Insight Roles


Insight Roles – A Guide

Order of Nine Angles
e.v. 1989

As state in several esoteric Order MSS, the Satanic novice is expected to undertake experiences in the real world. This is above and beyond the tasks mentioned in various guides to the “Seven Fold Way”, which guides were intended for publication and thus did not contain the secret tasks. These secret tasks are outlined in the MSS “The Secret Tasks Of The Sinister Way”. One of these tasks, undertaken by an Initiate, is an “Insight Role”.

An Insight Role is in effect an extended magickal ritual and involves the individual living a certain way and striving for a specific (often non-esoteric) goal. It involves playing a specific “role”. The novice is expected to learn from this experience. It is important that the novice identifies with the role to the extent that friends/associates and those the novice is brought into contact with by virtue of that role do not realize the novice is playing a “role”. For the duration of the Insight Role, the task of that role should be the main interest/occupation of the novice.

Insight Roles, as a technique, have been used by Satanic novices for at least a century, and this technique has as its primary aim the gaining of self-insight by the novice using the technique. The technique also develops certain skills – some magickal, some involving the gaining of Satanic judgment and insight. Expressed simply, Insight Roles develop Satanic character.

Until quite recently, Insight Roles were wide-ranging and also exceptionally difficult to undertake – the novice was expected to undertake a role which was the opposite of what the considered their own character to be. (qv. The now deleted Order MS “Insight Roles I and II). The technique, however, has been recently revised by the Grand Master representing traditional groups. In this revised form, it is an extremely effective novitiate technique, although (like all genuine esoteric techniques of Satanic magick) it is still difficult to undertake and still requires a genuine Satanic commitment from the novice. Like the sinister way itself, it is not for the dilettantes or the imitation “Satanist” who merely wish to play at being Black Magickians.

One essential aspect of an Insight Role is that it requires the novice to change their life-style and usually their place of residence. Another, is that it tends to isolate them from non-Satanists. Third, it often brings them info conflict and confrontation – with others, and themselves. Forth, it tests them – forcing them to find inner strengths and reserves. Of course, it destroys them – or makes them renounce their Satanic quest and vows. All these are necessary.

All Insight Roles are demanding; some are physically dangerous. All force the novice to make choices – to learn. All, when successfully undertaken, build self-confidence and thus character. All, in brief, express Satanism in action.

The novice is expected to make his/her own choice for the roles outlined below. It must be understood that: a) only the roles listed below are actually Insight Roles, so the choice must be one of them; b) the completion of at least one of these roles is necessary before the Internal Adept rite can be undertaken.

It is usual for the novice to undertake an Insight Role following Initiation and after completion of the tasks outlined in the MS “The Seven Fold Way – A Comprehensive Guide” (i.e. after completion of the tasks associated with the stage of Initiation and before undertaking the rite of External Adept). However, if the novice wishes, an Insight Role can be undertaken when he/she is an External Adept and has completed all the tasks of an External Adept (such as running a Satanic Temple for a certain period of time). Generally, it is advisable for the novice to undertake a role before External Adept. Further, should the novice so desire, two Insight Roles can be undertaken, one after the other. This is an interesting experience – but requires demonic commitment.

The Roles:

1) Either by foot or by bicycle or by accepting lifts, travel alone around the world, taking between six months and one year (or more). You must live frugally, and carry with you most of what you need. You should travel to as many countries as possible, the more remote the better and expect sometimes to find work to enable you to travel further.

2) Become a professional burglar, targeting only victims who have revealed themselves to be suitable (e.g. by testing them – qv. the Order MSS dealing with victims etc.). The aim is to specialize in a particular area – e.g. fine art, jewelry – and become an “expert” in that area and in the techniques needed to gain items.

3) Undertake the role of extreme political activist and so champion heretical views (by e.g. becoming involved in extreme Right-Wing activism). The aim is to express fanaticism in action and be seen by all “right-thinking people” as an extremist, and a dangerous one.

4) Join the Police Force (assuming you meet the requirements) and so experience life at the “sharp end” and being a servant to a higher authority. *

All roles should last for at least six months and all must be completed (i.e. you leave them) before the end of eighteen months. All roles will by their very nature test your Satanic views and beliefs and thus your desire to continue along the sinister way. All will expose you to difficulties.

Once the choice is made, it is up to you t find means of undertaking the role – e.g. in the case of joining the Police, finding reasons why which will convince a selection panel; in the case of becoming a burglar, finding someone to buy your stolen items and so on.

The essence of these Insight Roles can be succinctly stated: Incipit Vitriol.

* Note: In times of actual war, an alternative Insight Role is to join one of the Armed Forces and so gain combat experience.


