Sapphistry: Dark Daughters of Chaos


For too long we have been silent and hidden. We waited, while an imitation and inverted Wicca was peddled, its male dominance a contradiction of the feminine principle of the Old Religion. We waited, while Chaos Magick was born, but nothing except the old lies. So here at last we speak, for ourselves.

To nature we Daughters of Chaos are nearest. Our magick is not a hobby we play in a city or a town – it is a return to the often tiresome hard reality of the land which nourishes and alone brings the vitality of life. Sorcery is a fetish of the pale, male city dweller. We are soft and yielding to each other to capture thus an aspect forgotten and our Sapphic love a silent force which we send to awaken those who sleep. We draw down upon ourselves through our way of loving, a special power and through our will send it forth – perchance to cover for an instant a city night, bringing strange dreams to some…

There is laughter in us: no hard hatred of that which destroys. Our spells, suckled by streams, spread perchance a little delight to a world too serious and nearly insane.

And yet we are Dark because we cross the currents of our time: even ‘liberation’ has become a chain that binds…

Sapphic love is the greatest magick of this time because it flows but does not ebb. Sleep on then, and dream. All that is strange exists in our soul. You cannot define us nor capture the exquisite fire that is our love, and our Rites return, silent unless at night outside and alone upon a hill you strain to hear, that subtle consciousness of Earth which our societies have lost.

Like the Sphinx – we come, bringing wonder and much that is strange. And sometimes, like her, we devour to bring the darker death.

Saught – we are seldom to be found. Though unsaught we might create your dream. Beware then, you who talk so glib and practice with your wiles the submission of your woman: your Nemesis by us awaits.

Sister Bronwyn -Order of Nine Angles-


~ by sinistar666 on April 21, 2009.

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