Chapter I.


Chris  looked at the computer screen with satisfaction. He looked over his “infernal mandate.” Users were in general agreement of the new edicts that the High Priest of the “Black Light” e-church had put forth.

“Hail Satan!” High Priest Infernus/Chris said.  The Black Light Church was a site that Chris bought and paid for only 6 months ago but it already had almost 600 members. At least 140 were still active.

High Priest Infernus in the real world is a successful 27 year-old structural engineer making $85,000 a year. Yet on the unsuccessful side, Chris Mulder lived with his mother Nancy, a retired registered nurse, in a large 1 and 1/2 acre home in East Hills, Long Island. Nancy, at age 66 longed for her only son to give her a grandchild, but Chris being overweight, balding, and ornery had much difficulty finding a girlfriend. In fact, Chris lost his virginity at a whorehouse in Queens when he was 19.

Chris’ “headquarters” was the large basement of his mother’s large home.  The wide stairs led to a foyer area which housed a washing machine and dryer on the right. To the left was a half bath which was moldy due to Chris’ neglect. Straight ahead was the large rumpus room/bedroom that Chris spent the majority of his time in. The room contained an expansive flat screen television with 3 of the latest videogame consoles connected to it, over 400 video games, a cable box, with DVD’s,  and CD’s on surrounding shelves. In front of the TV, etc. was a plastic covered green love seat which was used mostly for Chris’ self-love while watching an expansive porn collection featuring thespians named John Long, Janet Jacme, and Vanessa Del Rio.

 Across the room was a pool table and large stocked tiki bar although Chris rarely had company. Next to the bar was a refrigerator stocked with imported beer and wine coolers, soda and frozen quesadillas and burritos. An expensive microwave and blender sat on a card table next to the fridge.  

In the corner was the epicenter of the High Priest: the computer, where Chris preached to the internet masses the philosophy of Satanism, which was basically atheism with a sinister label. Chris used a picture of a long retired wrestler named Dark Thorn, a six foot 5 , 300 lb behemoth who wore an open black robe to display six-pack abs whose face was covered. Chris’ internet congregation, many of whom were wrestling fans, failed to see through Chris’ “lesser magick” and believed that they were members of a church presided by a menacing hulk.

On the shelf above the keyboard was the High Priest’s Satanic library consisting of the Satanic Bible, the Al-Jilwah, various Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand novels, Aleister Crowley books and numerous others which were of the Theistic variety.

After writing the newest edicts of the Black Light Church, Chris celebrated by ordering Chinese food.


Chapter II.


Four miles northeast of  Chris’ house in a wooded area, a sea of people wearing black robes were gathered in a clearing.

“Torezodu, zacara, od zameranu asapeta sibesi butamona, dasa surezodasa tia baletanu. Odo cicale qaa: od ozodazodama pelapeli iadanamada.”  They said in unison.

Shawna looked to Eric, the Initiate. Eric was also wearing a black robe and kneeling in front of Trisha,who was laying on her back naked except for a black satin sheet which covered her from the bottom of her nipples to her knees. Trisha was laying on her back with a real human skull resting on her pubic area and two human bones crossed on top of her thighs. Eric’s head was reeling from the alcohol and he looked at Trisha with lust.  

Shawna said to Eric: “You will say: I, your name, and Motto, and repeat after me… In the presence of Satan, Baphomet, the Dark Gods, and these initiates of the White Star Acception of the Order of Nine Angles; do hereby and hereon, promise, and swear, pledge and declare that I well never, in any manner whatsoever, betray anything that shall take place in this Nexus or any nexus of the White Star Acception. I further promise and swear, that I will, to the best of my ability, remain faithful to this Order, and my brothers and sisters; that I shall work for the Acception; and that I shall not, in any manner, do aught that might bring disgrace or disrepute, hurt, harm, or danger, to any member hereof or to our Order generally.”

Eric repeated Shawna enthusiastically and in an almost military fashion.

“I promise and vow to live my life according to the Seven Fold Sinister Way of the Order of Nine Angles free and unlimited by concepts of right or wrong; free and unlimited by ethical passions and opinions, and free and unlimited by passions and convictions of taboos; without any regard for laws of religion and state for the rest of my life and that I will pass the Nine Angles Tradition of our Acception down unto my progeny.”

