Aeonic Magick ~ General Notes

Warrior-of-Wands2Should only be undertaken if individual is free from unconscious influences – particularly archetypical images of current civilizations/distortions imposed upon it by others. This usually implies having passed the Abyss – by some “lesser” Aeonic magick can be undertaken by Internal Adepts. This is so because of latent archetypical energy released/created via aeonic rites, and this usually leads to problems: eg. psychic distortion, physical problems and so on.

Aeonic magick implies, for most rites, the individual being a “channel” or “gate”. Psychic residues imply a blocking.

Archetypes imply a development in time – ie. causal movement. Put simply, this means “action” – or a “story”: some role played out by the image and thus fulfilled. In the “cultic” sense, there is a “legend”/goal.

New images require new motifs: ie. new forms of fulfillment.

“Mimesis” is one method of aeonic magick that has come down over the centuries (indeed it was once probably the only means available).

Basically, this involves imitating some aspect of cosmic/Earth-based movement/working, and then either following the natural pattern or slightly altering that pattern to bring about a subtle change. (This “alteration” forms the basis for “balck” magick – qv. The Black Mass: the use of Nazarene formulae, slightly distorted via Sinister intent.)

Often, this implies “acting out” and archetypical role according to a legend or myth/legend/cult. The key here is the identification of the magickian with the role (which is, however, not a possession, as in shamanism) – this requires preparation. This “acting out” can involve others – as, for example, in a “sacred marriage” (qv. “sun” and “moon” as symbols). The intent of the working is then visualized/chanted. If the alterations are desired, these are incorporated.

Mimesis can also be done via the construction of suitable models which are symbolically imbued with “life”. It may be done via a “play/drama” whose participants are unaware of the intent and/or of the symbolism. In all cases it is necessary for the Master/Mistress of the ritual to channel magickal energy into the proceedings either via ceremonial/hermetic methods or by “opening a Gate”.

If the latter, then the energy so brought may be channeled directly or at a distance (if for example, a “drama” is being performed).




~ by sinistar666 on May 25, 2009.

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