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Central to any civilization and society which is civilized, is the notion of revenge – and central to revenge is the blood feud. When the “State” – of whatever political hue or any large organized governmental structure, reserves for itself the means and control and dispensation of “Justice” then true freedom does not exist: the individual has become controlled and enslaved, if not physically, then mentally.


Any healthy flourishing society not only allows revenge, but encourages it, and any society which does not is already a form of tyranny, however much clever, vapid, intellectual and political words may be used to try and obscure this reality. A healthy society is one that tends to respect the individual right to justice and thus revenge: the two are linked and cannot be separated without destroying both, leaving an empty shell. A healthy society seeks to respect the individual, and extend their responsibilities and duties, and one of the most important responsibilities and duties of any individual is to avenge.


This view is not upheld by many today – and certainly by none who form those cliques of legal and social ‘professionalism’ which infest society today. Instead, the present System seeks to convince us all, from childhood, that only the State has the “right” to deal with “Justice” – and that only this is “civilised”. But if you believe that, you really are ill – one of those pale specimens inebriated by the clever words and ideas of the half-men (and half-women) who unfortunately proliferate today in our comfortable and monied societies.


Revenge is natural and necessary. An illustration here might be instructive. A young motorist, high on drink and drugs, deliberately runs down and kills someone: the classic ‘innocent passer-by’. After some trouble, the police find this driver and he is charged. When his case comes to court, he manages to wriggle out of the murder charge (’lack of sufficient evidence’/some legal problem) and is instead convicted of manslaughter. He shows no remorse. He is sentenced to 3 years in prison. After a little over 2 years he is released, and some months later is arrested for drink driving and driving while disqualified. A few more months in prison. Then he is free. Now, in this instance (and many like it) the relatives of the victim have a duty to kill this piece of scum – and should be ashamed of themselves if they did not. Naturally, they would give all sorts of reasons as to why they would do nothing – but basically they are, if they do nothing, (a) spineless cowards; (b) degenerate bastards who do not care; (c) so ground down by the System, by the lies and propaganda, that their natural instincts have been destroyed. They – one or some of them – should have killed the offender. Naturally, in the feeble societies of the Western tyrannies, had they done so they would – if caught – have faced “Justice” and the legal system themselves: and probably spent longer in prison than the bastard who deserved to die (such is the sickness of the “West”). But, until this whole rotten System is destroyed, they should have used the rules of the System against itself – why not, for instance, run the bastard himself down? You would, if caught, only get a few years. But at least you would be able to live with yourself – still have your honour.

 Of course, an impartial assessment (like a Judge) is still necessary – but once judged, relatives are honour bound to act. Anything less is gutless.





The Left-Hand Path: An Analysis

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The Left Handed Path and Satanism are related insofar as Satanism is a particular LHP. The LHP is the name given to describe a system of esoteric knowledge and practical techniques – and this system is also known as ‘The Black Arts’.
 The Difference Between the Left and Right Hand Paths:

The aim of all genuine Occult paths or systems, whether designated Right Hand or Left Hand, is to achieve or find a certain goal as well as to impart esoteric knowledge and abilities. The goal is variously described (e.g.‘Gnosis’, the Philosopher’s Stone, Enlightenment).

However, it has been a common misconception that the RH Paths were altruistic and the LH Paths egocentric – i.e. the difference between them was seen in individual moral terms. Another misconception is in seeing the difference in absolute moral terms – i.e. the RH Paths as representing “good” and the LH Paths as “evil”. Recently, attempts have been made to formulate ‘grey’ paths which combine elements of both, and such ‘grey’ paths are often said (by their exponents) to be the “true” Occult way or path.

The reality is quite different. The LH Paths and the RH Paths [hereafter, the singular ‘Path’ will be used, although the plural is to be understood] are quite distinct and differ in both their methods and their aims. The most fundamental difference is that the RHP is restrictive – certain things are forbidden or frowned upon – and collective. That is, the RHP takes some responsibility away from the individual by having a formal dogma, a code of ethics and behaviour and by having the individual participate in an organized grouping, however loose that grouping may be. In brief, the identity of the individual is to some extent taken away – by the beliefs systems which that individual has to accept, and by them accepting some higher ‘authority’, be such authority an individual, a group or an ‘ideology’ (or even, sometimes, a supra-personal Being – a ‘god’ or ‘gods’).

In contradistinction, the LHP in its methods is non-structured. In the genuine LHP there is nothing that is not permitted – nothing that is forbidden or restricted. That is, the LHP means the individual takes sole responsibility for their actions and their quest. This makes the LHP both difficult and dangerous – its methods can be used as an excuse for anti-social behaviour as they can be used to aid the fetishes and weaknesses of some individuals as well as lead some into forbidden and illegal acts. However, the genuine Initiate of the LHP is undertaking a quest, and as such is seeking something: that is, there is a dynamic, an imperative about their actions as well as the conscious understanding and appreciation that all such actions are only a part of that quest; they are not the quest itself. This arises because the LHP Initiate is seeking mastery and self-knowledge these being implicit in such an Initiation. Accordingly, the LHP Initiate sees methods as merely methods; experience as merely experience. Both are used, learned from and then discarded.

