The Oath of the Abyss

The Sinister Abyssal Nexion

 Part Two

The Oath of The Abyss

The transition between Internal Adept and the next stage – that of Master/Lady-Master (Mistress of Earth) – is both long and arduous, requiring as it does – among other things – (1) a personal and practical experiencing, and integration, of both Sinister and non-Sinister aspects of living, and of the Adept’s own personality; (2) practical experience of Aeonic Magick and of all forms of The Star Game; (3) contributing, through fulfilling their personal Destiny, something unique, and redolent of the Sinister, to human knowledge, achievement, understanding and/or to that presencing “which is beyond human words” and which is often manifest in works of genuine artistic, and/or magickal, genius and originality. In summation, they will have presenced the Sinister both within, and external, to themselves, and externally to a sufficiency that casual effects are noticeable, as they will have both understood and to a certain extent have experienced, the acausal reality which lies behind the nexion of our causal lives, and behind the causality of appearance and forms.

They will then become, gradually, suffused with an increasing yearning for that-which-is, and for Those-Who-Are, acausal, and it is this yearning, at first somewhat intangible but always powerful (in terms of their psyche and their own lives), which propels and guides them toward The Abyss, and which provides them with the desire to take that dangerous, and secret, Oath of The Abyss. Furthermore, this yearning which becomes transmuted to, at first, a human-type desire and love, and then to some-thing founded on such human emotions but which is an evolution and a sinister transformation of such things (and all the more powerful for being so), and it is such a living-with this new evolutionary “feeling”, this dark Sinister almost supra-personal desire redolent of and which manifests something of the acausal essence, that is one of the reasons whereby a new Master or Lady Master is bound to the very acausal darkness itself, both in their remaining causal years, and in the life in the acausal which can be attained after that.

For the Oath of The Abyss has practical, causal consequences which are both magickal, and personal, and it is these personal practical consequences – and the dark dangerous nature of the magickal consequences – that distinguish this genuine Sinister Oath from the so-called other “oaths of the abyss” that some charlatans and some imposters and some frauds have had the temerity to write about and make pronouncements about, and to lyingly declare that they have “gone beyond the Abyss” itself.

The genuine Oath of The Abyss is a solemn declaration, made in front of several witnesses of our sinister-folk, by which the Adept pledges themselves, for the rest of their causal life, to – among other things – Presence The Dark, to continue with and evolve The Dark Tradition, and to aid human and non-human evolution, with the important and necessary proviso that if at any time they renounce their Sinister aims and goals, and The Dark Tradition itself, then their own life will be forfeit, with them then becoming an opfer who can and who will be sacrificed. In established Nexions (Sinister Temples of a sinister group) the current Grand Master, or Lady Grand Master, appoints several Guardians, unknown to the Candidate, who themselves are pledged to undertake – without warning if required – this honourable duty of sacrifice should such a duty be deemed or found to be necessary.

In addition, The Ceremony of The Oath of The Abyss invokes and presences within and near-to the Candidate certain acausal entities, which – and who – are forever with, or near-to, the Candidate for those remaining causal years, however long or brief, that will mark the rest of the causal life of the Candidate, and the Candidate can never escape, in this causal realm, from these entities.

Thus, it can be seen that the Oath of The Abyss is not something that is to be entered into lightly, even though the rewards of a successful crossing of The Abyss, are great indeed, and include the real possibility of that particular human entity creating for themselves, or being rewarded with, an acausal existence beyond this mortal causal realm.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen


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