Hohes Opfer

Hohes Opfer

This ritual is performed at the end of the causal life of the Satanist, and is a sinister variation on the solo nine angles rite which marks the last stage of the way (qv. Acausal Existence MSS).

The rite exists in two sections: the Ritual of Sealing and the Hohes Opfer itself.

Ritual of Sealing:

This is undertaken following Initiation, and requires the candidate to first carve an obsidian blade. This blade is carved over three consecutive months on the nights of the New Moon, in the hour before dawn. The knife may feature suitable inscriptions, such as an inverted septagon, or a phrase pertaining to the Temple group of the Initiate, written in a script such as ‘Dark Immortal’. During this carving incense combining the elements of Mars and Saturn may be burned.

The candidate then finds a suitable outdoor location for the ritual. This must be an isolated area close to a river, and somewhere the candidate judges will remain untouched and undeveloped for at least a century.

The ritual is undertaken again on a night of the New Moon in the month following the completion of the carving, in the hour before dawn. [The ritual may be enhanced by the candidate timing it to occur during certain stellar/planetary alignments.]

The candidate first bathes in the river, and then changes into suitable black clothing, or robe. S/he kneels with the knife placed before them on a black cloth.

The knife is first consecrated to Baphomet by either performing the Baphomet chant, or simply vibrating ‘Agios o Baphomet’ or the feminine form: “Agia H Baphomet.” The candidate traces an inverted pentagram over the knife.

Then the Diabolus is chanted three times, after which s/he sits and visualizes a nebulous chaos streaming from a nexion in the sky to first envelope the knife and then spread outwards to engulf the candidate.

Once complete, the candidate vibrates ‘Ad Satanas qui laetificat juventutem meam’ and departs from the area.

The knife is then wrapped in black cloth (black silk is best) and stored safely in a locked box in the candidate’s keeping.

Hohes Opfer:

At the conclusion of the Satanist’s causal life, s/he writes a full account of their experiences of the Seven Fold Way. This is written in code, in a variant of the ‘Dark Immortal’, and then entrusted to either their heir and/or their Temple.

The Satanist then chooses an opfer as their final victim, applying the usual guidelines. It is ideal that the Satanist undertakes the sacrifice themselves using the obsidian blade, and this may be done ceremonially with the full participation of the Temple, or swiftly in circumstances of the Satanist’s own contriving. [Or the Satanist may instead opt for an assassination, by proxy, of some significant world figure.]

Once this is successfully complete, the Satanist withdraws to the place where the Ritual of Sealing was conducted and undertakes the form of the solo nine angles rite suitable to that final stage. Their causal life is ended at the ritual’s conclusion, using the knife. They may opt for a trusted comrade to accompany them, who will then arrange suitable and respectful disposal of the empty vessel (see Black Book of Satan for funereal rite). The knife then passes into their keeping.



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