Because of this, the LHP is by its nature ruthless – the strong of character win through, the weak go under. There are no `safety nets’ of any kind on the LHP – there is no dogma or ideology to rely on, no one to provide comfort and soften the blows, no organization, individual or `Being’ to run to when things get difficult and which will provide support and sympathy and understanding. Or which, just as importantly, takes away the responsibility of the Initiate for their deeds.

The LHP breeds self-achievement and self-excellence – or its destroys, either literally, or via delusion and madness.

Further, the goal or aim of the LHP is individual specific – it is the raising of that individual to ‘god-head’; the fulfillment of individual potential and thus a discovery and fulfillment of their unique Destiny. That is, it breeds a unique character, a unique individual. The RHP, on the contrary, is concerned with ‘idealistic’ and thus supra-personal aims aiding ‘society’, ‘humanity’ and so on: the individual is `re-made’ by abstract and impersonal farms.

The LHP by its nature means that its Initiates work mostly on their own. Followers of the LHP are masters of their as yet unmanifest Destiny. And while they may accept guidance and advice, they eschew any form of subservience: they learn for themselves, by their own experience and from their own self-effort. This is crucial to an understanding of the true nature of the LHP. The LHP means this self-reliance, this self-experience, this self-effort, this personal struggle for achievement. The RHP means someone else – some individual, or some authority or some hierarchy – awards or confers upon the RHP Initiate a sign or symbol of their “progress”. That is, the RHP Initiate assumes the role of student, or ‘chela’ – and often that of sycophant. They rely on someone else or something beyond themselves, whereas the LHP Initiate relies only on themselves: their cunning, skill, character, desire, intelligence and so on. The successful LHP Initiate is the individual who learns from their own experiences and mistakes. The RHP Initiate tries to learn from theory – from what others have done.

Essentially, the LHP Initiate is a free spirit, already possessed of a certain willful character, while the RHP Initiate is in thrall to other people’s ideas and ways of doing things.

The notion of self-responsibility is as mentioned above, crucial to the LHP and accordingly any organization which claims to be of the LHP and which does not uphold this in both theory and practice is a fraudulent organization. In practice this means that an organization does not restrict the experiences of its members – it does not, for instance, impose upon them any binding authority which the members have to accept or face ‘expulsion’ just as it does not lay down for them any codes of behaviour or ethics. That is, it does not promulgate a dogma which the members have to accept as it does not require those members to be obedient to what the hierarchy says. There is no “proscription” of certain views, or individuals or other organizations as there is no attempt to make members conform in terms of behaviour, attitudes, views, opinions, expressions or anything else. If there are any of these things, the organization so doing these things is most certainly not an organization of the Left Hand Path even though it may use some of the motifs, symbols and methods of the LHP. Such an organization is instead allied to the RHP in nature – in the effect it has upon it’s members.

In summary, the RHP is soft. The LHP is hard. The RHP is like a comfortable game – and one which can be played, left for a while, then taken up again. The LHP is a struggle which takes years. The RHP prescribes behaviour and limits personal responsibility. The LHP means self-responsibility and self-effort. The RHP requires the individual to conform in certain way. The LHP is non-restrictive. RHP organizations and ‘teachers’ require the Initiate to conform and accept the authority of that organization/‘teacher’. LHP organizations and Masters/Mistresses only offer advice and guidance, based on their own experience.


As mentioned above, Satanism is a particular LHP. Conventionally, and incorrectly, Satanism is described as ‘worship of Satan/the Devil’.

The word ‘Satan’ originally derived from the Greek word for ‘an accusation’. That is, Satan is an archetype of disruption – the Adversary who challenges the accepted, who defies – who desires to know. In essence, Satan is a symbol of dynamic motion: the generative or moving force behind evolution, change.

In reality, Satan is both symbolic or archetypal, and real. That is, He exists within the psyche of individuals, and beyond individuals.
Satanism is, in part, the acceptance of the necessity of change – of the reality of things like struggle, combat, war, creativity, individual genius, defiance. Of the evolutionary and puritive nature of these things. But Satanism is much more than the acceptance of the reality of these things of their necessity. It is also the individual seeking to be like Satan to be Satanic. A true Satanist does not worship some Being called Satan. Rather, a Satanist accepts the reality of Satan [on all levels] and quests to become, in their own life and beyond, a type of Being of the same kind as Satan – that is, to change their own evolution and that of others: to evolve to a new type of existence. The existence can be described by what is known as ‘Satan’. This quest is a dynamic and real one, and it means that those who aspire to follow the way of Satanism go further than others who merely follow the LHP. That is, Satanism leads to new areas of being: it goes beyond ‘the Black Arts’ while having its foundation or ground in those Arts. Part of this is a greater esoteric knowledge(e.g. Aeonic Magick) and part in techniques or methods or create a new individual. The Satanist effectively learns to play at being god.

