Return to the Dark



Esoteric Notes XVII

The Sinister, Archetypes, Forms and Aeons:

All genuine Adepts understand the simple truth that all causal forms – propounded/described by whatever esoteric Order or group, or manifest by the creativity/discovery of whomsoever – are but intimations, and that this especially true of attempts to define/understand The Sinister/The Acausal/The Dark Gods, all of which are but terms which attempt to describe Some-thing beyond the four-dimensional matrix.

Magick, the Occult, and especially a genuine Sinister Way, are a means to move toward experience of this Some-thing, and this experience – which alone is the basis for a true Knowing – is only and ever individual: that is, unique to the individual, with such a Knowing being the essence of the stage beyond what has been called Internal Adept.

Thus, even such things as archetypes, and the division of our outward and inner Change into Aeons, are such an intimation, such a symbol or symbols, which attempt to make accessible to our consciousness what was not accessible (and thus not-knowable) before. That is, such intimations, such symbols, are useful and indeed still necessary – until the stage of Adept is reached. There is then a moving-away from such things toward an experiencing of the essence. Of course there may (and should) arise a time when such things are not required, when the Seventh Way of Five-Dimensional Magick is understood and practised by many – but that is indeed many centuries from now, given the rather low level of the majority in terms of genuine understanding and the lack of use, lack of control and lack of development, of their faculties. In the meanwhile, genuine esoteric Orders will continue to guide the few of promise, the few who can be bothered to change and master themselves, breeding thus an evolved type.

Learning by Experience:

As has been stressed again and again in Order MSS, the only way to evolve is to experience: to strive forth and undertake practical magick, practical deeds. To experience magickal energies, and to have a plethora of both Light and Dark practical experiences.

All words, whether written or spoken – indeed, all forms presenced in the causal – are only guides; intimations; inspiration, and this applies to all Order MSS. Some-things have not been said or written about; some other-things have only been hinted at, while other-things have been described or symbolized in detail. There is intent here, which those of genuine insight and genuine magickal skill will perceive or come to perceive, just as the genuine ones – who do strive forth via practical experience of the “two worlds” – will be able to work out certain things for themselves, and thus correct the few “mistakes” or “omissions” they may/will find in some ONA MSS. If they are not able to do this, then they have not advanced far enough; or they are among the failures.

Hence, there will always be some things left unsaid, left unwritten about, in “public” – and some-things which will only ever be revealed from individual to individual, or experienced/discovered anew by each genuine new Adept and each new genuine Master/Mistress.

Beyond the ONA:

Twenty or so years after the ONA first came to “public attention” by the decision to distribute various Order MSS, there are now several Sinister/Occult organizations and groups who have derived their inspiration, their knowledge, and such like, from the ONA, even though some of these organizations and groups may not publicly acknowledge this, and even may, sometimes, attempt to distance themselves from their source by such things as criticising the ONA, or what they see/mis-understand as its “teachings”. Of course, this applies just as much to those individuals inspired or otherwise guided by the outer, publicly-known, ONA.

This is a natural and expected process, for – as several ONA MSS have stated – the ONA is in some ways akin to a living-being, in the causal, imbued as it is with aspects of the acausal (Adepts and even some gifted Initiates will understand what is meant here). It was given its current form (and even its name) to be this, among other things.

From these and other emanations, from such other often unacknowledged presencings of the ONA, there will be new understandings born, new changes wrought – that is, new causal presencings of the acausal, of The Sinister, which is all as it should and must be, for the ONA has indeed opened certain nexions, which openings The Dark Gods have been waiting for…

Even my own life – rich, diverse, sinister, of both Light and Dark and thus perplexing to others – is only some new guide, one inspiration, one intimation of what all genuine Adepts should be. It, like that outer ONA which is now “known”, can and should be surpassed, by others.

The ONA will continue, evolving, changing, in its own way, for the stage has now been reached when the life that is the sinister presencing manifest in the outer ONA is a life of-itself, and can thus be left (exoterically/publicly) without any new writings or any open guidance being provided, for the “public/exoteric” work has been done. Thus there will be soon, a return to the dark, to the secrecy of the past – to that which is the slow, genuine, hidden, and individual, guidance there has been, for thousands of years. All that needs to be known, for others to continue along the Way, has now been made accessible, known – and there are hints enough, especially in some of the more recent Order MSS, for the gifted to go beyond what-is-publicly-known to what-must-be. Thus, it is natural and necessary that others are inspired by the ONA – and natural and necessary that they try to surpass it; that they strive to create some-thing of their own inspired by the ONA.

Of course, we can expect some, or many, to try and appropriate exoterically and in public (and probably even in secret) the name of the ONA, but those of insight, those of genuine magickal ability, will see them for the impostors, the liars, the weaklings, that they are, just as the genuine Adepts will – if they have the genius – create some-thing unique, and perchance describe it by some new name.

As for the inner essence, manifest in the inner, hidden, ONA, it will continue – reached, accessed, by the very few who have the ability, the desire, to find it, despite the obstacles they will encounter.

Anton Long



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