In Action and Inaction

They used to have a saying in the Army which was said when you’re body was at its limit. The Drill Instructor would tell you, “What you don’t know, your body pays for.” I don’t like to think of ones who do the “Dirty work” as unintelligent because those are truly the ones who get their hands dirty who are ever closer to the Acausal.  I prefer to think those as “Do-ers and the thinking people as quite simply, “Thinkers.” It is also rather difficult to say that within a complex organization as O9A, some are rather a unique combination of both “thinking” and “doing.”


Friedrich Nietzsche

“Thinkers” are the people who are open to new ideas, new concepts and are constantly trying to improve or change the way things are done. Attempting to Progress. They are the creative types, always experimenting. Their strengths are their willingness to experiment and change and try new things, new edicts, invent new products or services. The weakness of many “Thinkers” is that they don’t understand the processes and issues required to bring these new concepts to market.

Contrast the “Thinkers” with the “Doers”.army_basic3 Frankly, the Doers are the people who get things done. They recognize an efficient, optimized process and don’t appreciate tinkering with the process or with people who introduce change. Doers don’t really like change all that much, since change is disruptive to the existing norms and processes. Doers exist in the solace of Darkness and do not seek praise or accolades. Only to witness the Change that results from their gumption. 

Clearly, the Order of Nine Angles needs both “Thinkers” and “Doers” and people who can be the bridge between the two camps. What’s interesting is that an organization composed completely of Thinkers is basically a research lab or a think tank, while an organization compsed completely of “Doers” would eventually run itself, very efficiently, right out of business because it never changed or created new products or services. We need both of these skill sets to be effective in any organization.

 For this to come to fruition, we must realize: the appropriate proportion of each education level in every Nexus or Colony, the different approaches to compensating and motivating these very different people within the same Nexuses, and how to bridge between them and make both kinds of people successful in the Nexus.

Empires are built on the backs of “Doers”, the people who reinforce efficiency, policies, and the like, the “Thinkers” are often looked at with some skepticism in many organizations, or shuttled off to dirty jobs. Yet, it is the Do-ers who earn the organization’s fame or infamy. Actions are observed first before edicts.

In my opinion, stupid people need not apply to the Acception. It takes a degree of abstract thinking in order to grasp these concepts put forth by the Acception and by the Order of the Nine Angles. I have observed Adepts and others express themselves intelligently and eloquently, yet aren’t we striving for Acausal Change, by action?

Eventually, those who do not possess a firm commitment to Genuine Satanism or the required patience find themselves filtered out on their own, regardless of intelligence level or education.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


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