And Stuff…Or Something II.

Okay everybody’s talking about Michael Jackson the past week so I might as well take a few shots before I’m a day late and a dollar short. Before his untimely death, the last we heard was something about his nose and we said “Who the fuck gives a shit anyway?”

Out of the woodwork come MJ’s dad, Joe Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson all rushing to the defense of Michael once he died. Hey Joe, if you weren’t a psycho, your son wouldn’t be Wacko Jacko. Think about it: you took away his childhood with your abuse, so once he becomes who he is and has the means, he becomes the world’s most famous recluse. 200px-Michael_Jackson_and_President_Bush_2_%28cropped%29

It was alleged that he was a child molester. He might’ve had inappropriate relationships with young boys, but as far as being equated with your average Roman Catholic priest? Nah. MJ’s asexual, he doesn’t care about sex whether it was with a woman or with boys. In his mind, he was a boy himself (See: Joe Jackson) and looked at these boys as his peers. He wanted to entertain the world, but had no interest in being a part of it. alg_neverland_entranceNever Neverland, anyone? Not a pedophille, but slumber parties with preteen boys is still weird. Blame Joe Jackson.

Ever notice that the photos of MJ’s kids are coming out now? Dude, those aren’t his biological kids! He hates sex! Everytime his kids were in the news, they had masks on because he didn’t want it to be obvious that they weren’t his. His ex-wives were artificially inseminated! Or the mailman came in through the backdoor. Get it?… through…?

Al Sharpton? What the fuck do you have to do with MJ? Whenever there’s death, there’s Al Sharpton, putting his two cents in and shit. Dude, STFU already. Damn, Roy Ennis should’ve really kicked your ass on the “Morton Downey” show like twenty years ago. Okay, let’s not talk about how old I am.

If Michael Jackson had a skin disease and needed surgery and that melatonin draining thingy whatever like he claimed, then how come no one else in his family had it?

Mediocre face, mediocre face.ec3bbb38-1d0e-441c-b9c6-7b9ddd01ef8a I’m so over you Lady Gaga, that it’s not even funny anymore. Um, call me.

What is Sarah Palin’s deal? Whether or not you agree with her political positions (Hmmm, positions…Sarah Palin…) she is one sexy mamma jamma! She is definitely the world’s sexiest grandmother, bar none.90x90-alg_palin Call me!

I know, I know I haven’t been around and this is what I have upon my return right?


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