Since Satanism, as described above, involves the individual questing to become like Satan, it is relevant to consider who and what Satan is.
Satan is the Prince of Darkness – Master of all that is hidden or secret, both within ourselves and external to ourselves. He is the ruler of this world – the force behind its evolutionary change; the ‘fire’ of life. He is Lord of Life – of all the sensual delights and pleasures.

He is also ‘evil’ or ‘dark’ or ‘sinister’ – merciless, ruthless, Master of Death. He can and does promote suffering, misery, death. But all these things are impersonal – they are natural consequences of life, of change and evolution.

Satan, by His nature, cannot be ‘bribed’ or ‘propitiated’ – and neither can His services be bought, by a “pact” or anything else. He is not interested in such futile things. Thus, there can be no such thing as a ‘religious’ Satanism – the offering of prayers or offerings or promises or whatever in return for Satanic favours. Such things imply fear, subservience and those other traits of character Satan despises. Rather, the satanic approach is to glory in Satanic deeds and chants and such like because they are Satanic – because by so doing them there is an exultation, an affirmation and a being like Satan: not because something is ‘expected’ or done out of fear of the consequences. It is by living life, by deeds, that a Satanist becomes like Satan and so evolves to partake of a new and higher existence. Such deeds are those to bring insight, self-discovery, to achieve, esoteric knowledge, experience of the `forbidden’, of the pleasures of living – and they are also those which change others and the world and which thus can and do bring suffering, misery, death: which are, in short, evil.

Furthermore, Satan is a real Being – He is not simply a symbol, archetypal or otherwise, of certain natural forces or energies. He has life, exists – causes things to occur – external to our own, individual psyche. That is, our individual wills, or even our individual magick, cannot control Him [as the softee imitation Satanists like to believe]. However, this ‘life’ is not ‘human’ – it is not bound by a body or even by our causal time and space. Expressed esoterically, it is acausal.

Satan, however, is not alone – that is, He is not the only Dark, sinister Being who affects our world and thus existence. He has a female counter-part – a Mistress, Lover, Bride. Esoterically, Her name is Baphomet. She is the Dark Goddess.

Thus, a Satanic Initiate is often described as the lover of one or both of these sinister entities – and a genuine Satanic Initiation may be likened to a ritual copulation with either Satan or Baphomet [where the Priest/Priestess assumes the form of the entity]. In genuine Satanism there is no ‘worship’ of Satan (or Baphomet) – but rather an acceptance of Them as friends, lovers (or, in the early stages, sometimes a ‘father’ and ‘mother’ or a brother and sister).

A Satanist thus evolves toward a higher form -and expresses conscious evolution in action. Hence, Satanism is the quintessence of the Left Hand Path.


It is a mistake, recently promulgated by some, to see the LHP in general and Satanism in particular as merely a body of esoteric knowledge and/or a collection, of rituals or magickal workings, either of which, or both, may be ‘dipped into’ for personal edification and to provide oneself with an ‘image’.

All LH Paths are ordeals – they involve self-effort over a period of years. They are also dark, and involve the individuals who follow them going to and beyond the limits all societies impose. That is, they are sinister or ‘evil’, They involve real sinister acts in the real world – not a playing at sorcerers or sorceresses.

Certain individuals and certain organizations who claim to belong to the LHP have tried to dispel the ‘evil’ that surrounds the LHP and Satanism – by denying the very real evil nature of these paths. However, what do these imitation Satanists, these posturing pseuds, think Satanism is if not ‘evil’? If Satanism is not evil, what is? [Or, more precisely, if Satan is not evil, who is?]

The true nature of evil – and thus Satanism and the LHP – has been misunderstood. Evil is natural and necessary – it tests, culls, provokes reaction and thus aids evolution. And to repeat – Satanism is replete with evil: it is evil. Satanists are sinister, evil. They cannot but be otherwise.

Evil, correctly defined, is part of the cosmic dialectic – it is force, which is a-moral: i.e. it is beyond the bounds of ‘morals’. Morals derive from a limited (human – or, rather, pseudo-human) perspective, and a morality is a projection by individual consciousness onto reality. Nothing that is ‘moral’ or immoral exists. All morals are therefore artifice – they are abstractions. Actions, by individuals, which are normally considered as ‘evil’ are things that are done by individuals against others – that is, evil acts are considered as belonging to us, as a species. It is not considered ‘evil’ for a tiger to kill and eat a person: that is natural, in the nature of the tiger. What has been and generally is considered to be evil, in humans, is in general nothing more than instinct – or rather, a feeling, a pre-conscious desire or desires.

