Agia H Baphomet


I’ve often wondered about the Dark Tradition and how, or thru what manner it presenced itself into causal form. If it does exist; and I feel that a primal Dark Tradition does exist; then the Dark Ones themselves first presenced the Dark to primal man in ancient forgotten times. How it came to be that Anton Long had the Way is irrelevant; but I wondered a while ago how it came into his hands. It is like a radio tuned into a distant frequency it resonantes with. When our being is in tune to the “Dark Muses” the Primal Tradition presents itself by nature thru the mind in resonance to its Dark Current. To establish a footing or link to the causal realm, whereon each mind then expresses this Primal Dark Way in its own exoteric manner. If we resonante with the Dark Current, submerge ourselves in the Abyss, and yearn for the wisdom of the Way, it will come. As if Nature Herself whispers Her Dark Mysteries to you without need of master or prophet. And in the end, no matter who or where we are, Our Dark Tradition manifests itself in the same exoteric form. This Sinister Way of ours is a Way we learn directly from Primal Nature Herself, which is the core essence all casaul life. This Sinister Way, needs no teacher or preacher; no prophet or guru; it just comes naturally to those who are Chilldren of Primal Nature, who still dance to her wild music.

Ordo Ab Chao [Order Out Of Chaos]

Chaos is the base fundamental essence of the causal universe. It is symbolized in 352 as Azagthoth, which we esoterically name ourselves after: WSA: Waffen-Schaft Azagthoth, the Legion of Chaos. Azagthoth is the blind and idiot source at the center. It is thru Yug-Sothoth that the chaos, and idiocy of Azagthoth is brought into order and crystalized into coherency which gives form. The Chaos of the Quantum Flux coagulating into coherent structures of peons, neutrons, protons, atoms, elements, and molecules.

It is the Chaos that disrupts the coherency of order and form, bringing order back into chaos, to regenerate itself into new orders and form. Such as the death of physical life is a Disruption which causes the body to lose its order and coherency. It melts into a chaotic pool of biochemicals to be recycled and reorganized into new forms.

If we see and understand this basic process of creation and regeneration in Primal Nature, can we not also use the same process to Conquer, Destory, and Create social order?

What are the 3 required factors of distrupting a social order such as a state or city? What are the steps needed to disrupt its coherency into chaos for the purpose of regenerating it into a new social order according to the will of the adept?

The First is called the “Distortion Factor.” The Distortion Factor is any means, method or tool that is introduced into a coherent system to cause Disruption of that coherency. this can be illustrated by piercing a nail into a galss window. The windo is a coherent, crystalized structure. The tip of the nail is “introduced” into this structure which causes it to fracture. The fracturing affect is the Distortion where its coherency is fractured, thus making the window weak.
The Second factor is “Disruption.” It is the coherency of the glass cracking. Disruption is anything which cracks the coherent bond of the target social order. Such as racial tention, or economic frustration. When done right, with enough force, Disruption annihilates social coherency and manifests chaos and instablity. This is called the Weak Point, which is the most critical period in destorying the said target social order. The Weak Point is not the end, it is only a sign post to inform you to keep going further and to keep applyng force because the end is near. Then what?

Then comes “Order.” To take that chaos and regenerate it into a new order, according to the will and design of the Master Architect. This is the same basic three step process that created the civilization of the United States of America, and vertually every civilization known. What we see as revolutions and war, is only Primal Nature in physical motion.

But… says the perceptive: States and cities aren’t the only social orders. Wherever there is more than one person, there is a social order. It doesn’t matter what it is exoterically called, whether it is a club, web forum, political party, or religion, it is all social order, and psyt cherency. The same three step plan of attact and tactics works in all cases. So to study and come to a deep understanding of how primal nature works, we can use what we learn from Her to regenerate and establish new orders out of old ones.


Which brings me to this present writing. In previous writings we intoduces Distortion Factors into the coherent fabric of the ONA. This writing is the Disruption factor. The cracks have been made, now to pound it into piece. When working to disrupt sociey in the real world, one uses physical tools and people at your disposal. When disrupting a memetic system such as a religion, one uses new or “alien” memes. These memes infect minds that resonant with it, causing those minds to defect from the old way, and to assimilate into the new way. Thus, a new order takes form to bring the target fractured social order to its Weak Point; producing regeneration. Let the revilution then, commence.