Eric repeated the Ehreneide precisely. Shawna smiled to herself. 

“I promise and vow to offer and devote my life, mind, heart, body, and soul, from hereon unto the end of eternity, to my sworn brothers and sisters and to all their physical, emotional, and worldly needs and service of our Acception as a sacrifice to the God of my being; as they have offered and devoted their life, mind, heart, body, and soul to all of my physical, emotional, and worldly needs and service.

“I promise and swear to dedicate and devote my life to the cause of the Acception and to pass this same devotion and dedication down to all of my future descendants and bloodline, not for my sake or ours, but for the sake of the unborn who shall come after we have long expired.

“I promise and vow to redouble my zeal for all my sworn brothers and sisters that are present and absent, to love them and their families as my own, to live for them and serve them, in return for the same affection, devotion, and service.

“I promise and swear to live by the law of Lex Talionis, the law of tooth and claw; an eye for an eye, a life for a life, and to do unto others as they do unto me and my sworn family.

“I promise to defend my sworn brothers and sisters and their private family from all harm. If harm should befall one of my sworn brothers or sisters or their loved ones, I do so vow to seek vengeance and retaliate and make an example out of the one who did the harming.

“I promise to work to keep the Family united as one single collective Tribe and Nation; never to cause disharmony or division within the Collective. To give my allegiance, obedience, devotion, fidelity, and loyalty, to my sworn Family known as WSA 352 and to nothing else. I revoke and nullify any pledge, promise, vow, and or allegiance I have made in the past to any nation, religion, political entity, and or organization; and should I take an oath of allegiance of any kind hereafter, that its shall have no binding power whatsoever and shall be automatically nullified.

 “I promise to live in a collective and cooperative manner with my sworn Family. To share my possessions, and efforts, as these are returned to me. To always practice favoritism, mutual aid, and assistance for my own and to deny this to the uninitiated.”

Shawna laughed almost aloud as Eric repeated the Ehreneide perfectly. “Welcome Brother.”

A sea of black robes surrounded Eric and the altar, Trisha. Trisha carefully took the skull and bones and gave it to the Temple Guardian. She then discarded the black satin sheet and stood in front of Eric. She then put her arms around Eric while wrapping her left leg around Eric’s right, feeling his erection on her pubic area. Eric groaned with lust and forgot about the the twenty-something pairs of eyes that were fixed on them. He wanted Trisha for all of high school and now she was seemingly his.

Shawna watched as Eric almost threw Trisha to the ground and began to enter her. Trisha screamed with both ecstasy and pain because Eric shoved himself inside and was thrusting himself inside of her with reckless abandon. Shawna then ripped off her scarlet robe and squated near Eric. She then pulled Eric’s head into her vagina. Shortly thereafter, robes were being strewn.


Chapter III.


 Nancy looked at Chris with disgust and pity almost simultaneously. It was 1:00 am and Chris was asleep in his computer chair. Empty beer bottles and Chinese food containers were strewn on the desk and floor. Chris’ pants were pulled down to his ankles and his hand was on his penis. Nancy debated whether or not to pull his pants up and throw a blanket over him. She decided against it and walked back up the stairs. As Nancy reached the top step, she felt her hot tears roll down her cheeks.

 At the same time, Eric opened his eyes. The damp, cold air made him shudder and he reached for the nearest black robe. It was difficult to see in the dark clearing but he could make out people lying naked sleeping everywhere. Eric began to become aroused again and looked for the nearest accommodating warm female body. He called into the darkness for Trisha and Shawna but they were gone. Eric started to feel around in the darkness and came upon a set of breasts. The owner of the breasts moaned softly. Eric began to feel his way down to her hips and felt female genitalia.

He gently caressed the lips until they got moist and then mounted the 352 Sister, then entered her. He did not have any idea who she was, but she was consenting. He felt her hot breath in his ear and the ecstasy of her vagina. Eric pulled out and spilled his seed. He then heard female laughter.

“What are you, 15 years old?” The Sister laughed.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” Eric yelled. He then got up and pulled her hair with both hands.

