Progressive Satanism

The White Star Acception is an Esoteric Order practicing Progressive Satanism within the context of what it terms the Sinister Way or Hardcore Satanism. True to its Nietzschean roots, Progressive Satanism is beyond the relative definitions of good and evil, embracing neither a “Left Hand” nor “Right Hand” Path.35211

Satanism is but a means, the end is the Initiate’s personal Self-Progression and Evolution. Every Initiate’s Satanic perspective and/or path will differ from another’s because Satanists comprise of unique individuals with different levels of education, understanding and the capacity to comprehend abstract and Esoteric thoughts.

“Synergic” is the combined effort of individual Satanists focusing towards a common or collective cause. The combined force of the Whole, being greater than an individual unit, therefore accomplishing more.

To many in the Acception and in the Order of Nine Angles, Satan is not bound by everyday spatial and temporal dimensions but exists in the Acausal. Satan is not regarded as a conventional “God” or “Goddess,” for the term is utilized to describe a particular Acausal species.

The mythos of the Order of Nine Angles is genuinely Esoteric in its details consisting of the Seven-Fold Sinister Way: The Way utilized to attain Adeptship and beyond, the Ubermensch. The Seven-Fold Sinister Way is comprised of Esoteric techniques to enable greater Insight.

The Sinister Way is Satanic practice expressing Satanism in action in its beauty and brutality. Individual Satanic character, Esoteric skills and self-insight is developed as well as the fulfillment of the potential latent within the individual to achieve his/her unique Destiny. The Sinister Way is also termed the Dark Tradition.

Satanism combines Insight and ruthlessness, two elements that may be perceived as contradictory, yet Satanic practice is virtually impossible to achieve without the implementation of both elements. The ultimate goal is to further Evolution and to enhance the vitality of the individual.

We are thus a Nexion to the Acausal through our following of the Way and the undertaking of the rites as explicated in O9A MSS, the work of Evolution and the making of our lives as instruments for Acausal change.

The Path is one that comprises of inner strength, of joining, being, opposites, and of course, going beyond opposites. It is the Way of the Dark Warrior who believes in their very being that the only genuine law and justice is that of personal honor, of fair retribution and of being responsible for oneself. The Satanist is one who is forever on a quest to Progress, and if necessary, to die questing.

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