If the ONA doesn’t change, find equilibrium, and update it system to the 21st century it is doomed to die out eventually. The main problem with the ONA right now is that it is to too heavily contaminated with testoterone and it lacks perspective of primal nature. What do I mean by that? I mean 99.99% of this Nine Angles Tradition is all boys.

What is a boy? A boy basically starts of his life as an X chromosome egg and a Y chromosome sperm. This Y chromosome is the smallest chromosome in existance. In fact the Y chromosome only has about 75 genes in it. These 75 genes in turn are “palindromal.” A palindrome is a sequence of letters, numbers, or digits which is the same backwards, as it is forwards such as the example: ABBA. If you look closely, you will notice that ABBA is actually a mirror image of only two letters: A & B. That’s what the Y chromosome is. It really isn’t even 75 genes, in actuality it is only about 37 puny genes that puffs itself up to make it look bigger. In the same way that boys usually puff up their egos, muscles, and lie about their penis size to make them look bigger and more important. Like we care even. This Y chromosome really doesn’t do anything but tell the boy’s body to make testicles and manufacture a hormone called Testosterone; and it passes color blinded down to sons.

What does this mean? It means that boy live life and grow up totally intoxicated with testosterone or is always under the influence of the hormone. It means everything the boy sees, he sees with boy eyes, under the influence of this hormone. It means whatever he absorbs of life and nature into his inflence mind, he interprets with a boy brain. It means that we girls aren’t boys, and that we don’t percieve or live life, or understand life intoxicaed with testosterone. It’s like a boy is always drunk on beer, and he thinks we girls see the whole world with drunk eyes like him. The nature he sees and understands is not the same nature a girls feels and understands. Baphomet thus, has two faces, one she shows to her sons, and one seen by her daughters.

Why is it even important to talk about the differences between boys and girls? Well, considering that boys and girls make up the entire human species, if we learn to understand our basic primal natures, could we not use that information to our advantage in the art of manipulation and glamour? Couldn’t we learn to use that information to help disrupt social order? Couldn’t we also use that information to be more successful in life and establish stronger bonds and more fullfilling relationships? Isn’t that what life is essentially about? We are born into causal existence completely immersed in relationships of different kinds, and within social order.

The difference between a boy and a girl starts off as soon as we are born. Us girls while we’re being breast fed or held, look at our mother’s faces more often then boys, whereas boys more often look around to anylize his surroundings. This is the basic primal difference between the two genders. The girl stares at her mother’s face more often because she is emotionally, hormonally, and physchologically programmed for social awareness, and social bonding. The boy looks around observing his environment more often because he is emotionally, hormonally, and phycholohically programmed to me more territorially aware, and for territorial behavior.

When these boys and girls learn to walk, and we place them in a room together with toys. That primal coding affects their behavior, actions, and methods of interaction. The girls will most of the time instinctively play with the dolls. While the boys play with toy trucks or other items of private possession. Why? That doll to a girl is a surogate “other person” with which she practices her primal coding of social bonding. While the boys take the more private possession-like toys because the accumulation of material goods and property is a fundamental aspect of territorialism. Observe closely and you will also notice all the girls tend to group closer together and end up playing with each other; while the boys independetly play with their toys with a possessive nature or bond to the toy. Girls bond with each other and boys bond with their property.

Give these little girs and boys paper and crayons and let them draw and we see this basic primal nature again. girls draw mommies, daddies, pet dogs, and horses; all having to do with emotional bonds, and relaionships. While boys draw cars and trcks… things that can be possesed.

When boys and girls are older and we observe them at play on the playground, we can see a further developement of these two primal natures in affect. How do little boys play? They play fight. They pick up sticks and sword fight, or they play wrestle. They become possessive of items on the play ground like the swing set or the sand box. I know, I remember. And they defend their swing set and sand box from other boys they don’t like. Where are the girls on a play ground? We’re somewhere in the corner with each other talking of playing with dolls.

