The Magickal Art of the Deofel Quintet


The Deofel Quintet – the original Deofel Quartet plus Breaking the Silence Down – were designed as Instructional Texts for novices beginning the quest along the Left Hand Path according to the traditions of the ONA.

As such, they are not – and were not intended to be – great, or even good, works of literature. Their intent was to inform novices of certain esoteric matters in an entertaining and interesting way, and as such they are particularly suitable for being read aloud. Indeed, one of their original functions was to be read out to Temple members by the Temple Priest or Priestess.

In effect, they are attempts at a new form of “magikal art” – like Tarot images, or esoteric music. As with all Art, magickal or otherwise, they can and should be surpassed by those possessing the abilities. If they have the effect of inspiring some Initiates of the Darker Path to creativity, to surpass them and create something better, then one of their many functions will have been achieved.

Introduction To The Deofel Quartet

The works collected under the title The Deofel Quartet were written as instructional texts for members of a Black Magick group. As such, they deal with certain esoteric matters relevant to Novices and those who have begun to follow the path of Black Magick and Satanism.

While the form chosen is fictional, it is not that of a conventional novel. Instead, a new vehicle was created with the aim of combining a fast (and thus entertaining) pace with a narrative style that not only required the imaginative participation of the reader, but also sought to involve the unconscious. Thus, detailed descriptions of, for instance, characters and locations are for the most part omitted. It is left to the reader to supply such missing details: partly from their imagination and partly unconsciously, from their own expectations and projections.

This form also had the added advantage of making the works interesting to listen to when read aloud in a group setting. This new form may be considered as an extended prose poem.

While each work is self-contained in terms of plot and characters, they all deal with the varying insights attained by those following the darker path to esoteric enlightenment, as well as with those practical (i.e. real-life) experiences which form the basis of genuine magickal training and which explicate real sinister magick in action.

Each work deals with (although not always exclusively), a certain type of magickal/archetypal energy and thus is connected with one of the spheres of the septenary Tree of Wyrd. Thus, in the instructional sense, each work explicates particular archetypal forms as those forms affect people in real life. Naturally, quite a few of the forms so explicated are dark or sinister.

In order to guide the interested reader and student of the Occult Arts, some Themes and Questions concerning the Quartet are included as an Appendix to Volume I.

(Typed note at bottom of this page: The works are reproduced exactly as they were originally circulated in manuscript form, with typed/hand-written corrections.)



Responses and Critical Analysis:

Each novice reading the Quartet should try and analyze their response to it the feelings, expectations, points of agreement and disagreement and so on which arise from reading it.

A first reading will be sufficient to show the works of the Quartet are Satanically subtle i.e. they are not blatant horror/Black Magick stories and neither are they pornographic. They are also not akin to the amoral diatribes of other writers e.g. de Sade.

Instead, they are intended for those of discernment, those who can see beyond mere appearance and affectation i.e. Satanic novices: those who wish to know and who seek to question, those who wish to discover secrets (often about themselves).

As explained elsewhere, they deal with problems a novice following the Left Hand Path might be expected to come across or be familiar with both in terms of their own development/feelings/expectations, and in terms of real sinister magick. Such magick is, for the most part, subtle and esoteric it is hidden and bears little, often no, resemblance to what most people (and some Initiates) consider magick to be.

Hence, those who turn to the Quartet hoping to find the kind of cheap and sensational thrills often associated (in the herd-mind) with Black Magick stories and horror will be disappointed. The Quartet is not intended for such sensation seeking, uncritical and weak individual it is intended to instruct Satanic novices in some esoteric aspects of their craft; to aid their own understanding and sinister development.

Falcifer concerns Initiation and the gathering of Satanic experience. It also deals with the Dark Gods revealing esoteric knowledge. The energies which give form to the story are concerned with the first sphere on the Tree of Wyrd magickal form Night/Nox ; Tarot images 18, 15, 13; Alchemical Process Calcination.

The Temple Of Satan also concerns the Dark Gods but it deals mainly with emotion on the personal level, particularly love: how a Satanic Initiate of some experience encounters and deals with this emotion. Love of this type is a stage, to be experienced and transcended. For a Satanist not yet achieved Adeptship, this feeling is often a snare, a trap which they can fall into, thus ending their sinister quest. It is about still unconscious feeling and desires about making these more conscious, controlling them and transcending them. Third sphere on Tree of Wyrd. Magickal form Ecstasy. Images 6, 14, 17. Alchemical process Coagulation.

The Giving concerns primal Satanism and a more subtle magick and manipulation than the previous works. It is a story based on fact on real life happenings and real people. It reveals a real Satanic Mistress in action someone quite different from the accepted notion of a Satanic Mistress. Spheres Third and Forth. Forms Ecstasy/Vision. Images 7,12,5,6,14,17. Processes Coagulation/Putrefaction.

The Greyling Owl (the title is significant) concerns the second sphere, and the magick is even more subtle and esoteric than the previous work. It requires an understanding of individuals as those individuals are a subtle changing of them. Magickal Form Indulgence; process Separation; Images 0, 8, 16.

In all the works of the Quartet, the other side (i.e. those with moral) is shown in context moral individuals are described and things seen from their point of view. It is vitally important for a novice to be able to be detached to see things and people as those things and people are. Only thus can they learn judgment and discover how to work esoteric sinister magick. Such detachment is necessary and its cultivation is part of Initiate training. It is the aim of the Quartet to cultivate this ability and the self-criticism which is part of it. This criticism is a self-awareness, a self-knowledge. Thus, some characters in the Quartet and the views and attitudes they express may provoke the Satanic Initiate into disagreement and possibly discomfort. This is intentional. The novice should analyze why they react as they do and why they expect certain things/certain views/certain outcomes.

In short, they are entertaining Instruction Satanic Texts those who are prepared to spend some effort in understanding them will discover many layers, and so learn.



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