A New and Numinous Art


A New and Numinous Art

 The reality of the present is that personal feelings, based on relationships, and the personal struggles and/or sufferings of individuals, have all been described by artistic means in the past two millennia or so. There are centuries of work concerning and created because of personal love and personal relationships – and the problems of ordinary living and society – in literature, music, drama and so on. What has needed to be said, written and expressed about such things, has been said, written and expressed by the many great artists of the past two millennia.

What is needed now is to build upon these foundations – to turn outward, and away from the inner world of the personal psyche and the world of mundane society. What is needed is to describe and express what is relevant to the next stage of our evolution, as human beings. This next stage is the stage of new adventures, of new worlds, of new ways of living brought through striving for a numinous and thus supra-personal goal.

The personal life should now take care of itself – if there is a numinous goal to strive for. In brief, the great Art of the past has enabled us to achieve an understanding of ourselves – it has brought us to individuation, to the wisdom of a genuine Adeptship founded upon the reconciliation of opposites. We have discovered and learnt to know ourselves – and have discovered the unity, the wholeness, which lies beyond the Shadow and the Self. We have learnt that we are – or can be – both Destroyer and Creator, both Lucifer and God, as we have learnt the natural necessity of both these forces of creation, and destruction, and how renewal and re-birth proceeds from them. We now need to and should go beyond this – for anything else is unhealthy and a waste of life. It is also the negation of the work of those great artists which has allowed us this understanding.
Thus, there is no longer any need for those who desire to be great artists to endure or desire personal suffering to aid their development and their understanding, as there is no longer any need for individuals to describe their inner suffering, their personal development and their personal understanding through artistic means. What should and must be understood in the personal sense now can be rationally understood through an act of will – through a conscious understanding of the works of Art of the past two millennia.

There needs to be a whole new artistic movement – or many such movements – which seek to go beyond this personal understanding and which seeks to develop new forms of Art to express and describe what must be expressed and described in the numinous realm which lies beyond this personal understanding. We need to free ourselves from the mundane world of the past, and achieve a real understanding of and a real balance with Nature Herself. We need to strive to free ourselves of this planet of ours, at first in artistic visions and dreams, and then in practical reality as we reach out toward other planets around other stars. We need to dream great visions again, as we need to strive to make these visions real. Thus, do we need to become inspired by greatness – we need to dream of and create new civilizations, new aeons, new Empires to stretch ourselves in, to explore and discover, and to use to create an entire new species of higher beings who are fulfilling the promise of existence latent within them. In essence, we need to capture and express the numinous itself and mould that numinous through a unique work or works of Art.

Anything less than this is unworthy of us.

-Order of Nine Angles-


~ by sinistar666 on May 11, 2009.

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