I have only been a Satanist for a year and a half. I prefer not using prefixes as ‘Modern,’ ‘Deistic,’ or ‘Traditional,’ for I perceive Satanism as an individual path, a journey if you will, strictly a means. The end is personal Enlightenment and Self-Realization, in Nietzschean terms, the “Ubermensch.” Satanic perspectives differ because of education levels and the ability to perceive abstract thoughts without a so-called “Infernal Mandate” in place.35213

As a combat veteran who served in Iraq from March ’03 to March ’04, I abhor the use of the term “war” to describe these internet pissing contests that fill up these pages of cyberspace. What can be used as a source to educate is a breeding ground for “keyboard warriors,” miscreants and rejects who fail in real life and label themselves as leaders of so-called secularist Satanic organizations that look to engage other people who have different perspectives.  ona61

May your journey Enlighten you…

In Satanic Solidarity.


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