Such instinct is natural – the actions which result from it can be either beneficial or not. That is, the actions are not `evil’ in themselves. They should not be judged by some artificial abstractions, but rather by their consequences – by their effects, which are either positive or negative. However, they can be positive or negative depending on circumstances: that is, the evaluation of them can vary depending on the perspective chosen. This perspective is usually that of ‘time’. The only correct judgement about a particular act or action is one which takes into account the effects of that action not only in the present but also in the future, and this latter on a vast time-scale. Thus, the judgement concerning such acts is essentially a-personal – it bears little or no resemblance to the emotional affects of that act in the moments of that act or in the immediate moments following that act. [In the symbolic sense – and imprecisely – such judgement could be said to be that of ‘the gods’.]

Real acts of evil are those which are done consciously – and these can be of two kinds. The first are ignorant acts: done from a lack of self-knowledge and usually with no appreciation of their effects beyond the moment. The second are impersonal acts done with a knowledge of the effects beyond that of the moment. The former involve no evaluation beyond the personal feelings; the latter involve an evaluation beyond the personal (although they may still be personal acts – i.e. of benefit to the individual). A Satanic act of evil is of this second kind – they are affective and effective: a participation in the cosmic dialectic. At first,  they may not be fully understood -i.e. arise from instinct in the main. But the Satanic intent behind them makes the individual more conscious, more aware of their effects, both personal and supra-personal, thus enabling judgement to be cultivated.

Instinctive acts are not ‘evil’ – they usually derive from immaturity. Evil acts derive from maturity – but immaturity is required to reach this stage. That is, there is a growth.  ‘Morality’ tries to stifle instinct and thus restricts growth. Satanic acts of evil in effect redress the balance – and allow real maturity to develop.


– Order of Nine Angles –

Aeonic Notes IX: A New Imperium

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Aeonic Notes IX

A New Imperium

The Imperium which Vindex will create will be different from previous Empires because it will be a conscious creation: the result of a reasoned, honourable, civilized, approach: that is, it will be based upon honour, and will be the result of the esoteric understanding we have achieved over hundreds, indeed thousands, of years.

This means it will not impose itself by force of arms upon others.  Rather, it means it will be composed of thinking warriors who uphold honour and who prefer combat to dishonourable modern war. In particular, it means a federation of countries, or nations, who co-operate together in the pursuit of a numinous goal: not an Empire in the old sense of domination and conquest and occupation.

The old type of Empire belongs in the past: it is unsuitable for an honourable, rational, people. Furthermore, the old type of Empire is founded upon a basic error.
The basic mistake is to believe that war can solve problems or be of benefit. Thus to have war as a political policy is stupid. This mistake about war arises from two things: (1) a lack of perspective, and thus a viewing of events in current rather than historical terms; (2) failing to act in accord with the ethics of honour.
Every old type of Empire has a time of glory; as it has to maintain itself by occupation, war, and repression. Every such Empire declines, and is then destroyed. Sometimes an Empire may last a few decades; sometimes a century or more. Rarely, a few centuries. After the destruction of the Empire, there follows a period of chaos, of barbarism, of regression, with only a few positive attributes of the Empire remaining: some stories of glory, perhaps; or some literature; some monuments, or some technological or scientific achievement. But a great detail is lost.
What applies to an Empire applies to the results of terrestrial wars – such as the occupation of a foreign country after victory in a war or after an invasion. Such occupation may well last for a while: a few years; a decade; several decades. But it will inevitably end, through either a successful uprising (often after several failed attempts) or through the withdrawal of the occupiers, for military, economic, or political reasons, and while some elements of the occupying forces may remain (in terms of their culture, ideas, and so on), a great deal is lost. In the meantime, thousands upon thousands of people have been injured, killed, repressed or dishonourably confined in prisons. Furthermore, it is the honourable right and duty of those under occupation to resist, using lethal force – and to try and take away this right and duty, by making it “illegal”, as all occupying forces do, is dishonourable in itself, the act of the bully, the tyrant. It is also the right of individuals to possess weapons, and one of the many dishonourable things an army of occupation does is make possession of weapons illegal.

This old imperial process is incredibly wasteful, and stupid, because the positive, evolutionary, civilized, changes which Empires sometimes bring can be achieved in not only less wasteful ways but also in ways which can ensure much greater, and longer lasting, evolutionary change.

In brief, imperial conquest and colonialism are short-term solutions: in Aeonic terms – in the timescale of civilizations and Aeons – they are failures, detrimental to the long-term evolution that is required.

