352 Significance


The 3 represents the Primary Colors, when put together makes the Color White.

Spiritually white is the color of spiritual radiance that shines forth from the center of self and from the face of the All. White is clear and transparent, encompassing the attributes of all colors and none. White is pure and like pure water has no flavor, yet pervades all things. White is the spirit of the unmanifested, that which is everywhere and nowhere promoting seeing yet it is unseen. Perception of white invokes senses of creation, all things and white returns all things to this state.

White is frequently seen in traditional ritual magic to represent the force of divinity, unknown or divine intervention and invokes the energy of purity and creation to the intention of the ritual.

In the Acception the color White is associated with Shub Niggurat/ Baphomet… the Lungs… the Nose… the sense of Smell… (as an animal being able to smell it’s own kind)… the Pubis or the second chakra… sex… the emotion of Desire… envy… hopeless romantic… originality… balance… sexually competitiveness… melancholy… yearning.

It is the Color of Purity. Like the Divine Purity of Children, untainted by the social brainwashings of the adult… Vital Life in pure carnal form… innocent and trusting. Each of us must strive to return to that Original Nature; to become pure and innocent once more; trusting in each other, and the living Cosmos.

The Star has its occult significants, but also it reminds up of our Five Points of Fellowship:

1) Foot to Foot: That you will go on foot, through thick and thin; rain or shine; to help a Brother or Sister in need…

2) Knee to Knee: That when you are on your knees in devotion and prayer, to always remember the welfare of your Brothers and Sisters, and their family. And that when a Brother of Sister has fallen, to always help them rise again; that you will submit and serve the ones you love…

3) Heart to Heart: That you will love your Brothers and Sisters with all your heart; that each heart must unite as one heart, each beat, an act of devotion to The Dark Gods, yet never subservient.

4) Hand to Back: That you will back up and support your brothers and sisters in whatever they do, as they with you… right or wrong…

5) Cheek to Cheek: That you will whisper the secrets of our Order quietly from mouth to ear. That you will cultivate a closeness and intimacy with each Brother and Sister, always reminding them in their ear that everything you do is for them.

The number 2 symbolized companionship, and love. It’s the only reason why we are all here; why we exists; and it is the only real way to show your love for life and creation – to adore, serve, love, and devote yourself to your companion in mind, body, heart, and soul; until the bitter end.

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