Acausal Existence: The Secret Revealed

Acausal Existence: The Secret Revealed
Anton Longsigil2


Acausal existence – the secret of true Immortality – has been hinted at many times in certain esoteric writings connected with a particular LHP. In the past, a few Adepts of the LHP – and the occasional notorious individual interested in dark sorcery – tried to secure for themselves an acausal existence by dark rites of sacrifice, and as a result dark legends arose. But such means are not really necessary.

Before describing what is necessary, a brief examination of such acausal existence will be in order. According to a sinister tradition we as individuals possessed of consciousness have both a causal and an acausal aspect to that consciousness. The acausal is latent (or mostly so) and magickal Initiation awakens it – opening a gate or nexion to the acausal.

This allows the acausal to be apprehended (usually via a symbolism such as the septenary Tree of Wyrd) and acausal energies to be used/directed (i.e. ‘magick’). The result is an ‘expansion’ of consciousness. Progression by the Initiate to the higher grades of initiation is actually the expansion of the acausal in individual consciousness (or, viewed another way, the progression of the individual into the acausal) – a balance of causal/acausal being achieved in ‘the Abyss’. Beyond this, because of the balance so attained, it is possible to transcend to the acausal – to create an acausal existence when the causal ceases (ie. physical death). The acausal is not however, a “dreamy realm” or some kind of nirvana/heaven. It is rather, the very essence of Being – beyond opposites, primal Chaos. Nirvana and such like are abstract moral forms – ie. they are “unbalanced” since they lack darkness, the sinister, the negative….. [Nirvana and such like are usually described in terms only of ‘light’.] The acausal is the realm of the Dark Gods – and these beings are not imaginative symbols for the titillation of consciousness, nor simply a part of the psyche, to be transcended or negated or whatever by ‘forces of light’. Rather, they exist independent of our consciousness [yet such is the nature of the acausal that they are also part of what is dormant within us] and while they may be accessed (or ‘discovered’) by consciousness and thus presenced in the causal (on Earth) their actual intrusion would totally disrupt sentient life in the causal – like the meeting of matter and antimatter. Sinister magick (of the aeonic and internal kind) may be said to be like a machine or engine where containment of opposites is possible and controllable in certain amounts and under certain conditions. [in simple terms, sinister aeonic magick contains the flow of the acausal into a temporal form – usually an Aeon and its associated civilization -via a nexion/magickal centre to thus over thousands of years increase the amount of the acausal that is presenced, increasing thus evolution in individuals in accordance with sinister goals. Such is one of the forms of real Black Magick.]

The nature of acausal existence may be apprehended by individuals by certain sinister rites such as those of the Nine Angles. To achieve an individual acausal existence the sinister path must be followed, from Initiate to Internal Adept to Master/Mistress and beyond because this following of such a path in the way indicated (qv. Naos and Black Book) creates acausal consciousness in the individual over causal time. The Grade Ritual of Grand Master/G. Mistress makes the Adept more acausal than causal. Beyond this, is a simple ritual (the solo Nine Angles rite done by the Grand Master/G.Mistress) when consciousness is transferred beyond the nexion opened/created by the previous Grade Ritual. Immortality – the final stage of the way – is then achieved, followed then or shortly thereafter by causal death, although consciousness can be transferred to inhabit another causal body, this is not usually done as wyrd is achieved. Simple, really, although this alchemical process takes about 25 years. By virtue of the nexion, the new Immortal alters the temporal structure of the world, usually for an Aeon.

Now the secret has been revealed, the possibility is open to all. But it is doubtful if more than one or two a century will try, such is human weakness.


1991 eh, Order of Nine Angles


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