In terms of acquiring new living-space – often used as an argument in favour of Empires and conquest and colonialism – the honourable, futuristic solution is the colonization of Outer Space.
In terms of war, the new Imperium – or Stellar Federation or Cosmic Federation or Cosmic Reich or whatever we want to call it – would use force only as a last means of self-defence of its own territory or homeland, or when there needs to be an honourable combat between it and its enemies.

In addition, it needs to be understood that modern warfare is for the most part dishonourable, employing as it does cowardly methods – such as aerial bombing – which an honourable warrior would refuse to use, condone, or accept. The warriors of the new Imperium, the troops of Vindex, will seek honourable combat, a fair fight, rather than impersonal war. Honourable combat means personal fighting between groups of warriors, or armies. It means an end to the dishonour which has blighted armies for hundreds of years. It means a return to civilized treatment of captured or surrendering soldiers – allowing them to retain their honour, and go free. It means a conscious decision – based upon honour – to do only that which is honourable, and which befits an honourable warrior.

Honour, and Learning from History

I give one example of learning from history: NS Germany. One mistake was to initiate a war, and to seek new living-space in already occupied lands.

Of course, war against NS Germany was inevitable – just like the recent war against Iraq was inevitable.  In the case of Iraq the cabal spent over ten years – from the time of the Gulf War – trying to starve the people into submission, and destroying the defensive capability of the Iraqi defence forces.

But Germany should have waited, and most certainly not launched offensives in other countries. The cabal would then have to had resorted to invading Germany, which would have taken perhaps a few more years to organize, giving NS Germany more time to create a genuine NS society, and prepare to defend Germany. More alliances should have been saught, and NS exported as a revolutionary creed. Had the cabal invaded Germany, they would have been on dubious moral ground, and effective resistance could have been undertaken against the occupying forces.
The effort that went into the war should have been directed toward building a stronger Germany, and showing, by example, that NS worked. In addition, scientific research should have been undertaken into spacecraft.

But this, of course, is hindsight. What happened, happened. We have to learn the lessons. One lesson is to evolve NS itself – which has been done, based upon the ideal of honour and the vision of a Galactic Empire or Federation, created by a NS homeland which seeks allies among the various peoples and cultures of Earth on the basis of honour and mutual respect (see, for example, the recent writings of Dave Myatt).

In the recent case of Iraq, Saddam should have used that time to find allies, for example Syria and Iran, and done what was necessary to make such an alliance work. Preparation should have gone into creating effective resistance forces. [It may well be that this resistance work was done, judging by recent events in Iraq.]


It is to understood that the policies of Vindex, of the new Imperium, will result primarily from honour, and also from a rational understanding of those forces which have and do shape our history and evolution. In addition, the perspective – the motivation – of Vindex and the new Imperium is futuristic, of centuries, of evolution itself, and not the result of some short-sighted political opportunism or some unconscious instinct or desire.

One purpose of esoteric Orders such as the ONA is to understand these forces and to transmit this understanding via various means, which includes the Grand Master, or Magus, of the Order giving advice based on the esoteric understanding and the wisdom they have achieved.

In essence, the new Imperium will be a practical manifestation of the Law of the New Aeon, which is personal honour. That is, it will be founded by, and maintained by, thinking, honourable, warriors: who themselves will be a new archetype, a new type of human being. These new warriors will not compromise their honour to achieve temporary – and Aeonically worthless – gains.



The 21 Satanic Points

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  1. Respect not pity or weakness, for they are a disease which makes sick the strong.
  2. Test always your strength, for therein lies success.
  3. Seek happiness in victory – but never in peace.
  4. Enjoy a short rest, better than a long.
  5. Come as a reaper, for thus you will sow.
  6. Never love anything so much you cannot see it die.
  7. Build not upon sand, but upon rock And build not for today or yesterday but for all time.
  8. Strive ever for more, for conquest is never done.
  9. And die rather than submit.
  10. Forge not works of art but swords of death, for therein lies great art.
  11. Learn to raise yourself above yourself so you can triumph over all.
  12. The blood of the living makes good fertilizer for the seeds of the new.
  13. He who stands atop the highest pyramid of skulls can see the furthest.
  14. Discard not love but treat it as an imposter, but ever be just.
  15. All that is great is built upon sorrow.
  16. Strive not only forwards, but upwards for greatness lies in the highest.
  17. Come as a fresh strong wind that breaks yet also creates.
  18. Let love of life be a goal but let your highest goal be greatness.
  19. Nothing is beautiful except man: but most beautiful of all is woman.
  20. Reject all illusion and lies, for they hinder the strong.
  21. What does not kill, makes stronger.sigil7

The Sinister Tribes of the ONA

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The Sinister Tribes of the ONA

The Order of Nine Angles is unlike and distinct from other esoteric groups for several reasons. Among the most important distinctions are the following:

