In order to represent these things in a way which provokes a higher, conscious understanding and thus the development of insight, it is necessary to develope a new type of abstract representation a new kind of mathematics.

However, before proceeding to do this, some general clarifications are necessary.

An Aeon is the term used to describe a stage or type of evolution – Evolution is taken to result from a certain process and this process can be described via a bifurcation of time. That is, evolution is an expression of how the cosmos changes in certain ways over time this time having an acausal and a causal aspect: evolution is an increase of the acausal in the causal.

More precisely, the cosmos exists in both causal and acausal space-time where causal space-time (symbolized by ~~ ) has 4 dimensions: three spatial, and one time dimension, this dimension being linear. Acausal space-time (symbolized by ~~ ) has n spatial dimensions and one, acausal, time dimension. ~~ intersects ~~ at certain places these places are Life-forms: i.e. a living organism is a place where ~~ and ~~ coincide. Sentient life is regarded as a large-scale intrusion of ~~ – into ~~: a mergence rather than just a point of coincidence. Consciousness is said to reside, or be, in the acausal.

The energy of ~~ and its changes in causal time, can be described and thus explained by conventional scientific means, e.g. by Physics. The energy of ~~ and its changes can be described by a new science which uses the non-spatial geometry of the acausal and acausal time.

An Aeon is a form or type of acausal energy which manifests in the causal i.e. it has certain limits in both causal time and 3 dimensional space. It re-orders the causal which is simply another way of saying such acausal energy produces certain changes in the causal. A civilization [or rather a higher or Aeonic civilization] is how this form, this energy, is ordered in the causal from a causal point of view. An inexact analogy would be an oak tree the surface of the earth is the boundary between the causal (above) and the acausal (below). The roots are in the acausal (the acausal energy), the trunk and branches in the causal. The aeonic aspect is the roots; the civilization aspect is the trunk; the societies within the civilization are the branches, and the individuals within a society are the twigs and leaves.

Civilizations, Aeons and individuals are examples of organisms they are created, or born, they grow and change and then they die. They occupy a finite space over a finite time, undergo metamorphosis and so on. They possess structure or form, which form while variable within certain limits is the same or similar for all manifestations of a similar type and this form can be studied and classified, and appropriate models formulated to represent it and the changes it undergoes.

In essence, a civilization is an aspect of an Aeon, and an individual is an aspect of a civilization. All individuals unless and until they attain a certain degree of self-awareness [variously called individuation and Adeptship] and thus inner liberation and freedom from unconscious and other influences are subject to the psyche and this psyche is determined [draws its energy from] the civilization and thence the Aeon. One form such energy takes is archetypes. This energy [which is basically acausal and not to be confused with the physical energy described by Science which is causal energy determines or influences the actions/non-actions of individuals insofar as those individuals affect the civilization and thus the Aeon. In other words, their lives do not affect or change the civilization or the Aeon. They are part of the Wyrd of that civilization they do not possess a wyrd of their own. Using the inexact analogy an individual with wyrd (an Adept or someone who has achieved individuation) is a seed which becomes free from the tree and can begin a new process (a sapling). All other individuals are tied to the tree to grow as it grows and die when it dies.

A civilization thus expresses an ordering of evolution. Its energy, and thus its archetypes and so on, is determined by the Aeon which creates [or rather, causes its creation/manifestation in causal space-time] . These energies, for both a civilization and an Aeon can be described in various ways. The most simple (and not very accurate) is mythological/archetypal.

An Aeon lasts about 2,000 years of causal time. It is linked to a particular geographical region, and there is a centre to this where the acausal energy is strongest. This is because an Aeon is a physical presencing of acausal energy via a nexion i.e. a nexus between the acausal and the causal. This centre usually acquires a cult or religious nature: mostly unconsciously. That is, certain individuals are drawn to this area and the acausal energy produces/ provokes changes within and external to the psyche of these and other individuals.

The list given below describes the energy of each Aeon which has existed in mythological/archetypal terms it is a guide, rather than an exact description of the energies, and a guide to the changes which are caused in the psyche. [The exact description is purely abstract in symbols and is given later.]

