It is truly ironic that the Christians who are guilty of man-boy love and other sexual deviant behavior with children often point the finger at other people with sets of different belief systems. Who are truly the perverts that make headlines for molesting altar boys?


Father William Green. Arrested for child molestation charges dating back to the early 70's.

It is a fact that we advocate the culling of those who are weak in character. This would include child molesters, who would make number one on my David Letterman top ten.

I cannot and will not speak for all Satanists, I can only speak for a select few when I say that we definitely pick on people our own size and even the bigger wolves than us. That’s the key: we’re wolves, not mentally ill  miscreants who prey on children who cannot defend themselves. We prey on fully grown people who lack honor and courage, for we are Dark Warriors. The ones who prey on children, sexually or otherwise are spineless cowards.

I see that the dork blog is the top click here. Go ahead, look around, get comfortable. You’ll observe that there is not one manuscript or article that advocates the cowardly behavior that the author of comment 13 described. Just more ignorance from those who believe that they have firm knowledge of the Cosmos and themselves.

Hey dorks! Do the names William Green, Raymond Ethier, Paul Stanley, John Geoghan or Ivan Payne ring any church bells? These disgusting individuals are only a supposed  few of the “men of the cloth” who abused the public trust wrongfully bestowed upon them by putting their filthy hands on children. Well, maybe not Ethier. He got busted for having child porn on his computer.

Q: Why do priests love K-Mart?

A: All boys’ pants are half off.

Sacrificing and/or molesting children? Sorry, that’s the Roman Catholic Church.

Praise the Lord and all that good shit, indeed.

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