(1) Because the ONA is a genuinely sinister elite – that is, the emphasis is on the self-reliance, the independence, of the individual, and upon individual practical experience and the surpassing of the limits set by others, by “society”, and especially set by the mundanes who have made such abstractions as “the State” and “the law” as a means of trying to ensure their own safety and their own mundane survival. Thus, those of the sinister elite which is the ONA are defiant individuals who have embarked upon a sinister quest to experience, know and understand – and then surpass – their own limits and that of their societies. This practical self-reliance and this practical experiencing of the sinister – and the learning from what individual, direct, practical experience teaches – means that: (a) no one individual – not even myself – has some sort of “final authority” in or over the individuals who belong to or who associate with the ONA, or who use the methodology of the ONA; and (b) there is no dogma, or “ideology”, or some “authorized” teachings, associated with the ONA, for it is the methodology of the ONA which is important: the ethos, the true sinister spirit, the dark timeless acausal itself which should inspire and motivate individuals and cause them to dream surpassing dreams and strive to make their dreams reality.

(2) Because the ONA is now a living, changing, evolving being: a sinister entity, which sinister being is manifest – which lives – in the sinister tribes that are the ONA: in our many and diverse nexions (local groups), and in the many and diverse individuals who may or who may not be part of a local group/tribe and who thus may live, and do their sinister works, alone.

(3) Because the ONA has long-term sinister and esoteric aims which surpass the life-span of the individual mortals associated with it. One of these esoteric aims is to encourage, to breed, to bring-into-being, a new type of more evolved, more sinister, human being, and from these new humans create a world-wide elite of various sinister tribes. Another esoteric aim is to disrupt, undermine, and replace all existing societies, and in their stead create entirely new ways of living compatible with such evolved human beings – beyond the restrictions, the tyranny, of all modern nations and States. Another esoteric aim is for us – our new elite, our new tribes – to leave this planet which has been our childhood home and to seed ourselves among the stars.

Membership of our tribes is earned; it is privilege; achieved by showing or by developing that personal character – that nature – that both marks us and distinguishes us from the mundanes and from those who dabble in, but who do not know, and who dare not experience for themselves, the sinister darkness we revel in and desire.

What distinguishes us – we of the tribes of the ONA – is our fierce sinister ethos, manifest in one very important way in our Law of the New Aeon. This Law, our Law, the basis for the change we seek to make to this world – and to the extra-terrestrial places where we will dwell in the future by our sinister visions, dreams and desires – is the law of personal honour.

In practical terms, this law of personal honour means that we take personal responsibility for ourselves; and that we do not accept nor seek to abide by the “laws” made by the mundanes and their societies. Thus, for us, justice is the natural justice of personal honour – not the so-called “justice” of some “Court of Law” established by some State or by some supra-personal authority. Thus, for us, our disputes are personal ones, to be settled by ourselves, and not by being taken to or resolved by some so-called “Court of Law”.  Natural law and true justice resides in – and can only ever reside in – honourable individuals, and to extract them out from such individuals (from that-which-lives) into some abstraction is the beginning of, and the practical implementation of, impersonal tyranny (the control and emasculation of individuals), however many fine sounding words may be used to justify such an abstraction and to try and obscure the true nature of honour. For individuals of honour understand – often instinctively – that honour is living while words are not; that honour lives in independent individuals of strong character, while words thrive in and through mundanes: in individuals in thrall to either their own emotions and desires or in thrall to some abstraction, or in thrall some to some -ology or to some -ism. Thus, the laws and the so-called “justice” of all modern States and nations are lifeless and de-evolutionary; a means of ensuring the survival of the mundanes and their societies; whereas the law of personal honour is the law of evolved, and evolving, free independent human beings.

The Law of the New Aeon is the law of the tribes of the ONA – and the law of those tribes and those tribal communities which will created in the future through the striving of our kindred, who probably will have dispensed with such a name as “the ONA” and who may thus describe themselves by a multitude of names and terms but who will nevertheless be our living, changing, evolving progeny, for such is the nature of the sinister being that is now, and has been for some while, the true, the esoteric, and the nameless, “ONA”.

This Law of the New Aeon – our new and tribal law – means that we are clannish among ourselves; that we distinguish our tribal and feral kind, and our sinister kindred, from the mundanes (from all of those who are not-of-us), and that in our relations between ourselves – between our brothers and our sisters – we abide by a certain, and mostly unwritten, code of personal conduct. Part of this code of conduct is that we strive to treat our brothers and sisters, of our own local tribe and of our other tribes, with respect and honour, and expect them to do the same in return. That is, that we accept and strive to respect our personal differences – of personal character and of tribal methods and of “ways” and of styles of living – accepting that despite these often minor and always family differences, we are still kindred. Another aspect of our clannishness is that we should reserve our sinister manipulations, our japes, our sinister machinations, for the mundanes: for those who are not-of-us; those who are an obstacle to the achievement of our aims, or who may be used in order for us to achieve these aims of ours.