Aeonic Insight Roles

As it states in the ONA Ms Notes on Insight Roles:

The best Insight Roles are those which aid the sinister dialectic: that is, the deeds done achieve sinister aims as well as enhance the experience of the Initiate.

The Current Situation

In order to determine the Aeonic aspect to Insight Roles it is necessary to understand the current situation that exists in the world. This is one of dominance by the so-called “New World Order” which basically means the domination of the Magian. This domination over the West – and increasingly other countries – is essentially that of what is often euphemistically called “Zionism” with the reality that most nations in the West are covertly ruled by a Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG).

This situation has arisen from two factors: First, the covert introduction into the societies of the West of Marxist, and Marxist-sociological, values and ideas. Second, from the military and economic dominance of America which is all but now controlled by Zionist interests. In respect of the introduction of Marxism, the societies of the West have been steadily socially engineered, through laws, through the power of the Media, and through indoctrination spread especially by teachers in Schools and Universities

The reality is that a world-wide capitalist tyranny has been created, with the peoples of the West made for the most part docile through materialism and “entertainment” and “sport” and “personal pursuits”, with their opinions formed for them by The State, its educational system, politicians, and the Media – especially television and newspapers. The individual has become subservient to The State in thought, word and deed. Basically, the individual is now mostly powerless before the might of The State.

Of course, the majority do not see this, duped as they are and have been by The System with its trickery of “democracy” and “rights”. In addition, some dissent and “rebellion” is allowed, and even encouraged – so long as it does threaten in any real way the ideas and the control of The System. Those individuals, groups, organizations who do or who may pose a serious threat to The System are dealt with, often by those organizations being outlawed, and their leaders and members being tried according to some tyrannical State law and put into prison for a long time.

The System – having made itself secure among The States of the West – has recently embarked on the next part of the plan, which is to create a new Empire to ensure the material wealth and military superiority of its leading lackey government, that of the America. To this end, countries have been invaded, and sanctions used to bring others under control.

The System and its lackey States are a serious threat to our evolution – to the creation of free, strong, independent human beings. The System wants – and even demands – that we are or become subservient, to its ways, its laws, its sociological ideas, to the basic materialistic animalistic way of life its allows for its “citizens”, a way devoid of real adventure, real challenges, real numinosity. This way is the way of the sub-human.

One of our aims as an esoteric Order is to continue our evolution through creating a higher, more evolved, type of human being – a strong, independent, warrior-like, individual. This individual is the antithesis of the denizens of The State.

For this aim to be achieved we must break-down and indeed destroy the States that make up The System, the New World Order (NWO), as we must challenge the enervating ideas, the enervating ways, of The System, and replace them with our own life-enhancing ideas and ways.

If The System is not destroyed, then our evolution will be stifled, and our promise – the greatness, Destiny and glories that wait among the Cosmos – will remain unfulfilled.

To destroy The System action is required, by individuals, and groups. Thus, any group or individual which is engaged in practical action against The System with the purpose of destroying it and challenging its ideas is interesting from the point of view of the Sinister Dialectic and those undertaking an Aeonic Insight Role.

Some Suggested Aeonic Insight Roles

The following are suggested Aeonic Insight Roles, based on a knowledge of the sinister dialectic and the situation as exists at the time of writing (114yf). Some of these suggested Insight Roles are relatively easy; some are especially hard and dangerous, and thus suited only to the most daring and sinister individuals.

(1) Join or form a covert insurrectionary organization, dedicated to National Socialism, whose aim is to undermine by practical means the status quo and which uses the strategy and tactics outlined in The Strategy and Tactics of Revolution (Parts I and II)

(2) Undertake the role of assassin, selecting as your opfers those who publicly support or aid, ZOG, the NWO, The System.

(3) Convert to Islam and aid, through words, or deeds, or both, those undertaking Jihad against Zionism and the NWO.

(4) Join or form an active anarchist organization or group dedicated to fighting the capitalist System.

(5) Join or form a National Socialist group or organization, and aid that organization and especially aid and propagate “historical revisionism”.

Recommend Reading

1) Notes on Insight Roles, ONA Ms 114yf

2) Insight Roles – A Guide, ONA Ms 1989 e.v. [Superceded by (1)]

3) Insight Roles, The Secret Guide, ONA Ms 1985 e.v. [Superceded by (1)]

4) The Sinister Dialectic, ONA Ms

5) Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction, ONA Ms

6) Aims of the ONA, ONA Ms 1994 eh

7) ONA Strategy and Tactics, ONA Ms 1998 eh

8.) The Strategy and Tactics of Revolution (Parts I and II) [formerly A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution]

ONA 114yf



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