The Quintessence of the ONA: The Sinister Returning


The Quintessence of the ONA:
The Sinister Returning

What it is essential to understand is that the ONA is based upon several fundamental, and many unique, esoteric principles, which esoteric principles include the following:

(1) That we human beings possess the potential to consciously evolve to become the genesis of a new human species, and that genuine esoteric Arts – and especially and in particular The Dark Arts – are one of the most viable ways by which such a conscious evolution can occur;

(2) That genuine esoteric knowledge and insight – and thus genuine Occult advancement – requires both self-achievement through practical deeds and a self-honesty, a genuine knowing and understanding of one’s own self;

(3) That the Cosmos may be apprehended through a bifurcation of both Time and Space, described as such an apprehension is by causal and acausal Universes, and that:

(a) we, as living beings, are an example of acausal energy being presenced in our physical causal Universe;

(b) all causal life is life because there is an “intrusion” of acausal energy into the causal – that is, all causal life is a nexion to the acausal, with we human beings possessing the latent ability to not only apprehend the nexion we are but also to know and utilize certain acausal energies;

(c) magick is the presencing, by us, of certain types of acausal energy by means of a causal nexion, already existing or one brought-into-being;

(d) there exists, in the acausal Universe, certain types of acausal life, of diverse species, some of which species we can apprehend if we possess (i) the esoteric knowledge required to presence such acausal entities or (ii) the esoteric ability and skill to travel into the realms of the acausal;

(e) certain acausal entities have been presenced, in times past, on Earth – and thus become known to human beings, and these include entities known to us by their exoteric “names” Satan, and the Dark Goddess, Baphomet;

(f) certain causal – and Occult – symbolism and symbologies may be and often are useful aids and means for us as human beings to begin the process of acausal apprehension and the knowing and utilization of certain acausal (“Occult”/magickal) energies;

(g) our evolution has been, is and will continue to be – until we evolve to become a more evolved species – based upon what it is convenient to describe as the sinister dialectic;

(h) the sinister dialectic is a process of disruption, destruction, re-birth, renewal, heresy, and change; and on the practical level involves creating, fermenting, and aiding such causal things as strife, Chaos, revolution, heresy, and culling;

(i) to evolve into a higher species is to evolve toward, and into, the acausal Universe itself; that is, to become-like The Dark Ones, themselves; to become both a causal and an acausal species, existing in both the causal and the acausal.

Thus, two of the primary aims of the ONA are (1) to use The Dark Tradition to create Adepts and, over a long period of causal Time, aid and enhance and create that new, more evolved, human species of which genuine Sinister Adepts may be considered to be the phenotype; and (2) to use the sinister dialectic (and thus Aeonic Magick and genuine Sinister Arts) to aid and enhance and make possible our evolution toward the acausal. Furthermore, to achieve these aims will take a certain amount of causal Time, of the order of several centuries.

Hence, it should be clear – to those possessed of genuine Occult insight – that the ONA has both an outer (exoteric) and an inner (esoteric) nature and meaning. Or, expressed in a more truistic, and simple, way, the understanding and knowledge of the Adept (and of those beyond) is not that of the the novice and the Initiate. The exoteric aspect is re-presented in such works as The Black Book of Satan – and in the ceremonies and methods of traditional Satanism themselves (including the symbolism of the Tree of Wyrd) – while the esoteric aspect is re-presented in such ONA MSS as Mythos of the Dark Gods and The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way, and especially in and by our Aeonic Magick and our practical deeds which presence the dark. For it is such Aeonic Magick, such practical sinister deeds, and the creation of genuine Sinister Adepts – over a period of decades and centuries – which re-present, and which manifest, the true nature of the ONA.

In addition, three further things about the ONA should also be obvious to those possessed of genuine Occult insight. First, that – in its esoteric essence – the ONA is not a mundane Occult Order of the Old Aeon type. For it is a particular causal nexion, brought-into-being for specific purposes; and thus is now a living-entity imbued with certain acausal energies; which entity now has life, a being, of its own, and which thus is immune to – and not concerned with – the inane criticisms of the inane, many of whom continue to delude themselves about their Occult knowledge and abilities.

Second, that by evolution we mean an increase in acausal energies both within ourselves, as individuals, and as presenced in our causal Universe (and thus presenced upon our planet, Earth). These acausal energies cause, provoke, and aid our own evolution, our own change, as individuals (toward, and beyond, Adeptship), and also cause, provoke and aid change within those constructs we humans construct, such as “society” and the “political” – and “religious” – causal forms (or abstractions) which we human beings (both Occultists, and otherwise) have used, do use and can use in the service of such evolutionary change, with such forms only being a causal means, and not representative of the acausal essence, which acausal essence can be, and has been, apprehended, and manifest, as Chaos.

Third, that the very purpose and meaning of our individual, causal – mortal – lives is to progress, to evolve, toward the acausal, and that this, by virtue of the reality of the acausal itself, means and implies a new type of sinister existence, a new type of being, with this acausal existence being far removed from – and totally different to – any and every Old Aeon representation, both Occult, non-Occult and “religious”. Thus it is that we view our long-term human social and personal evolution as a bringing-into-being of a new type of sinister living, in the causal – on this planet, and elsewhere – and also as a means for us, as individuals of a new sinister causal species, to dwell in both the causal and acausal Universes, while we live, as mortals, and to transcend, after our mortal, causal “death”, to live as an acausal being, which acausal being can be currently apprehended, and has been apprehended in the past, as an immortal sinister being of primal Darkness.

atuXVII - the starAnton Long
Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen


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