Each Aeon has a particular civilization associated with it. (See the list.) Its energy may be expressed in terms of an ethos that is, how the ~~ [where the symbol ~~ represents individual(s) ] within that ~~ (where the symbol means civilization] apprehend both causally and acausally [or in simple terms, both rationally and intuitively] the acausal energy of the Aeon. This ethos, like a ~~ , grows and changes ; it evolves.

The civilizations listed are higher or Aeonic ones those that have changed/ shaped conscious evolution. Other civilizations have existed, but they have generally not contributed significantly to such evolution in terms of creativity they are usually related, in time and space, to an already existing or a previously existing civilization. The criteria for an Aeonic civilization are: (a) it possesses a distinctive ethos [Note: an ethos is not a religion as religion is conventionally understood.]; (b) it arises primarily from a physical challenge [rather than from the disintegration of an existing civilization(i.e. the challenge as such is social) ]; (c) it is creative on a large scale.

In analysing civilizations and their changes, the work of Spengler and Toynbee is valuable, although its details are not essential. What their work has done, is to contribute some fundamental ideas about the nature and structure of civilizations their detailed work (such as, in Toynbees case, historical dates and events) adds flesh to the bones of the aeonic theory here propounded, but that theory is independent of such detail which may be and indeed should be surpassed in the future. The two most fundamental ideas of these historians are Spenglers one of the metamorphosis of what he terms a culture, and the genesis of civilizations as given by Toynbee their origin, classification, inter-relation and so on. The ideas have been combined with others some original, some not (some part of esoteric tradition) to provide the framework for aeonic/acausal theory outlined here. This framework is Cliology the study of those processes which have caused historical change.

The mechanism by which civilizations affect evolution is that of creative individuals. Most of these are influenced by the ethos of their civilization to act, or to express that ethos more consciously, those causing others to act. Few individuals in a civilization reach the stage of conscious evolution which frees them from the influence of the ethos be such the ethos of their own civilization or that of another. Of course, many are there who believe they are free of such influence but belief is not the same as reality. It has been and is the aim of genuine Esoteric Arts to enable individuals to reach the stage of conscious development where they become free of such influences i.e. to achieve a uniqueness of identity. This requires insight, knowledge and reason all of which are aided by understanding how and why things (such as civilizations) are as they are. Cliology is an expression of such understanding, and as such a learning of the subject aids conscious development and thus makes Adeptship/individuation possible. The abstract form, given here (particularly in the Second and Third parts of this introductory treatise) takes this rational understanding further.

Each civilization follows a pattern. This can be symbolized and thus studied. The same is true for an Aeon. Such study enables two important things. First, it enables an objectification. In one sense, this is a withdrawing of projections (in Jungian terms). Second, it develops already existing faculties and creates new ones the ability to reason in abstract symbolism, for example, where the symbols are numinous (i.e. “alive”) rather than being simply intellectual. That is, such symbols relate to those things which are important for an individuals life.[In a simple sense, the symbols of cliology are imbued with psychic energies and thus possess power. More correctly, the symbols re-present acausal energies as against causal ones such as in mathematics and physics.]

The symbolization enables the patterns on the levels of an Aeon, a civilization and individuals, to be followed and manipulated if necessary. It enables insight into Aeons, civilizations, individuals, and one’s own self, and thus forms the essence of inner esoteric teaching.

The symbolization, at the present time of writing, is of three kinds, two of which have been developed quite recently. The first kind is the mythological/archetypal the use of myths/archetypes and such forms to describe/represent the processes and patterns. Such representations are traditional, and still useful, particularly in the early stages of study. [One type of this kind of representation is the septenary Tree of Wyrd with each sphere being associated with various archetypes/mythological forms and so on.] The second kind, is The Star Game a collocation of abstract symbols which re-present the acausal as it manifests in the causal, these symbols, as mentioned above, being numinous ones. The third type, the rudiments of which are described in the Second and Third Parts of this present work, is a formalized abstract system which represents the beginnings of a new science. The first and second types are complete. The third type has only begun to be developed the next few centuries should see this new science complete in most of its essentials. The mastery of the first type of symbolization is relatively easy. The mastery of The Star Game (in both septenary and advanced versions) takes quite an intellectual effort, stretching the frontiers of conscious evolution. The understanding of the third type, takes conscious evolution still further. The completion of this third type will stretch the frontiers almost to their limits.


All three kinds are genuine esoteric Arts.

– Order of Nine Angles – WaffenSchaft Azazel –


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