Magick With Tears

Coire Riabhaich, O9A (c. 1989)

atu o - physis

A common misconception made by those few who follow the Seven-Fold Sinister Way, is that it will, somehow, make their lives easier i.e. having drawn certain forces to them, they believe via ‘Satanic mastery’ to avoid Trauma City. The lonely realization that this is not so, is often enough to make the Initiate (or even in some cases, Adept) renounce their magickal quest altogether. This can occur for two reasons:

1) The individual becomes possessed and then disillusioned with a ‘Satanic role’. (roles are useful only if understood as being simply a means to an end)

2) Via this realization, Sinister energies are revealed in a far more potent form than the playing of a role could invoke (these energies are, however, the culmination of that role).

Quite simply Satanism is not an escape from, but the partaking of life. The challenge of living life as a self-contained entity, creating a lifestyle that intuitively follows the path of individual destiny (by this process Destiny becomes, gradually, consciously apparent) is just too disturbing for the majority of the human race to accept. So the failures crawl back into mediocrity, absolved of taking responsibility for their own lives. Mental and physical degeneracy follows as a way of dulling the guilt that their new/old lifestyle encurages within them. For those who remain on their quest, it is the rising to the challenge of the Sinister Way which creates the Adept and the stage(s) beyond. And this requires an understanding of what forces are in play, and howw they all contribute towards self-evolution.

It is this understanding which prevents such experiences from becoming detrimental to progression. Trauma will never be eliminated by the magickal system. For those who are working prior to Adeptship, it is wise to see how trauma actually feeds (amongst other things) creativity, and how this creativity would diminish if a comfortable reliance – materially and physically – upon another individual was established.

This situation would reduce the obstacles that are borne from self-reliance; those obstacles being catalysts of an individual’s creative expression. One only has to consider the uninspired content of the products of most artists once they are ‘patronized’. Life becomes  too easy. This situation in itself produces conflict but many fail to understand this and descend into a pit of self-abuse. This forms the misconception of ‘the suffering artist’. Suffering must be understood for therein lies wisdom. This requires a type of hinesty of which most lack the courage to express. To be a victim or martyr to suffering will slow down, reverse and destroy the process of self evolution. Why do so many fail to understand this obvious fact?

None of this necessarily means that the individual should deliberately destroy and create situations – unless this was seen as being beneficial at the time. Such occurrences arise naturally by virtue of living with self honesty and striving towards self excellence. Every act will be spontaneous and ‘true’ to one’s destiny.

To achieve the highest success possible should  always be totally desirable, but the individual should arrive at their own concept of success and not that of the general consensus.




~ by sinistar666 on May 28, 2009.

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