And Stuff…Or Something

seinfeld_l1Just some random thoughts, bare, I mean bear with me. I’ve got that Seinfeld thing going on, you know, wanting to discuss things of no particular importance or revelance, but damn it, you just feel like it? Eh, it’s my blog so why the hell not?

Let’s face it, pop/dance princesses are a dime a dozen and my 402e383d-83d3-48aa-b60e-5f086cdade55personal music of choice is heavy metal. Anyway, I woke up this morning and couldn’t get that stupid “Poker Face” song out of my head. Then I kept thinking how sexy as hell Lady Gaga is. And I kept thinking about her all day! There’s just something about her, I don’t know. Maybe because she’s a hot chick and she’s got that David Bowie glam thing going on. Damn, I never even thought this much of Britney or Xtina before. I guess that it’s just one of those things.

bdc1edb8-1236-4a26-89e9-f56d86739c1cI don’t know, she kind of looks like Amy Winehouse too and Amy Winehouse is super ugly. Hit with a bag of nickels ugly. Fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down kind of ugly. Ironic, isn’t it?  Maybe Lady Gaga is Amy Winehouse on the greatest day of her life going cold turkey from crack cocaine and eating healthy and learning how to dance and shopping for a bunch of hot outfits. It’s safe to say that her glamour’s got me.1ab55b88-b8e2-4b2c-a244-cbdafdc618d1 “Blah blah blah…blah blah blah…poker face…blah blah cutie pie, poker face….my poker face….”

You know who’s hot as hell but you never hear about her anymore? Kelly Hu! Kelly who? Kelly Hu! Here’s who if you didn’t know, or here’s Hu…dfb7915d-2ebc-4f5e-af09-44dc40737fa1Wait that’s Lady Gaga again! Get out of my head, damnit! Bear with me here.sking011

Here. I never saw “Scorpion King” but I’m sure that it was a masterbat…I mean masterpiece. Masterpiece! Yeah Kelly Hu…ff005Hey, nothing wrong with a good jape once in a while as our English kindred like to say. sking004Anyhow, I promise to be more profound in the future. You know what’s sad, though? You’ll very rarely (Unless it’s Kayla, Chloe or Cathy) see beautiful female Satanists like this in a temple setting. Female Satanists are usually beasts and the guys are total losers.  “His mother is… a… jackal!” (The Omen)

It’s hilarious that some men just become Satanists to partake in pleasures of the flesh. Oh, the humanity of it all! The sad thing is that this isn’t the Deofel Quintet or any other works of Sinister Fiction because the women are horrendous-looking. If you’re looking for women, Insight Role your way into a Bible study group. Female Satanists? Blech! 

Puh puh puh poker face…puh puh poker face…yada yada yada yada…blah blah blah blah blah…my poker face….

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