Basic Alchemical Seasons

The Wheel of Life:

Basic Alchemical Seasons According to the Seven-Fold Way

The illustration shows – in two-dimensional form – a basic three-dimensional representation of the relationship between (the correspondences of and for) the four seasons, the Zodiacal constellations, the four fundamental “alchemical” elements, and so on. It is an esoteric part of the Seven Fold Sinister Way – of the Septenary System – and was first published, in the ONA MS Naos, in 1989 e.n.

Two interesting and important points should be understood. First, the constellations are not distributed in equal “segments”, and, second, the time-path (which turns the basic three-dimensional causal re-presentation into a more correct four-dimensional one) is helical (and toward the acausal), and neither circular nor linear.

Thus, certain constellations have more “causal Time” allotted to them, and this re-presents what actually occurs in Nature; what is presenced on the nexion which is our planet, Earth, and in and through we ourselves, as living beings, dwelling- in the causal, on this planet.  In a more simple, exoteric, sense, these represent the causal times when certain Occult forces are stronger, on Earth, and the change into these times when certain Cosmic “tides” are available to us (for magickal use), are marked by Equinox and Solstice. Hence, they re-present  certain “alchemical seasons”, which last for a certain duration of causal Time.

Many other types of alchemical seasons exist, with some – for instance – being marked (in their beginning and their ending) by the rising and setting of certain stars (such as Arcturus, or Dabih) in association with Earthly seasons, or by a combination of planetary and steller alignemts, such as the Moon occulting Dabih.

Each particular alchemical season is, traditionally, associated with certain esoteric and/or magickal works, employing various energies re-presented by various causal symbols. Hence, in The Dark Tradition, the rising of Arcturus in the Autumn (northern hemisphere) was and is associated with certain rites of sacrifice and with The Dark One, Baphomet, the Mother and Mistress of (human) Blood.


-Camlad Nexion-


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