Suddenly, Eric felt a closed fist hit him in the right temple. Then Eric felt feet and closed fists striking him everywhere. He then felt someone knee him in the groin. Eric collapsed to the ground. The last thing he felt before losing consciousness was someone spitting in his face.


Chapter IV.3127YS4NDGL._SS500_Chris woke up suddenly with a headache from the Chinese food and beer. He looked down and noticed that his pants were around his ankles. He quickly pulled his pants up and logged his computer back on. After finding about 15 new responses to his new evil edicts, Chris felt proud of himself again.

Someone punched Eric in the back of the head hard. Eric looked around and saw nothing but darkness and that felt he was suffocating. “Fuck, they got a fuckin’ hood on me.” He thought. He also felt that his hands and feet were bound. “Oh fuck…”

The Guardian ripped off Eric’s hood. He then lifted Eric off of the clearing and Eric saw a mass of humanity in black robes once again staring at him, but for a different reason.

Shawna approached the bound Initiate. “No longer is this profane individual a Brother of the Acception. We will no longer speak of him and we will never acknowledge the actions taken upon this individual.”

Eric felt tears well up. “This is it. You fucked up. Just take it like a man and that’s that.” He nodded his head as if Shawna addressed him directly.

“You have forsaken the oath that you have taken and the penalty is death.”

The Guardian gave Shawna a package wrapped in satin. Shawna unwrapped a large black Obsidian blade with a black handle.

“Sister.” Shawna called out.

A small figure emerged from the congregation. She approached Eric and pulled back her hood, revealing a young pretty woman with red hair in her 20’s named Eileen. She looked at Eric with contempt. Eric was filled with horror for Eileen was the Sister he disrespected.

She took the blade from Shawna handle first and without a word plunged the blade into Eric’s chest.  Eric screamed and The Guardian grabbed him around the throat from behind and Eileen plunged the blade repeatedly into Eric’s chest. Eric writhed in pain from the repeated ripping of his flesh. Blood splattered on Eileen’s hair and face.

The Guardian let Eric go and the corpse plopped on the ground.

“What a fuckin’ waste.” Shawna said to herself as the Guardian lifted Eric’s body from the ground with little effort for proper disposal. “All that hard work that he did for nothing.” She thought as she remembered the ABC Rites and how his exploits put Queens on alert for possibly 12 different perpetrators for 7 different crimes. How small the 352 Nexus in New York was because no one is truly practical in the Septenary Way.  The true Satanist, being carried now by some semi pro ex-football player to be tossed in a hole in the ground somewhere in the hills.

“Stupid motherfucker.” Shawna spat and walked away and thought of adapting and overcoming in new labyrinths.


Chapter V.


Of course, the hulking figure used in Chris’ avatar attracted many women who took to private mailing Chris on his site. When it came down to women requesting a personal meeting, Chris would always find a way to avoid it, citing “personal reasons for the good of the Black Light.”  Mixed messages about Satanism dominated this website, for Chris talked about atheism, yet talked about serving the Dark Lord whenever it suited his purpose.

One person in particular piqued Chris’ interest. The female with the username “Jewel” seemed to be recruiting from his website to hers. Other top members were calling for her ban, but Chris insisted that it kept things interesting. Chris then followed a link accidentally left by Jewel and registered under the name “Black Reign.” 

The name of the site was O9A 352. “Hmm, Order of Nine Angles? Not very Satanic or anything.” thought Chris. “Just a lot of illegal shit.”

There were several people online. Chris didn’t see any of Levi’s Baphomets, just an almost quarter moon sigil and another of a woman holding a dismembered head. “That’s their Baphomet?”

His “Private Message” pop-up at the bottom right of the screen startled him. He laughed at his paranoia. “Who the fuck is this?” He asked himself.

“Welcome to the boards BR. How did you find us? –KMD”  The PM read.

Chris typed: “Hello. Just searching around the ‘net for a Traditional Satanist site to go to.”

“You’re at the right place for Traditional Satanism. The Seven-Fold Sinister Way is real Satanism.”

“I don’t know about that culling and burglarizing, though.” Chris replied.

