Introduction to Dark Sorcery



The Definition and Use of Sorcery:

Sorcery – according to the Dark, Sinister, tradition followed by the ONA – is the use, by an individual, individuals, or a group, of acausal energy, either directly (raw/acausal/chaos) or by means of symbolism, forms, ritual, words, chant (or similar manifestations or presencing(s) of causal constructs) with this usage often involving a specific, temporal, aim or aims. Sinister Initiates and Adepts understand acausal energy as the force/energy that exists in the acausal aspect of the Cosmos, which energy, and which acausal aspect, cannot be described by either conventional – causal – representations involving three spatial dimensions and one time (causal) dimension, or by the words, forms, constructs, symbolism (and so on) of such four-dimensional causal space-time. Some such acausal energy has been understood, by Sinister Adepts, as living-beings, living in the acausal non-spatial and non-temporal dimensions of the Cosmos, and The Dark Gods are accepted, by the traditions of the ONA, as one type of such acausal beings.

How and why such acausal energies are used is the essence of the training of the sinister Initiate, with this “how” being learnt by direct, practical, personal experience of both ceremonial and hermetic ritual and workings, as, for example, given in the Black Book and in works such as Naos. In the early stages of the Way, the “why” often relates to the personal desires/aims of the individual; with Adept and beyond this changes, with the focus being on Aeonic workings/magick: that is, the “why” derives from the Sinister Dialectic and a knowledge, and experience of, Aeonics. One type of such an Aeonic working is the presencing of those acausal energies often symbolized, in the causal, as The Dark Gods. Another type of such an Aeonic working – and a genuine, esoteric work of sorcery – is The Star Game.

As has been mentioned many times in various MSS, Sorcery is an Art, the learning and mastery of which takes several years. Furthermore, all genuine Adepts of the Sinister tradition understand personal sorcery, or “results/low-level” magick, as but a beginning: a necessary training, both personal and esoteric, for the real dark sorcery which begins with the presencing of acausal energies in accord with Aeonic sinister aims.

The Basis and Means of Dark Sorcery:

The real essence of Dark Sorcery lies not in some temporal, causal, definition of what constitutes “evil” and the emulation of such a limited, causal and esoterically incorrect definition by some individual, but rather in the conscious use, by an individual, individual, or group, of acausal energies with the intent of provoking/causing large, supra-personal and causal temporal changes over causal time. That is, the foundation of genuine Dark Sorcery is Aeonic Magick – the changing of causal forms/presencings and/or the creation of new causal forms/structures/presencings.

It is important to understand that the means of genuine Dark Sorcery are many and varied – they are not limited to, and nor can they be contained by or in, conventionally understood esoteric practices such as ceremonial or hermetic ritual and magick. Any form, construct, Art or whatever, through and by which acausal energies can be accessed and directed and presenced – by those skilled in the accessing, directing and presencing of such energies – is or can be a means of Dark Sorcery: a manifestation of sorcery itself. Thus – to give an old example which will familiar to all Adepts and even many Initiates – the construction/creation of a certain piece of original music, imbued with sinister energies, can be and often is an act of Dark Sorcery if it does indeed presence in some ways certain sinister energies and thus affects individuals in a way consistent with the Sinister Dialectic, by for example, changing them toward the Sinister, or causing them to evolve, or causing them to themselves begin a presencing of acausal, dark, energies, or move them toward heresy, or to presence Chaos in whatever way, and so on, and so on.

The essential aim of Dark Sorcery is two-fold: to continue the personal development of the individual so undertaking works of Dark Sorcery, and to presence the Dark: to presence acausal energies in such a way that causal change occurs. To give a relevant example, in practical terms this amounts to changing such things as that causal construct termed “society” – through affecting or changing the “ethos” and affecting/changing individuals.

One of the darkest forms of Dark Sorcery is to presence The Dark Gods – to open a nexion, or nexions, to the acausal dimensions, and to thus allow the acausal living-beings who are The Dark Gods to manifest in our causal world. Such a manifestation would significantly change existing causal forms and affect many many individual on many levels, as well as disrupting/changing established causal forms, such as “society”. It is considered, by the ONA and its Sinister Adepts, that such a manifestation(s) of such living-beings will be what is required to inaugurate a New Aeon and thus ensure our evolution, as a species, in a way consistent with the essence of the sinister.


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