In essence, the sinister tribes of the ONA – what they are now; what they are becoming; and what they will-be – are that presencing of acausal energy which will fundamentally and irretrievably change our world, and which will manifest, and bring-into-being, an entirely new, more evolved, type of human being and entirely new types of human communities, preludes as these are to us leaving this planet which has for so long been our childhood home and to seeding ourselves among the stars of the Galaxies of the Cosmos.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen

Sinister Shadow Magick

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Satanism is dark, and Satanists revel in evil. As a word, evil is regarded as deriving for the Gothic (via Old English) “ublis” implying “beyond” and “going beyond due limits”. Later, the word – like so many others – was re-interpreted “morally”, in the abstract terms of Nazarene fundamentalism and “evil” became a general term, applied to one’s opponents and those excesses which timed and physically ailing Nazarenes feared.

Genuine Satanists do evil, they cultivate evil: they are evil, in all senses of the term now accepted. Imitation Satanists, however, play mental and intellectual games: they enjoy the “thrill” of calling themselves Satanists. Some go further, and may revel in local notoriety, finding a vicarious pleasure in being known as a “Satanist”. But these imposters do no evil – in fact, they explain (quite often) that Satanism has been misunderstood and is really rather a “moral religion” (or something of the kind), perhaps an “ethical knowledge”. Such people are pathetic – and certainly not Satanists.

In the beginning, a genuine Satanist will cultivate evil on a personal level – by going to and thus finding his or her limits. This involves more than just going beyond the (accepted) limits imposed by society or whatever. It means experience, on the practical level, of evil and all that it implies. Later, when the Satanic novice has some experience and thus self-understanding and mastery, there is an impersonal evil. The first is Sinister Shadow Magick of the external and internal kind. The second is Sinister Shadow Magick of the Aeonic type – the manipulation, changing, of individuals and events on a not insignificant scale, that is, one which produces tangible results and often disruption/creation/evolution and thus continues the Sinister Dialectic of history. This is called  “Shadow Magick” not only because it is mostly secretly done, but also because it is dangerous, physically, involving as it does acts of defiance against restrictions imposed by all other forms and individuals.

Neither of these mean a type of juvenile “rebellion” nor purely “mental” acts (achieved by ritual or naything else). They mean a directed, calculating, purposeful involvement in real life and situations: for the beginner Satanist (the novice) just as much as the Adept. What differs, is the aim – at first, it is personal, to aid self-mastery, understanding and thus build Satanic character; then it is impersonal or aeonic. Thus one image of the genuine Satanist – someone in control, seeking mastery of life; seeking more challenges and goals and insights.

Let me be explicit so I cannot be misunderstood.

1 – The Satanic novice will aspire – to what is beyond, in all things. This means personal experience, testing Destiny and achieving difficult goals in personal life. It means real danger in the real world, not cheap manufactured “thrills” of self-induced stupor and loss of control – but rather, life and liberty threatening situations. These may be and often are amoral, illegal and evil – all laws are “fundamentally an accumulation of tireless attempts to stop creative individuals making life into instants of poetry”.

Naturally, some guidance may be needed – it is easy to become lost, directionless or caught – and this is where the advice of a more experienced Satanic Adept may be useful. However, the acts of a Satanist are not random nor motiveless and neither do they arise from fulfilling Satanic Wyrd – or, viewed another way, from presencing the energies of “darkness”/Satan on the Earth with sinister intent.

An example will explicate this. A Satanic novice, having developed to a certain extent via ordeals such as Grade Rituals, the achievement of personal, physical goals and the organizing and running a Satanic Temple, desires to go further. For this, practical experience and some guidance is needed. Let us assume the novice is advised or chooses to use a political form to achieve this experience – and thus becomes involved with radical “right wing” politics because such people already possess an element or two of Satanic spirit, the “other sides” in this form and at this moment in the history of this aeon representing the Nazarene disease in another guise. Thus, she takes part in direct political actions – this is both exciting and dangerous, given the prevailing sickness of the age. Gradually she acquires practical experience “on the edge”, and hopefully some real, tangible enemies if she is performing right. These enemies hate her for her political views – and some of them may eventry to harm her physically. For they not only threaten her destiny and thus achievement, but also Satanic Wyrd, because she is by her actions is fulfilling higher, Satanic goals (in simple terms, presencing the darker forces via a tangible form). This fulfilling is expressedin the form she is guided toward or chooses for herself via a knowledge of Aeonics. On the practical level, she can and should undertake magickal rites (such as the Death Ritual) to aid her – be other means can be used, such as assassination. She may wish to do this herself or she may manipulate others into doing it. The result is the same – personal experience and development, and aeonic energies presenced via the execution of the act. Thus her own evolution, and that of the acausal or sinister, furthered.

