A New Heresy

Vindex, NS, Islam, Chaos and Magick: Toward A New Heresy

[Introduction: The following are notes of a presentation given at an ONA Sunedrion in Oxford, around the time of the Spring Solstice 117 yf.]

1) The invokation of Vindex is one aspect of a sinister occult working designed to bring about Chaos, System Breakdown, and the beginnings of a higher, New Order. In one sense, Vindex is a new archetype appropriate to the new Aeon.

Just as the Satanic Mass which invokes Hitler presences certain energies currently needed and/or useful for both individual catharsis and Aeonic change, so do rites of Vindex.

2) What is not well understood even among some sinister Initiates, is that the promotion of radical Islam – against the Magian/New World Order/Nazarene ethos that now pervades and which is distorting evolution and ushering in a new tyranny – is akin to a sinister rite which presences certain acausal energies.

Thus, such promotion of and support for things and people considered by the neo-cons to be “evil” – such as bin Laden – is a new Black Mass appropriate to these times of ours. It is now a heresy in “the West”.

The practical participation and encouragement of such things – directly contrary to the current status quo – is thus one valid personal Insight Role (for the really satanic, not the role-players) and a means of presencing genuine sinister energies: one aspect of a new five-dimensional presencing (or act of magick in Old Aeon speak) and thus an act of sinister magick appropriate to these causal times.

Camlad Nexion

~ by sinistar666 on May 6, 2009.

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