Boys are territorial, posessive, and competitive by nature. This nature isn’t girl nature. It doesn’t matter where you then put a boy in live, whether he is in politics, the army, a corporation, or a religion. Boys will be boys, and they will alwasy do boy things. If the boys are in a religion, they will use it compete with, fight with, and accumulate possessions with. Why? What has every great war from the Trojan war to the Mahabarata of ancient India ever been fought for? Women.

We see this more clearly in the baser animal kingdoms. Take a pride of lions for instance. A pride of lions consists of usually an “Alpha Male” and his herem of females lionesses. The boy lion is only concerned over his territory; defending it from competition, and expanding it for more resources. The female lions are more concern over the social bond of the pride, maintaining the social orer, and regenerating that social order by giving birth to new lions. But why does the alpha male get all the girls?

Because the primal survival insticint of a female is “Security.” The feeling of being secure knowing that we are safe to continue surviviving without being harmed and that our offspring will be safe also. These alpha males, because they control a given territory offers that needed Security… for a fair exchange of course.

The male’s primal survival instinct is “Replication.” To breed with as many healthy girls as possible to pass his Noble Genes down and to make sure those offspring are all his. it is not the land or possessions of a male, nor how he looks that primally and sexually attracts a girl to a man, it is his glamour of Confidence that he can provide and satisfy the need for Security. Boys are primally and sexually attracted to “pretty” girls because beauty is a visual signifier of biological and genetic health. When a female animal encounters a male that is alpha status, she yields and submits by her very nature to him, giving herself to him in exchange for security.

But then, why do secondary ranking guys – those who are not alpha males, choose to support and follow an alpha male? In 352 we call this the “Trickle Down Affect.” The alpha male’s glamour of confidence and “alphamaleness” trickles down to his supporters and associates, thus making them “appear” to be just as confident and attractive to the females in that group. We are essentially a refection of who we associate with in live. The alpha males allows his associates to have the second class females that he doesn’t want, in exchange for the support.

We see this Trickle Down Affect in the world of music. Rock stars are modern ‘alpha males’ because the success in life they have achieved from a girls persective offers much security, therefore they become very attractive. It doesn’t matter how they look to a girl. Just as a guy cannot help but be physically attracted to a girl for her looks, a girl cannot help but be attracted to a guy for the level of confidence he has. So these rock stars have girl groupies who would be more than willing to yeild and submit themselves up for security. The rock star’s associates gets residual glamour from the rock star and in turn looks good.

This is the fault of satanism. It is masulinized and contaminated with testosterone. It rejects primal feminine principles of social bonding, condemning it as bad and conformity. It claims to be based on human nature, but is just as far removed from that primal nature as Christianity. This is what makes satanism a weak religon, and why Christianity has members in the billion. Because the world great religions utilizes the social drive of mankind as its central essence. What goes on in a church, a synagogue, a mosque, or a Buddhist Temple? Social interaction.

So we learn that girls are naturally attracted to a man not because he has big muscles, or even a big house, but because he “appears” (glamour) to have the confidence to make her feel secure in life. Confidense is the first and biggest turn on for a normal girl. But who cares you ask? So what? Knowing this stuff is the difference not only in you getting laid or masturbating alone; it also if you work it right, lead you you fame and fortune.

We can see this primal principle being applied in real life in the presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain. This example will also show how stupid men confuse “ego” for confidence. What exactly first does “confidence” mean in the eyes of a girl? It is the appearence that you know what you want, how you want it, and how to get it. A quick example that any girl will understand is riding in a car with a male friend of boyfriend. If the guy is confident, he just puts the girl in the car, take control of the situation, and just drives her somewhere. That’s confidence, and its attractive. A guy who is INSECURE and lack confidence when he puts a girl in his car shows in feebleness by asking: So, where do you want to go… what do you feel like doing?

