Beauty and Brutality

11-desire-lidagonThere is true beauty and brutality in Satanism – a dark reality. The ones who live genuine Satanism and seek to Progress it are truly the proponents of human evolution. 3522Anton Long, David Myatt and others laid down the foundation for the like-minded and challenged them to delve into their inner psyches, to “dig deep” if you will, to presence the Acausal Darkness primarily through the performance of dark deeds and the perserverance of ordeals. The dark deeds which are intentional and detached, performed with the mastery of the Sinister Dialectic. Joining, being, and transcending opposites by partaking in actions deemed as “dangerous” and “evil.”20-aeon-naos

Living genuine Satanism unfortunately brings the “challenges” of those whose “Satanic” convictions are “politically correct” and safe. The Profane Satanists who claim to be wolves but attempt to discredit and debunk what they fear and cannot hope to comprehend. Old Aeonic Satanists who lack the personal honor and intestinal fortitude to live genuine Satanism. Those who fail to comprehend the Citrine or its esoteric qualities. These failures are therefore irrevelant.

True beauty is one’s undertaking and achieving challenges and ordeals in order to explore one’s own dark, hidden side, gradually attaining true wisdom. Our affirmations of dark and sinister means offends and instills fear in safe, ren-fair Satanists. We who propend insight through real world experience.


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