The Lands of the Dark Immortals


 It is essential for the Satanist to die as well as live in the correct way, according to their sinister oath. Hence, for those so fated, there is the final stage of the Seven Fold Way.

It should be clear from the preceding article that this final stage, that of ‘Immortal’, does not represent some empty occult posturing, but rather is a description of a new form of existence, one which has involved a conscious transcendence of the causal realms.

This stage is reached when the tasks of the Magus/Mousa (Grand Master/Grand Mistress) have been successfully achieved. These tasks are exclusively concerned with the creation of significant causal forms to enable the unstoppable presencing of the New Aeon. This final nine angles rite fully activates these forms, and this activation will send tangible reverberations throughout the Earth – in terms of the acceleration of the aims implicit in the created causal forms, but also in other seemingly unconnected ways, such as unusual natural phenomena.

These significant causal forms are the counterparts by which the Immortal continues their existence on Earth; they become, in essence, the presencing of the new Aeon itself.

But the Immortal is also the change which naturally occurs in the cosmic fabric as a whole, and this change initiated by that one rite on Earth becomes a perpetual rippling outwards, affecting other causal forms elsewhere in the cosmos and spawning new forms in the known causal dimensions and in those as yet undiscovered. This cosmic aeonic knowledge will for the most part be apprehended by the candidate as they approach the final stage, enabling them to alter the Earthly causal forms in accordance with those non-Earth based others.

The Immortal also has a wholly acausal existence, and one which naturally continues long after the myriad causal counterparts and their future mutations/offspring have faded. Here, they are dwellers in the Lands of the Dark Immortals, their life force shifting and changing according to the many and strange wyrds threaded within that shadowy existence. They are then themselves a Dark God of legend, haunting dreams and the edge of all consciousness.

As the Dark Gods increasingly return through the many nexions fully opened by the final rite, the Immortal may indeed at some far future point walk again upon the Earth.




~ by sinistar666 on May 11, 2009.

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