine buddies wouldn’t believe me if I told them that a full bird Colonel served me dinner in bed. On second thought, I’d better not. They’d turn it into something gay, Seti thought to himself.

Chapter 11


Kayla screamed with delight as the Huey military helicopter flew out of Malta Harbour and on the way to Gonzo. Rich looked at her and smiled. Kayla looked and pointed and laughed. They were seated side by side on the rear of the pilot side with the doors open.

“Damn, I should’ve brought my camera! Whoa!” Kayla screamed over the propeller noise.

“Here, use my phone and I’ll email them to you.”

“Cool!” said Kayla as she grabbed the phone from Rich and started snapping away.

The sight of the sun hitting the ocean made Rich sleepy and he started to close his eyes.

“Molder! You’re missing all the sights!” Kayla yelled. “How could you fall asleep when it feels like we’re going to fall out?”

“Like this.” Rich closed his eyes again.

“Hey,, remember ‘Predator?’” Kayla then did her best Shwarzenegger, “Arghhh, Get do dee chawpa!”

“Get do dee chawpa! Get do dee chawpa! Get do dee chawpa! Arghh!” Rich heard repeatedly as he drifted to sleep.


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