Way, The Means, The End


The Aim of the Seven-Fold Way is Enlightenment. This is a wisdom, an understanding, and a new way of being. It is the apprehension of what IS, as against what appears-to-be, and it is also a practical living in the world in a manner which changes the world.

Enlightenment is beyond the  duality of Good and Evil – beyond the Light and dark. It is beyond the conventional words used to express understanding. The apprehension of Enlightenment is the apprehension of THAT form from which all life proceeds, and thus of THAT which is both the Light and the Dark, and the creative change which is evolution. As such, Enlightenment is beyond the Sinister.

The Seven-Fold Way is but one practical means where this aim can be achieved by individuals. It works. There are other ways, some of which may work. The academic learning which forms part of the Seven-Fold Way is also a means – it is but a step toward something beyond. Such a learning is a learning experience of itself – a means of apprehending some of the essence behind and beyond the words, the ideas, the theories. It is the practical work, in the world, and in regard to the transformation of the Self, which is important.

The Sinister Dialectic is but a means to promote and encourage the Change which is necessary at any moment in our evolution – and this change is both personal, of the Self of he/she who is following the Way, and of others in the world, and thus of societies themselves. This change is for the most part positive – that is, it encourages evolution: the transformation of individuals. For it is this transformation of individuals, toward and beyond the Self (and thus toward Enlightenment)  which is evolution, for us. Is this change ‘good’? The question, as usually asked, is irrevelant – for what is good is what encourages evolution and what changes things in a positive way: that is, which changes individuals and makes them more ‘enlightened’. This is the whole purpose of the Seven-Fold Way and of the Sinister Dialectic (or the Dialectic of Enlightenment to be exact!).

Each who travels the Way discovers things for themselves – they alone by their own efforts solve the problems which arise, as they work things out for themselves: rejecting what they do not need, and using what is helpful in their quest. For only thus does the true experience which is the foundation of wisdom arise. Those who cannot or will not do this, get lost, or fail.

"Homo Galactica" by Saturnyan352

"Homo Galactica" by Saturnyan352

The means of Darkness, of the Sinister – the images, the language, the ideals, the practice, are mostly but a means – but a Gateway, a portal, a nexion, to discourage the weak and encourage the strong. For it is strong who are needed, the strong who survive in that most difficult quest of all – that of genuine Enlightenment. The rest would just waste the time of those who have gone that Way before – so they are filyered out before. They are thus the first test, the first Ordeal, which awaits those who wish to venture along this most difficult of Ways.

And yet the Darkness, the Sinister, musof itself be understood, in a practical and theoretical way, for without this understanding we believe there can be no true unification – no travel to the Beyond which is Enlightenment and the true unification of opposites. THIS is where the Seven-Fold Way is unique. What is Dark must be known, for only then can the Self be born and create that which is beyond even the Self.

Nothing else needs to written – or will be written by us, since enough has been written already to enable those, who possess the desire, to follow the Way to its end of Enlightenment.


Christos Beest, ONA, 1998eh


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