Given the nature of the form chosen, this Satanic novice, by using such a form to the utmost of her ability (that is, seeing it as fulfilling a part of her own Destiny – conventionally, “believing the correctness of the views expoused”) goes beyond the norms of society and its herd majority and thus achieves personal knowledge of the illegal and forbidden (in that society).

2 – Beyond this, when Adeptship is attained by experiences such as the foregoing, the Satanist will try and open a nexion – to directly access acausal energies on Earth via rites such as Nine Angles etc. This is the beginning of Aeonic Shadow Magick – and involves an even greater committment to change than before, on the practical level. What form or forms this takes depends on individual wyrd, discovered by the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept and prepared for by previous rites, and experiences. It may be political, as it may be the use/manipulation of archetypical forms/images with sinister intent – or involve using a “religion” as a Satanic instrument of change. Whatever the form, the changes are supra-personal – they effect more than a few individuals. In fact, they radically disrupt existing forms and norms. For example, a political form may be chosen and used. After some time, violence, riots somewhere, the spread of a new idea…The rising of a type of State in essence inspired with sinister energies and thus contributing to aeonic evolution…Perhaps a war, to propitiate the darker forces…

Thus, it will be understood that Satanists act in a directed way, whether they are novices or Adepts. Their evil has a purpose (as Satan Himself does – as do THEY who are beyond Him have a purpose, on this Earth). The acts, and the evil, arise from a Satanic desire and understanding made real in a practical form or forms. The going beyond, the evil, are part of Satanic Wyrd – on the personal and aeonic level. I repeat – they are not directionless, motiveless acts, nor do they arise because the person doing them is somehow inadequate or weak or in the thrall of some uncontrolled desire. (The conventional description of Satanic deeds and “crime”: most so-called Satanic crimes are acts by dabblers who have no self-insight and even less self-control; the rest, results from characterless, insipid morons who are weak. Such description and such attritions arise from fundamental understanding of genuine Satanic acts.)  The Satanist is controlled – knowledgeable, particularly about themselves and what Satanism means in supra-personal terms. They are part of history – participants in a Sinister Dialectic of supra-aeonic proportions, and aware of the power of the sinister to change both themselves and those forms which others through the ages have created to shape our evolution or which (like the Nazarene disease) hinder our evolution.



Magick With Tears

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Coire Riabhaich, O9A (c. 1989)

atu o - physis

A common misconception made by those few who follow the Seven-Fold Sinister Way, is that it will, somehow, make their lives easier i.e. having drawn certain forces to them, they believe via ‘Satanic mastery’ to avoid Trauma City. The lonely realization that this is not so, is often enough to make the Initiate (or even in some cases, Adept) renounce their magickal quest altogether. This can occur for two reasons:

1) The individual becomes possessed and then disillusioned with a ‘Satanic role’. (roles are useful only if understood as being simply a means to an end)

2) Via this realization, Sinister energies are revealed in a far more potent form than the playing of a role could invoke (these energies are, however, the culmination of that role).

Quite simply Satanism is not an escape from, but the partaking of life. The challenge of living life as a self-contained entity, creating a lifestyle that intuitively follows the path of individual destiny (by this process Destiny becomes, gradually, consciously apparent) is just too disturbing for the majority of the human race to accept. So the failures crawl back into mediocrity, absolved of taking responsibility for their own lives. Mental and physical degeneracy follows as a way of dulling the guilt that their new/old lifestyle encurages within them. For those who remain on their quest, it is the rising to the challenge of the Sinister Way which creates the Adept and the stage(s) beyond. And this requires an understanding of what forces are in play, and howw they all contribute towards self-evolution.

It is this understanding which prevents such experiences from becoming detrimental to progression. Trauma will never be eliminated by the magickal system. For those who are working prior to Adeptship, it is wise to see how trauma actually feeds (amongst other things) creativity, and how this creativity would diminish if a comfortable reliance – materially and physically – upon another individual was established.

This situation would reduce the obstacles that are borne from self-reliance; those obstacles being catalysts of an individual’s creative expression. One only has to consider the uninspired content of the products of most artists once they are ‘patronized’. Life becomes  too easy. This situation in itself produces conflict but many fail to understand this and descend into a pit of self-abuse. This forms the misconception of ‘the suffering artist’. Suffering must be understood for therein lies wisdom. This requires a type of hinesty of which most lack the courage to express. To be a victim or martyr to suffering will slow down, reverse and destroy the process of self evolution. Why do so many fail to understand this obvious fact?

None of this necessarily means that the individual should deliberately destroy and create situations – unless this was seen as being beneficial at the time. Such occurrences arise naturally by virtue of living with self honesty and striving towards self excellence. Every act will be spontaneous and ‘true’ to one’s destiny.

To achieve the highest success possible should  always be totally desirable, but the individual should arrive at their own concept of success and not that of the general consensus.