It’s a simple question, and to the guy it might think he’s saying: I want to make you happy, so we can do whatever you want, because I love you and just being with you makes me happy.” But to a girls ears she hears: I suck. I am a loser. I am insecure. I don’t even know where to take you or what to do with you.
Barack Obama knew how to work his glamour to appear completely confident. He made his statements and stuck by them. He speaks with a voice that vibrates with self confidence. He looks and uses his eyes emiting confidence from them light beams. His thinking process is determination. He knows how to take control of the situation, and never shows any signs of insecurities. His glmaour is contagious and hypnotic, like the glamour of Hilter in those old days were Hitler just exuded hypnotic confidence into the German Folk to entrance them and captivate their collective attention, hearts, and minds. This is the quality of a winner or an alpha male, and the source of sheer power.

John Mccain sucked. He lack any kind of confdence. Instead, he compensated his lack for a confidnt self image and glamour for ego. All he did was talk about himself: I was in Vietnam… I was a P.O.W…. I did this… I did that… and he said these things in a voice that showed in insecurities. his mind and thingking process was indecisive. He couldn’t make up his maind about his statements and opinions. The way he stands and his body language showed his lack of confidence. He avoided eye contact. Why is eye contact important and associated with confidence? Because when two male animals face each other to fight over territory they make eye contact and the insecure one breaks that eye contact and looks away. lack of eye contact expresses a lack of confidence and insecurity.

Eye contact is the second most attractive quality in a man for a girl. The more eye contact he makes with her, the sexier he makes himself appear to her. Establishing eye contact with secondary males establishes rank and class sturcture, and those with cofidence sheds that glamour thru their eyes to their associates. John Mccain lost because he didn’t understand primal human nature. Because he didn’t convince men that he had the confidence of an alpha male to share with them as associates, so he lost support, and he didn’t know how to make himself look attractive to women to gain their vote. If you were a secondary ranking male, who would you support a male who was confident enough to insure power for your group, or a male that is a loser? Who the hell wants to follow a loser? For what?

So we see here that Nature rewards her sons who struggles and fights to the top with the coveted gift of power, dominion, and women, which rightfully belongs to them. Their fitness to climb human order to the top of the piles makes their genes of noble quality, which Nature desires to propagate to Her next generations. Thus the Great Mother to men rightly appears as a dark, bloodthirsty Kali, who demands ruthless might and blood shed. None of the greatest men that ever walked this earth achieved that might and power with out bloodshed, spilled to the ground as an Opfer to the Dark Mother. How many men fell victim to the sword of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan that they would be immortalized amung the greatest humans to ever grace or race? How many lives did Hitler, Lenin, Moa, and Washinton Opfer up to the Dark Goddess to manifest their civilizations and recieve their reward of immortal fame and supreme power?

But this same Goddess shows herself to her daughter in a different manifestation. To Her daughters, who were made in Her likeness, she is Sophia, the Mother of Wisdom. For when we girls understand the mysteries of Her Pimal Nature, we have but to yield and appear to submit and She rewards us with those same foolish men that struggled and faught for glory, and their entire estate. You see, Alexander the Great may have fought, sluaghtered, and struggled his way to the top, but all Roxanna had to do was yield and appear to submit to control his heart… and his entire empire.

Yielding and submition, in the mind of a man rightly is associated with weakness. Because when a man yields and sumbits, to whom does he yield to? Another man. But when a girl yields and submits, it it to the alpha male, not because she challenged his territorial authorty, but because she desires security and because she has something he needs, which she will give up for a very large price – his life, devotion, and all that he has ever worked for. Baphomet favores Her Daughters.

Thus in 352 we say that Baphomet is only an outer name and form. But when you translate those letters thru the Atbash Cipher we come to a more hidded name: Sophia. Which is Wisdom, more softer, more beautiful, and yielding to Her Children. This is to say that Nature has two faces. One that is of bloodthirst might, progression and survival; but those who study Her and gains an understanding of her primal mysteries becomes Wise; and with that Wisdom procures Her coveted gifts.

This balance which we have brought in 352 to Baphomet must then in be expressed in word also. The masculinized “Agios O Baphomet” is no longer valid and the feminine form: “Agia H Baphomet” is used by us who understand Her feminine mysteries, Her Wisdom, Her undying bond to Her Children; and the Power She has over men. May She bless this Nexion of ours with abundance of sisters and brothers, an indisoluable social bond, and fruitful endeavors. Agia H Baphomet…




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