The Rite of Self-Initiation


The Initiation Degrees of the White Star Acception is not actually intended for the one being initiated. The Degree ritual is actually directed to the observers and participants. The brain one being initiated is too being bombarded by a flood of new stimuli and is in such a state of unfamiliarity, that it gains nothing significant for the long ritual. The ritual serves to teach allegorical lessons to the observers and participants, and also for them to witness the initiate take the Oaths before them. The initiation ritual doesn’t make an initiate a bona fide member of the Acception or a Progressive Satanism. No initiation does. All the Initiate must do is willfully chose to be a Progressive Satanist, be accepted a member of the WSA, and be willing to obey the oaths of the Order. There is nothing intrinsically magical or mystical about an initiation ceremony. It has to do with consciously choosing to live a new way. For those who have read Opus Vrilis and desire to dedicate their life to Satan, induct themselves into the Acception and become a Progressive Satanism the following Self Initiation ritual is given. Once the new initiate has dedicated himself, it becomes his duty to find two others in his area to initiate themselves in the same manner. Once there are three initiates the Initiation Degrees may be practiced and all other newcomers must be given the Initiation Degrees.

Before the disciple may initiate himself, he/she must submit him/herself to an Ordeal. An Ordeal is a physical task or undertaking you must preform which is an integral part of the initiation process. The Ordeal serves to teach you through direct experience. This Ordeal takes three days or so to preform. On the first day the Disciple must remain awake for twenty-four hours in a room with a skull. The Disciple must fixate his/her awareness on the act being preformed; being mindful of it. The Disciple is asked to ponder for those 24 hours on the skull, and the mystery of life and death. On the second day, the Disciple is given a backpack. If the Disciple is a male the backpack must weigh 50 pounds; if female 30 pounds. The Disciple must then hike up and down a hill 15 times. As the Disciple hikes he/she must chant repeatedly the “mantra” of this Ordeal, while remaining completely mindful of the act: “Without Effort Nothing Means Anything.” After the hiking is done, the Disciple maybe initiated.

1. The you will spend some time in meditation, so find a place to sit in the darkness near trees. Before you begin, call the Cosmic Forces into your body and tell them to help you dedicate your life to Satan. Use Mahavayu breathing during this meditation and keep your tongue touching the roof of your mouth.
2. When you are in a light trance visualize a black egg around you. Visualize yourself surrounded by an abyss of pure darkness.
3. Look up in your mind’s eye, and begin to visualuze a point of brilliant white light above you, shining down on your dark egg. This point of light represents the descent of cosmic consciousness.
4. Become aware of your desire to dedicate your self to Satan as a pleasant heat sensation around your genitals and the base of your spine. Use your imagination and hands if needed to arouse lust and sexual feelings.
5. Begin to move this feeling of desire slowly up through your body, feeling the pleasant sensation moving from your sex organ, to your anus, and up your back. Begin to flex and relax your perineum and anal muscles together to “pump” this sexual heat up your spine. While you continue using mahavayu breathing, visualize all that air traveling down to your sex organ and bellow the heat with this air to feed the flames. Do not stop pumping the heat up.
6. Move the desire up to your chest and neck.
7. Visualize the point of light above you getting bigger, moving slowly down to the top of your head. Now visualize a beam of light shining down form this big point of light, penetrating your black eggs turning it grey and picture the light filling your head.
8. Move your desire from your neck to your head merging with the light from the beam. Bring the merged light down from your head, past your tongue, down your throat and back to your genitals, and pump it back up. each time it reaches the head and merges with the Cosmic Light, it becomes bigger.
9. See and feel the globe of light above entering your egg. Feel an almost electric ripple at this point as it merges with your dark bubble, dispelling the darkness. Your egg should now be brilliant. Continue circulating your desire around your body and breathing mahavayu.
10. Feel yourself enveloped in cosmic light. Yield to this light letting it flow pleasantly through you. Feel yourself dissolving into this light becoming a sphere of desire swirling in this light.
11. Now say in your mind: “May the all powerful Prince of Darkness, Lord of the Cosmos, and receive my desire to devote my life to your eternal service. I believe in one Power, which reigns over the Cosmos to whom I give my life to through this ceremony.”
12. Begin slowly returning to the normal consciousness now. Squeeze your desire you have been circulating into a compact little ball and store it in a pocket two inches below your navel, and about two inches inward. When you feel a warmth or a sensation in this area you will know it is successfully stored.
13. Set up rocks in a circle and build a camp fire, light black candles if you desire. Conduct a Satanic Blessing: vibrate “Agios ischyros Baphomet!” Then with the left hand, extend the forefinger, draw in the air an inverted pentagram, beginning at the right corner. Do this in one continuous motion. When you are done, strike the area of your heart with your right hand and say “Agios O Satanas.”
14. Strip naked and bathe in the river or lake for a while. While you are in the river chant: “Agios O Satanas” over and over.
15. When you are done bathing return to the camp fire facing east and conduct the Satanic blessing again. Then chant: “Sanctus Satanas, Sanctus Domininus Diabolus Sabaoth. Satanas – venire! Satanas – venire! Ave, Satanas, ave, Satanas. Tui sunt caeli, Tua est terra, Ave Satanas!”
16. Now say the Oath and repeat the 10 Protocols of the first degree on your knees. When you finish speaking the Oath, preform a Satanic Blessing.
17. Prick your finger and on a piece of paper. With your blood write your name and chosen motto, and draw the Symbol of Saturn beneath it in blood. The Symbol of Saturn looks like a lowercase h with a t bar.
18. Hold the paper up to the east and say: ” With my blood I bind myself to this oath and dedicate the Temple of my Life, may he kill me if I break the oath or leave him.” Turn counterclockwise 3 times and say: “I dedicate myself eternally to Satan and begin my sinister quest. Prince of Darkness, hear me! Hear me oh Dark Cosmos beyond the abyss and accept this sacrifice as an offering.”
19. Make the sacred drink as instructed in the first degree, take the snake and sacrifice it, collecting it blood into the chalice. Burn the paper over a candle and mix the ash into the drink saying: “Satan, may your power mingle with mine as my blood now mingles with fire!”
20. Pick up the drink to the east and say: “With this drink I seal my oath. I am yours and shall do works to the glory of your name.” Drink and put the necklace on. This ends the Self Initiation ceremony. Put your clothes on and bury the snake, a long with a time capsule of some of your personal belonging and a crystal.

This same standard outline of self initiation should be followed for each degree with the specific oath grafted into the ceremony. You may add your own touch to the ritual if you desire. For the other degrees the snake is not needed.

One Response to “The Rite of Self-Initiation”

  1. So, as long as one undergoes this Self-Initiation Rite with sincerety of intentions, seeking alchemical ascent and to give their life as service to the Dark Gods, one is officially a member of 352?

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