Who is an O9A Adept?

hmWho Is An ONA Adept (and Beyond)?

Here are some questions, which genuine ONA Adepts, and genuine ONA Masters/LadyMasters, can easily answer. These answers cannot – at the time of writing (January 119 yf) – be found by searching the Internet or in published books and MSs, and are revealed aurally on an individual basis, and when required and/or when necessary, by the ONA Adept/Master/LadyMaster guiding the genuine LHP seeker/Dark Sorcerer/Sorceress.

1) What is the meaning and the correct uses [plural] of the term Fayen?

2) What alchemical season is appropriate to Dabih and why?

3) What is the reason that Petriochor is used in the Rite of Afsana, and what is this Rite?

4) What one [singular] terrestrial location is used in calling forth Yusra?

5) How do the Nine Angles relate to Azal, Dhar and Zamal, and what Earth-bound (causal) form (structure/construct) is used to symbolize this?

6) What symbolic structure/construct is beyond the (advanced) form that is The Star Game?

7) How does the causal phenomena perceived in the causal as “gravity” relate to a specific type of acausal energy, and what has this to do with the Dark Gods mythos and the nexion that is the planet Earth?

Additionally, it should be known that answers to these and other such questions can also be discovered by a talented LHP seeker/Dark Sorcerer/Sorceress who has followed the guidance given by the Order (in works such as Naos, BBS1, and beyond) and who thus – having undertaken various Insight Rôles, ceremonial and hermetic workings, Grade Rituals, trained to perform (and performed) Esoteric Chant, learnt The Star Game, and seriously studied how the Dark Gods mythos is linked to causal representations such as The Nine Angles – has become a genuine Adept. Such an Adept – if possessed of sufficient sinister skill and desire – has the foundation required to begin those peregrinations, involving diverse experiences, much study, much rational thought, and the development of sinister and magickal empathy, which will move them forward toward Mastery and toward discovering the answers to such questions.
In the next decade, or so, a few more esoteric MSS (most appropriate to Adeptship and beyond) will be released by us, providing thus more clues for the curious and, perchance, being an inspiration for those possessing the potential to move toward Adeptship and beyond. Already, a few such MSS have seeped out into this causal world of ours, some (such as Sabirah) bringing perchance some understanding of certain topics long mis-understood, while others extend our conscious, sinister and esoteric understanding ever further.

Anton Long
119 Year of Fayen


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