Trestle Boarding


Trestle Boarding

Solo Nine Angles:

The Disciple begins by vibrating: “Nythra Kthunae Atazoth” seven times while holding a crystal. Afterwards “Binan ath ga wath am” is vibrated followed by the Diabolus chant. The Disciple next visualizes a Star Gate opening near the planet Saturn, from which comes out a flood of violet colored energy, flowing down into the Disciple’s body. This visualization is preformed for 20 minutes or so. Afterwards, the Disciple chants the Atazoth chant. The crystal is placed on the ground and the Disciple sits before it. 9 deep breaths are taken when seated, with eyes closed, to place the Disciple in Alpha Wave.

The Trestle Board:

A Trestle Board in olden days is what today may be called a blue print. It was usually a canvas made of skin mounted on a frame upon which the master architect draws his or her plans. The workers then takes the designs on the Trestle Board and constructs the building. This Trestle Board is itself a symbol of a master architect’s thoughts transforming into form. The Mind is the Architect; Dark Providence, or the “Cosmic Forces,” are the builders, which manifests what you draw upon this Trestle Board – the Mind in an altered state – into form which you will experience.

After the Disciple has seated itself before the crystal, it will visualize a Trestle Board in front of it. The Trestle Board is like a movie screen. The Disciple will project it’s desire; goals; dreams; wish; onto this Trestle Board in the form of a movie. The Disciple must make sure that the movie it projects onto the Trestle Board represents the life the Disciple will live as if the desire or goal had already been materialized. In other words, the movie you are watching on the Trestle Board is a Frame of Life in the near future which you desire to experience.

Project the movie onto the Trestle Board for a minute of two, paying close attention to the details of the material desire or goals. Then “step into” the movie and experience that frame of existence. The end result; material desire; desired situation/events; must be experienced in crisp detail. This visualization will continue for 20-30 minutes. If the visualization is boring, and the 30 minutes seems to lag, then you know you are doing it wrong, because the movie lacks the power to evoke excitement and life in you. What does not evoke and excite your emotions/life force, cannot itself come to life.

Once the Disciple is satisfied with the experience, it will “step out” of the movie, standing before the Trestle Board. See the very last frame of the movie freeze and become an oil painting. Now, at this stage visualize the oil colors on the Trestle Board moving to form a sigil. It is best to allow the subconscious mind to form the sigil on it’s own effort, the Disciple should just watch the sigil forming and take conscious note.

Once the sigil of the desire has been formed, the disciple will touch it with both hands and feel the sigil vibrating. The Disciple will feel its hands resonating to the sigils vibration. Next, the Disciple will place its resonating hands on it’s ears and listen for the Word/Name of the sigil from the vibration. Again, the subconscious mind should be allowed to form the Name. Do not be judgmental or critical of what you will hear, even if the word seems silly.

Now, the Disciple with eyes still closed, hold the crystal in its hands, which is visualized as still resonating to the vibration of the Name of the sigil. For the next 20 minutes the Disciple will focus every ounce of awareness and concentration on the sigil. Everything, including the Trestle Board should fade away. The sigil mush be emblazoned on the blackness of the inner eyelids. An adept of visualization, can actually cause the sigil to glow, in the same way as you would see a glowing afterimage when you stare at a bright light bulb and close your eyes. While this sigil is being concentrated on, the Disciple will vocally, in a low, vibrating tone, chant the Name of the sigil with each exhalation. The Name may be vibrated in the mind also, if vibrating it out loud will not do. A deep breath is taken which fills the lungs entirely, and for the duration of the out going breath, the Name of the sigil is slowly vibrated. The exhalation should be slow and steady. The longer the Disciple can hold the sigil and vibrate its Name, the more effective it will be. No other thoughts or pictures should arise. After about 20 minutes, the sigil is ready to be processed through the Tree of Wyrd, in Stellar Order.

Procession of the Sigil:

Visualize the Sigil in the sphere of the Moon and vibrate: “Noctulius” thrice.
Bring the Sigil into the Sphere of Mercury and vibrate: “Nekalah” three times.
Visualize the Sigil in the Sphere of Venus and vibrate: “Karu Samsu” thrice.
Bring the Sigil into the Solar Sphere and vibrate: “Kathunae” thrice.
Bring it to Mars and vibrate: “Davcina” three times.
Bring it into Jupiter and vibrate: “Naos” three times.

Then move the Sigil into the Sphere of Saturn. Visualize a Star Gate near Saturn. Somewhere on the Star Gate is a place for you to place this Sigil, place it there. The Sigil will open the Gate and from it the violet energy gushes out once more. This time, this energy is imbued with the resonance of the Sigil. Visualize this dark violet energy bathing the earth, and city where you live – influencing and affecting the people there. When you are satisfied say: “As Within, So Without.” and stand up slowly to call in the Cosmic Forces to close this Rite.

Calling in the Cosmic Forces:

Standing with feet slightly apart, inhale and say in your mind: “I call the Cosmic Forces into my body;” pause the inhalation for 3 seconds, then continue inhaling and say: “Asking for strength, protection, and guidence.” Next, having called the Cosmic Forces, speak to Dark Providence, as you were speaking to any person. Spend a moment and tell it what you have done, for what reasons, what you want materialized, then ask it to guide you and manifest you desire for you. Dark providence takes care of the “How” part, but you must walk towards what you call into form. Dark Providence can build the bridge to get you to the other side of the river, but you must walk yourself across it. End your conversation in any manner you feel necessary, then cross your arms over your chest to disperse the Cosmic Forces.

The crystal used during this rite is saved to be used later only for trestle boarding. It is highly suggested that the Disciple keep a magickal journal of some kind. The Disciple is encouraged to go out and do things, or just put itself into the world around people and smile. The Disciple is encouraged to pay close attention to the coincidences and synchronicities that it will experience. These happenstances and serendipitous events, and situations is what should be noticed and written down in the journal for later study and evaluation.

– Chapter xlviii, Opus Vrilis.


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