“That’s real Satanism, the truth about Satanism. Not a politically correct, censored version of what passes for Satanism that’s presented on the internet today. That Satanism is fake.”

Shaken by all the site’s material that he just read and the message of KMD, Chris typed, “I will find my path elsewhere. Thank you for having me.”

KMD was already hacking and found out Chris’ personal information through unusual computer prowess using his IP address. “The pleasure was all ours. I  would advise you not to divulge the information that you read about here. This is a private forum used by the Acception.”

Chris was scared, but excited at the same time. This is the fuckin’ internet, I’m the High Priest of Satanism, the High Priest of all Satanism. What can these psychos possibly do to me? Besides, they’re probably all a bunch of Chess Club geeks or something. “Okay, I promise.” Chris typed back.

As Chris logged off, he thought of a new article on pseudo Satanism. At the same time, KMD logged off of O9A 352 and logged into The Church of Black Light as her pseudonym Jewels.  Chris had already started an article called “ONA and its Affiliates: Pseudo Satanism.” KMD then picked up her cell phone.

Eileen picked up the phone on the sixth ring. “What’s up Shawna?”

“Go on the ‘net and look up ‘Church of the Black Light.’ Then call me back. ”


Chapter VI.



Chris fell asleep after writing the new article on his site. He woke up startled by the doorbell. “Ma!” He yelled. “Ma, the door!” He looked at the wall clock and saw that it was 5:30. “Who the fuck can that be?” He strode up the stairs from his labyrinth. The door rang again. “Okay!” Chris yelled. He drew the curtain on the window adjacent to the front door. He saw an attractive red head with teased up curly hair black halter top, black leather miniskirt bare-legged with high heeled boots. “Wow, holy shit!” Chris thought as his heart started to race.

Eileen noticed the curtain move. She then feigned as if she dropped something and bent over facing away from the window. She wasn’t wearing panties. She then recovered and rang the bell again. Chris hurriedly opened the door. “Um, hi.” Chris said shakily. He gulped and felt as if was going to faint.

“Hi. Sorry to bother you. My stupid car broke down. Do you happen to know anything about cars?”

Chris tried to sound calm and indifferent. “A little bit. I’ll take a look.”

“Thanks. I’m like so drunk and stuff. Or something. I really need some help.”

Chris thought, “You definitely need something.” He stepped out and almost slammed the door behind him.

The hood on the black Chevy Astrovan with newly stolen license plates was open and double parked in front of Chris’ house. “Holy shit!” Chris thought. “She drives a van! She probably has a mattress in the back! Be cool. Be cool. Chris asked “I’m Chris. What’s your name?”

“Chloe…Jones.” Eillen answered quickly. “Here’s a flashlight Chris. I’ll hold it for you.”

Chris said, “No need. I can already see that you have a loose distributor cap.” as he tightened it. “Go ahead and start it.” Chris closed the hood.

Eileen then climbed into the front seat. As she put her right leg inside, her skirt raised up, exposing a hairless pubic area. “You did it!” Eileen sqeauled. “I’m sorry, I don’t have any money or anything.” She licked her lips. “I can suck your cock.”

Chris became erect.”Um…yeah sure.” He stared at Eileen incredulously.

“Get in the back. I’ll pull over and park.”

Chris ran toward the side door he opened it and got in. Chris then felt something strike him on the top of the head. He crumpled onto the floor of the van. Eileen drove off casually.


Chapter VII.


The Guardian took off Chris’ hood. He then emptied a bucket of water on Chris’ face. Chris woke up gagging and heard the laughter of what seemed like a hundred people. The Guardian grabbed Chris by the collar and wrapped his arm around his throat. Chris was bound hand and foot.

He watched as the beautiful blonde woman known as Shawna walked towards him in her long flowing crimson robe.

She put her face close to his. Even in this moment of terror, Chris became erect with Shawna at such close proximity and her exotic scent, which smelled of an orange grove.

“Ave, High Priest. Be prepared to experience the genuine, primal darkness. You shall experience Satan.”

Chris then saw Eileen running toward them as Shawna walked back without turning around. Eileen wielded a black blade and raised it. She was getting ever closer. Chris screamed and closed his eyes.


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